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Monitor Ctmon 3, copyrihted Freeware, picture mistakes, sharpness, geometry, convergence, track down...
ID: Ctmon00214

Monitor Easy TFT 0.6 shows pixel mistakes on TFT-Bildschirme. the tool doesn't need to be installed, as well as can be started by a floppy disk. practically for on the way. Werbefinanziert. file 551KB
ID: Easy005406

Monitor Ergonomics of LCD-Bildschirmen: ISO 13406-2 and her/its/their meaning for the practice, author: Michael E. Becker abridgment:
The international standard ISO certainly describes ergonomic requests for Computer-Monitore with liquid crystal indications (LCD-Bildschirme, monitor), be filled this, about the work with them in 13406 and, to make effective.
This contribution introduces setup and function manner of liquid-crystal displays, incl. new technologies like IPS, MVA, PVA etc
), summarizes the electro-optical qualities of liquid crystal indications and produces reference to the ergonomics of these indications.
An insight in these contexts and the understanding of the essential aspects of ISO 13406 eases the professional drawing selection of LCD-Monitoren for businesses also like for the private user.
In accordance with ISO 13406, LCD-Monitore are classified after following criterions:
Regularity of light density, contrast and color respecting sight direction and over the ad surface" Sehrichtungs-Bereichsklassen", reflections and contrast under illumination" Reflexions-Klass
en", picture setup time" application classes (static picture contents) films (videos), glimmers and Jitter-Effekte (picture thrill), picture element defects" picture element bug classes" (" pixel mistake classes",
ID: Ergon05733

Monitor Hztool 1.4, monitor utility, set screen clock rates or image refresh rates, Attention, incorrect values can cause damage, be sure to read the program instructions, file HZ-TOOL14.ZIP 245KB
ID: Hztoo01046

Monitor Infospy 2.61, shareware price 20US $, monitor program, records activities + CPU, RAM,
ID: Infos00191

Monitor Monitor Tester 1.0.5 helps to adjust the screen perfectly, contains several test images (also TV test images, and other raster images), file TESTM105.ZIP 347KB
ID: Monit02766

Monitor Monitorservice Hofmann: On the following sides you find informations about repair and spare part shop , around Notebook, flat screen, industry monitor and tube monitor.
# Repair
* TFT-Repair
* Notebook-Repair
* Tube monitor repair
To these three categories, you find references about repair and forwarding expenses, an order form,...
# Spare part shop:
CCFL-Tubes subdivides into the diameter categories: 2,0 2,6 3,0 and 4,1mm
* Power adapters
* Inverter boards
* Cables / plug
* Displays
ID: Monit06466

Monitor Monitortest 1.0a, Freeware, geometry examination
ID: Monit00215

Monitor Multires 1.47 monitor tool. shifts between Bildwiederholfrequenzen. practically for users this often a TV or Beamer at the PC connects: the computer switches on 60Hz, but with the change on the monitor no more back.
ID: Multi05409

Monitor Nec: Projectors, Plasma Displays, Computer Storage Products, Security Solutions Biometrics, Telecommunications
ID: Nec0000984