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Linux, web site: tips and solutions to Linux-Probleme clear navigation with tree-structured architecture.
ID: 640bi02124

Linux Caldera Open Linux 2.3, installation with autom. hardware recognition, installation can be started by Windows, Kernel 2.2.10, part ion Magic, start Office 5.1 picture processing multimedia software, German, handbook, 89.-DM incl. 90 days of installation s
ID: Calde01189

Linux Debian Gnu/Linux 3.0 Pre Linux-System. Download 6 x 650MB ~~~~~~~~~~ Debian Gnu/Linux 2.2 available with clay Ann technical book action, 8 CDs, 4000 programs (most extensive Distribution), handbook 450 sides of CD, price about 40.-DM, Netscape 4.7 contain
ID: Debia01806

Linux Easy Linux 2.000 of Linuxland, 5 CDs and handbook (about 550 sides) for approximately 100.-DM incl. 90 days of support, this Distribution is based on Kernel 2.2.14 and KDE 1.1.2 and contains Xfree86 3.3.6, Glibc 2.1.2, as applications: star Office 5.1a, N
ID: Easy001803

Linux Explore2fs 1.0 pre 4 makes it possible for NT4 or Win2000 on Linux-Partitionen from Windows 9x, M, file system ext2fs, to grab. the Linux-Partition is represented file managers in an Explorer-ähnlichen. possibly is Drag and Drop between Windows and Linux
ID: Explo02834

Linux Fedora Core 2 (talk of h ave) Linux-Distribution. Download 3 x 650MB
ID: Fedor05415

Linux FTP-Suchmaschine for Linux and Unix data files, over 2 million data files are indexed, English
ID: Filew01975

Linux web site: catalog about Linux-Themen, that directs to pro users,
ID: fresh03049

Linux Gentus: Linux-Distribution of Abit (Main board manufacturers), still in work,
ID: Gentu01310

Linux Go Linux, German Distribution based on talk of have Linux, with Kernel 2.2.14, KDE 1.1.2, surface gnome 1.0.53, Xfree86 3.3.6, source code for CD, star Office 5.1a, WordPerfect 8 private Edition, price 50.-DM for 3 CDs,
ID: Go0Li01476

Linux Icepack Linux 1.0 new Distribution for home users and beginners, desktop: gnome Kernel 2.4 XFree86 4.0.2, 2 CDs, among other things' star Office 5.2', respect: is not based on Standard-Linux but is a new development. see also PC-MAGAZIN 01/05 side 27
ID: Icepa02761

Linux KDE 2.1.1 Linux desktop: bug fix for file managers, file 16MB, Download under / ~~~~~~~~~~ KDE 2.0.1 Linux desktop: see PC-MAGAZIN 01/02 pages 17
ID: KDE0202571

Linux Knoppix 3.7 professionals Linux for fear hares, Linux over CD-ROM (no installation!) drive. is based on Debian-Linux with Kernel 2.4 and 2.6, 2 versions of the CD, and KDE desktop 3.1.1, Open Office and further tools on the CD. altogether 2GB softwares! r
ID: Knopp03391

Linux Linpopup: Winpopup, news of the LAN, Windows program of Win3.x and 9x, sends also under Linux, Freeware, uses 770KB.
ID: Linpo01719

Linux Linux Complete: program collection for experienced users, over 3000 applications of the source code format on 5 CD-ROMs, subdivides in 9 head - and 150 sub categories subdivided, price 40.-DM for clay Ann technical book action.
ID: Linux02331

Linux Linux Connect 2.0 of Datatronik: Linux-Server, complete solution for file -, printed services, Mail, fax, Web, Proxy and Firewall, CD incl. Linux-System, based on Red-Hat-Distribution,
ID: Linux02931

Linux Linux Mandrake 10 of Mandrake ~~~~~~~~~~ Linux Mandrake 8.1 see PC-MAGAZIN 01/12 pages 258. further URL: ~~~~~~~~~~ Linux Mandrake 8.0, with Kernel 2.2.17, basis version gratuitously, power pack Deluxe with tools and user pro
ID: Linux01500

Linux Linux Office 2000 of More software, software collection: over 300 pros office applications for Linux on a CD, for example Corel Wordpefect 8.0, most programs is English, little info above description of the programs. however, these programs are contained
ID: Linux01830

Linux, Linux-Nachrichten, beginner info, link collection for the topic Linux,
ID: Linux01225

Linux Linuxberg! newcomers collecting points (server) for Linux-Sofware
ID: Linux00982

Linux web site, information center for Linux-Anwender to the topics data bank development emulators, games, graphics, hardware, internet, network, audio and sound. novices find out everything necessary for the entry.
ID: Linux02776

Linux News, discussion forum and more to the topic Linux
ID: Linux02392

Linux internet web site, documentations about the operating system Linux, info, handbooks, Howtos, FAQs, currently and qualitatively high-grade, English
ID: Linux02324

Linux web site: online book about the topic Linux
ID: linux03051

Linux web site, Linux-System even, instructions, build FOR EXAMPLE Linux-Kernel compiles, many info about the topic Linux
ID: Linux02543

