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Win98 Boot-Delag under Win98 start, with help of the IO.SYS from Win98B or C
ID: Boot000835

Win98 CHARMAP.EXE: the character map can be after-installed. however, it is in Win98 with system program and no more with accessories.
ID: CHARM01338

Win98 The new system tools in Win98: M SInfo, ScanReg, MSConfig, Dr.Watson, version conflict managers, power management, DriveSpace, report managers, maintenance assistant, Winalign, Registryeditor, MSBackup, WHS-Script, TweakUI,
ID: Die0n00613

Win98 Protected tables: Windows - and system steward content immediately shows as well as opens directly: to it file... \ windows\web\FOLDER.HTT with Notepad edits, entry' of Init' seeks, value' none' through one empty string"" replaces and file stores.
ID: Gesch01462

Win98 MSCONFIG.EXE, Win98-Systemprogramm under Zubehör/Systemprogramme, car start calls, only Win98, edit
ID: MSCON00926

Win98 Resource Kit ClipTray, QuickTray, CheckLinks, WinDiff,
ID: Resou06338

Win98 SFC.EXE, system file Checker, replaces the system data files with the original condition of the Win98-CD
ID: SFC0E01199

Win98 Sure log-in into the older Windows: problem: Windows 98 and M, to admittedly demand a call word at the system log-in, seems, accepts also the button" of breaking off" or the button, however, < Esc > at the log-in.
Each user has access to the whole computer after it. solution:
A real examination, whether the user possesses an access entitlement, is 98/ME in every case also under Windows possible provided the PC is approximately in a company network with a Netware-Server or a Windows domain.
"Breaks off" or < Esc > at the log-in then leads to an error message, that the user cannot be confirmed.
Prerequisite for the authentication is that is put in in the network attitudes as" primary network registration" of the" Client of Microsoft networks" or that for Netware.
Additionally you must append the DWORD-Eintrag" MustBeValidated" in the Registry under" Hkey_Local_MachineNetworkLogon" and must favor the value" 1". respect:
Now, every log-in admittedly is impossible without User-Namen and affiliated network call word, on the other hand however each user, who possesses an account on the company server, can register on this computer.
In a Peer-to-Peer-Netz or on a single place computer, there are only the possibilities to either stop the unwarranted utilization approximately through a Bios-Kennwort already previously or to punish the far too simple log-in cancellation directly.
So you can take care for instance that Windows immediately down-drives again after a refused log-in. with it this works, following prerequisites must be met: 1.
Use user profiles" the second option under system control, call words, the individual outlook for the users allows. 2.
Direct under" system control, users" at least one users with call word one, and you register with it once. 3. you place in a Peer-to-Peer-Netz under" system control, network" as primary log-in the Windows log-in one.
4. in the Registry, the constructed user profile and the standard user's Default"-Profil now are located under Hkey_Users". you produce HKey_User in the key" there.
DefaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion" the new sub key" run" and in his/its right value window menu a sign consequence of any name. these give you the following value at content: cs rundll32.
exes user,exitwindows ~~~~~~~~~~ written of rblaschke i forum
ID: Siche05901

Win98 Start floppy disk later produces you need a boot floppy disk urgently under Win98, so start you your PC on" only prompt" and input the command" disk" boat. you get a boot-capable floppy disk with CD-Treiber case been not executed the command with it: the
ID: Start02263

Win98 Support of Win98 finishes. The reprieve runs out: Microsoft finishes at the 11. July 2006 the Extended support of Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows millennium Edition. There is not any Sicherheits-Updates after it either and - Patches more. Helplessly, users therefore are attacks, that are based on again discovered security gap, consigned.
ID: Suppo06310

Win98 Tweakjn 98 1.2, hid options of Win98, Freeware, puts in
ID: Tweak00923

Win98 Compare Win95 Win98, s ee also PC-Welt 98/07 from side 64
ID: Vergl00601

Win98 Win98 and drivers problems for an Update of Win95
ID: Win9800815

Win98 WINALIGN.EXE, loads faster with Alignierung: there all data in 4KB-Segmente into them/her/it RAM is loaded, Microsoft had the idea to store the programs already on the hard disk in 4KB-Segmente (Alignierung). WINALIGN.EXE and the demo version WALIGN.EXE,
ID: WINAL01334

Win98 Windows 98, start floppy disks produce start floppy disks universe of tips to the topic
ID: Windo06335

Win98 Win-Installationen: tips to preparing of the Win-Installation Win98 and 2000, Script-Dateien, INF-Dateien, UNATTEND.TXT, SETUPP.INI,... the entire article can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF are down-loaded.
ID: Win0I02118