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Maus Cursor Hidder 1.08.2 lets the cursor vanish as soon as you serve the keyboard. purpose: sometimes covers the input label the mouse cursor with the change from mouse to keyboard. file 269KB
ID: Curso02697

Maus Dierk's cunning of Animated curso rs, thousand of mouse pointer,
ID: Dierk01226

Maus Ghost Mouse 2.0, records mouse actions and plays her/it/them again, Makrorecorder, respect: unending loops can be generated if she/it during the record on < PLAY > clicks, further problems are Freeware, file GMOUSE20.ZIP.ZIP
ID: Ghost01573

Maus Logitech-Maus: drivers Update version 9.00 Build 87, mistake-adjusted and updates, also for Wheelmouse, file 3.1MB,
ID: Logit01157

Maus Pop-Mouse Lite 3.15, Mouse-Utility, widens the functions of the mouse, with spins, clicks at the edges,...
ID: Pop0M01071

Maus PS2Rate increases the sampling rate of PS/2-Maus until 200Hz, standard is 80Hz, = > important for for example video games like Age Of Empire, where necessarily clicks a pixel-exact is, Freeware, English, file 110KB
ID: PS2Ra01822

Maus Sensiva 1.08, with Sensiva, your PC can be steered through mouse movements, Plug-Ins for MS-Office and Netscape on the home page, Freeware, German, file Sensiva_de107s.EXE, 2.2MB
ID: Sensi01636