Linux Linux-How-to, step for Schritt-Anleitung for many Linux-Probleme
ID: Linux01218

Linux Linux-Kernel 2.4, USB and ACPI-Unterstützung improved, increased performance, Plug&Play for ISA-Karten,... further URL:
ID: Linux02170

Linux, web site, new for the Linux-Szene as well as tips and tricks around the Betriebssytem
ID: Linux01716

Linux, web site, Linux directly in the internet, without to install the operating system even, tests.
ID: Linux01712

Linux Nautilus 1.0 Linux-Benutzerführung, local file and system management as well as the functions to surfing in the internet under a common surface, Download 110MB. prerequisite for the installation is Linux 6.1/6.2/7.0 talk of have with gnome in 1.2
ID: Nauti02754

Linux Nessus 1.0.10 for Linux of Re naud Deraison: Security-Scanner for Unix systems, the system examines for security problems
ID: Nessu03433

Linux Patches against Linux-Vire n ZB EXAMPLE for Linux-Wurm Ramen
ID: Patch02649

Linux web site: Pro-Linux is a link collection, that introduces many Linux-Distributions.
ID: pl0li03050

Linux web site: portal of Suse with news and News
ID: Porta03047

Linux internet side with News, tips and Workshops to the topic Linux, German
ID: Pro0L02215

Linux Speak have Enterprise Linux workstation 3.0 SE of talk of have. altogether 9 CD-ROMs and German-language documentation on the CD. Kernel 2.4.21, gnome 2.2.2, Open Office 1.0.2,
ID: Red0H05505

Linux Speak have Linux 8.0 domest ic staffs of talk of have, based on Kernel 2.4.18, KDE 3.0.3, Open Office 1.0, 30 days of support over the Web. ~~~~~~~~~~ talk of have Linux 7.2 based ones on Kernel 2.4.7 see PC-MAGAZIN 01/06 pages 27 ~~~~~~~~~~ talk of have L
ID: Red0H01190

Linux If Linux speak s V.8 of S.A.D., not for beginners (installation!), the price of 30.-DM encourages to trying out, German, further URL:
ID: Red0L01309

Linux web site: predecessors of the Linuxfibel, primarily thought for beginners
ID: rtol003052

Linux Fast Downloads for Suse Linux offers ht tp:// the server. here FTP-Version of Suse Linux as well as Updates and bug fix lie
ID: Schne01396

Linux web site: support data bank of the company Suse
ID: sdb0s03046

Linux Suse Linux 10.1 Personal Linux-Distribution, Download 717MB, see PC-Welt 04/10, info page 64. full version 9.1 SE with Top-Anwendungen on CD-2 04/11, info page 86.
ID: Suse005416

Linux Suse Linux 9.1 professionals of Suse. Download 1-4 GB ~~~~~~~~~~ Suse Linux 8.1 pros, see PC-MAGAZIN 03/01 pages 130. co Kernel 2.4.19, KDE 3.0.3 or gnome 2.0, Open Office 1.0, ETC...., 7 CDs and one DVD in the delivery capacity. ~~~~~~~~~~ Suse Linux 7.3
ID: Linux00541

Linux Suse Linux Entreprise servers 9 supplier Suse/Novell. Linux system. for the area of the mainframes. content: 6 CDs each for 32-Bit-Intel processors, and 64-Bit-AMD and Intel processors.
ID: Suse005776

Linux Tom's Linux, Mini-Linux on 1 floppy disks, been suitable English for repairs of Linux-Installationen, also for laptops (PCMCIA-Unterstützung). 10 further mini systems in the PC-MAGAZIN described: brutal ware 1.1, DLX 1.0, Floppix, Hal91, Linux routers Pro
ID: Tom0s05734

Linux web site: German Linux-Project with numerous instructions and documents
ID: tu0ha03048

Linux Turbolinux servers 6.0 now German-language. the Distribution is based on Kernel 2.2.14 and is produced as forecastle final servers for teams. price 499.-DM incl. 60 days of support and 400 side guides. the workstation version costs 90.-DM
ID: Turbo02039

Linux Tutorial: How to build a Linux VPN server using Amazon EC2 and OpenVPN
ID: Tutor08887

Linux Webmin 0.91 betas of Webmin software, is suitable to configure itself/themselves comfortably about Linux and BSD-Systeme per menu and per browsers of another PC
ID: Webmi03247

Linux Xandros Linux OS Linux Server
Corel Linux OS, with count. installation program English version German version see below, + file managers, Email-Client, browsers, under Corel Linux OS operation system in German version, 325 MB, or as CD orders under 0130/815074, 11.-DM + p
ID: Corel01188

Linux Xfree86 3.9.18 beta, X-Windows system, modular system with driver drawing selection.
The XFree86 Project, Inc is a global volunteer organization which produces XFree86®, the freely redistributable open-source implementation of the X Window System continuously since 1992.
XFree86 runs primarily on UNIX® and UNIX-like operating systems like Linux, all of the BSD variants, Sun Solaris both native 32 and 64 bit support, Solaris x86, Mac OS X (via Darwin), SGI's Irix as well as other platforms like OS/2 and Cygwin
ID: Xfree01492