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Modem MDMGEN.INF in the Verz. C:\Windows\Inf, in this file can be fixed of further attitudes for the modem. with Änd., standard modem removes and adds again in Systemsteuerung/Modem adds.
ID: MDMGE00627

Modem Modem in the network rel eases file technology,, fax 0715i7/21622 (from 80 DM) with Stomper of plow
ID: Modem00362

Modem Modem installation under Linux: step by step installation for Suse Linux 6.0/6.1 in the PC-MAGAZIN or under, article" Linux: modem furnishes"
ID: Modem01339

Modem Modems are not yet out! all advantages and breakdown tips
ID: Modem06358

Modem Modem workshop installation tips and bases for use under Windows until version 2000.
ID: Modem06341

Modem New generation with chip sentence" U.S. Roboti cs X2" or" skirt-corrugate K56 flex": Microlink 56k v. Elsa, Sportster Flash v. U.S. Robotics supra express from Diamond fax modem v. IMK,... with 33.600 Bit/s
ID: Neue000166

Modem Optimal connection, modem attitudes, Troubleshooting, older software disturbs errors modem, telephone network, AT commands, Com, no dial tone, problem after modem change, connection is driver slow, and unstabil, particular, Windows doesn't find modem,...
ID: Optim00925

Modem Rideway, modem of several PC's uses shareware (demo 30 days), price 50 U.S. dollars, over TCP/IP, description of the attitudes of the PC-MAGAZIN,
ID: Ridew00941