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Win98 98lite Professional v4.7: Windows the way you really want it! Faster, more stable, more configurable!
98lite is a selective feature installer for Windows 98, 98SE and Me that modularizes Windows features, applets and sub-systems into optional components that may be user installed and un-installed "on-the-fly".
98lite works with all versions of Windows 9x and can be used to install a clean copy of Windows or can be applied to existing installations allowing you to reconfigure any system, any time, YOUR way.
ID: 980Li01689

Win98 Hidden tools 2.0 hidden Windows tools in Win98 activates, as well as over buttons in the program shows. runs under restriction also under Win95. file HIDDEN20.ZIP 1.640KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/08, info side 43,
ID: Hidde02894

Win98 USB-Patch for Windows 98 SE (Germ an), problem with USB if Win98 with AMD-Prozessor are used with more than 350MHz or a VIA-USB-Controller (timing problem), file 240075DE.EXE,
ID: USB0P01366

Win98 Windows 98/98 SE Tricks + Secrets - Part 1
ID: Windo08603


Win98 Windows 9x optimally starts (compendium) summarized optimal attitudes for a fast Windows start.<BR>With the multiplicity of the system and BIOS attitudesit is virtually impossibly a real compendium likes to can the author kontaktieren to writewhoever has even further start tips ready.<i><br>System: Win98 </i>
ID: Windo07788

Win98 Windows98 boot floppy image for download:
1. This is a single executable that will create a Win98SE Boot Disk with CD ROM Support
2. Download this file to your hard drive (not the floppy disk)
3. Insert a floppy disk
4. Run the program from your hard drive
5. It will automatically format, copy and verify the data to the floppy disk.
ID: Windo05714

Win98 Winsecure 98 of Hantz & partners, enables the system administrator to close parts of the operating system on wish, also drives can be closed, price for single place version 59.-DM, German,
ID: Winse01901