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Monitor Crtat 2.0, e-mail, Freeware, test + diagnosis + correction of monitor attitude, + general info of üpber monitor technology
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Monitor Monitor - universe tips & tricks around the screen: topics:
* drivers
* drivers even done.
* co Alufolie and flat tongs against interferences
* TFT-Monitore
* Beamer or dual monitor operation
* TVs as monitor
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Monitor PC-Welt-Artikel < sharp pictu res > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--DVI-Technik for TFT-Bildschirme.
ID: PC0We05600

Monitor Pits monitor assistant 1.0, e-mail, produces INF-Dateien, that enspricht the monitor. monitor label u. model must be known, shareware 10.-DM
ID: Pits000318

Monitor Pixel mistakes: unfortunately possibly is not it at the present-day condition of the technology to produce LC-Displays without pixel mistakes. they themselves can also calculate pixel fault-tolerance with your product. example:
A 15 Zoll-XGA-Display consists 768 vertical pixels (pixel at picture element) of 1024 horizontal ones once. each individual pixel is composed green (blue) from 3 sub pixels with one basic color each (red) on the other hand, see graphics below. i.e.
the named display consists of altogether 1024 x 768 x in 3 = 2 359 296 sub pixels. already the cancellation of one single sub pixel makes itself noticeable through a pixel mistake.
On the basis of the high number of sub pixels (transistors), individual pixel mistakes are to be not excluded completely despite costly industrial process.
The below standing definition, that derives itself from the class II of the ISO 13406-2, is applicable also to V7 LCD-Displays. at underflow, no complaint-capable" defect" is the allowable number of defective pixels as well as sub pixel available.
With the calculation, it is rounded mathematically. exists exactly from 786432 pixels a 15" XGA-Display for example., 5 x 786432,: 1000000 = 3,93216 i.e. 4 defective sub pixels is within the tolerance; 5 is outside.
ID: Pixel05732

Monitor Pixel mistakes: consumers should have demonstrated itself the LCD-Bildschirm, that they would like to buy, with the dealer. because possibly appearing pixel mistakes are no exchange reason, the magazine" writes" GameStar" (notebook 3/2005).
Therefore, most of the displays of the so-called mistake class correspond in 2. this admits until nine pixel mistake per display. a mistake can appear as shining red point, for example.
The best one finds these lacks if the screen shows a completely black or white picture. gms
ID: Pixel05731