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Internet AFB-OnlineShop secondhand hardware
ID: Gebra00018

Internet Anonymity 4 Proxy 2.0 of I-Net Privacy software USA, surfs anonymous, connection produces too anonymous Proxy-Server, the software is installed shareware 45.-US as Proxy on the proper PC, English, $, file A4PROXY.EXE, 1000KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/06, info
ID: Anony01418

Internet AOL, Flatrate, internet to the fixed price, no application fee, monthly 78.-DM, Vetragslaufzeit 12 months
ID: Visua01651

Internet AOL: unofficial AOL-Pannenhilfe, w eb site, tips and support to the access software
ID: AOL0001708

Internet AOL-Patch for WinME fixes connection problems, file 272016usam.EXE 156KB as Download.
ID: AOL0P02567

Internet Arachne 1.66 internet browsers under DOS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3, dominates data files loads, surfs, Mails pick up and send, graphic surface, runs English in the DOS box or under pure DOS, Freeware, file ARCHN166.EXE, 972 KB, Download also on the PC-Wel
ID: Arach02255

Internet CGI-Hosting gratuitously or T-Online-spezial-Paket for 49.-DM per year (+ singularly 49.-DM, for beginners, incl. visitors' book, care more info on the HP
ID: CGI0H01389

Internet Cisma, Flatrate, internet to the fixed price, application fee 77.-DM, monthly 77.-DM
ID: Pump001619

Internet Comp@ges signposts to company web sites and commercial e-mail addresses. as on-line version and off-line version (on the MAGAZIN-CD) available. over 340.000 industrial entries. also on MAGAZIN-CD 03/01, info side 126,
ID: Comp@03335

Internet Daten-Sharing: Xdrive, internet service, offers free memory in the Web. 15 days freely Get 5GB for $9.95 a month Get 25GB for $99.95 a month, Includes 5 user seats and 1 admin account
ID: Daten01847

Internet Daten-Sharing: DriveWay, internet service, offers free memory in the Web, 25 to 100MB,
ID: Daten01848

Internet Daten-Sharing: Datatrust, internet service, offers free memory in the Web, 300MB for about 1170.-DM in the year, on request (against extra charge) delivers the data on CD.
ID: Daten01850

Internet Daten-Sharing: IDrive, internet service, offers memory, 50MB gratuitously, until indefinitely: speziale clause, only if of Upload over' Sideload', very good Software-Client with integration into the Windows desktop, with synchronization between local - an
ID: Daten02220

Internet Daten-Sharing: precisel y On, internet service, offers internet file managers more efficiently 50MB storage areas, no Software-Client, data files can be put free other users to disposal, English.
ID: Daten02221

Internet Daten-Sharing: Swap Drive: internet service, offers gratuitously 25 MB storage areas, no Software-Client, with Active-X and Java matching unit, English.
ID: Daten02222

Internet Daten-Sharing: Yahoo Briefcase internet service, offers English 30MB storage areas, no Software-Client, gratuitously, registration necessary. Upload awkward.
ID: Daten02223

Internet Daten-Sharing: offers Perl-Unterstützung 25MB storage areas, CGI-Verzeichnis,
ID: Daten02525

Internet Daten-Sharing: Freedrive, internet service, offers 20MB unattached storage areas in the Web, also registered users can access these data. equator service in XDrive. no more free.
ID: Freed01281

Internet Daten-Sharing: My Docs Online, US-Internet-Dienst, puts each user in the Web to disposal 20MB storage areas, can be used as common platform for an user group, gratuitously, for the registration suffices an user behalf, e-mail address and a password, with
ID: My0Do01280

Internet Daten-Sharing:, internet service, on own data over the internet grabs. data files can be released publicly" also others in the table". data files in the table team can be used together. own tables can be positioned additional. +++Virtuelle har
ID: My0fi01670

Internet web site, table of German-language Newsletter-Anbieter, in categories subdivides: computers, internet, science, finances, career,... this you can subscribe
ID: Dir4u02541

Internet web site, forum about the topic Internet-Domains, experience with domain supplier, domain right, legal questions, etc.
ID: Domai02542

Internet Domains in Germany: data bank under
ID: Domai00880

Internet, web site: index with approximately 1,5 million. de-Domains, he/it corresponds 75 percent. de-Domains,
ID: Domax02121

Internet Easy Market : Online-Shop, professional Webshops produce, for smaller and medium-sized companies, up to 30 catalogs with 18.000 articles, presentations, adaptation of catalog menus, article details, basket of commodities, article delivery,
ID: Easy002286

Internet Easy Online of GNI: Internet-Shop furnishes, in 3 versions erhätlich:--Starter-Edition: until 100 data records for 89.-DM--Standard-Edition: until 200 data records for 299.-DM--Classic-Edition with many additional functions for 599.-DM--a pro version shou
ID: Easy002048

Internet Etunnels 1.1.4, drive (50MB) in the internet furnishes, and how puts in a hard disk in Windows, her/its/their Email-Adr. turns into it, uses one ID and a password. other justifiable User can access the data. for the own security, the data should be encode
ID: Etunn01178

Internet EVE 1.1, (essay Verification Engine), does on plagiarists per internet hunt, the internet side chooses their a text passage comes, works only well with English texts, since the search function binds presumably shareware 20.-US only American search engines
ID: EVE0101563

Internet data for further users release, FOR EXAMPLE dates for teams, event dates, can start the Freeoffice-Organizer in the internet. been suitable companies for private and small, free
ID: Freeo02653

Internet Global time f or the entire world in the internet: timing in" Beats", developers = Swatch,: 1 days = 1000 Beats, 1 Beat = about 86,4 Sec. notation: @500 corresponds 12:00
ID: Globa00766

Internet Gooey 2.1 beta, Chat-Programm for User this itself on a same web site decides, and that installed also Gooey, Freeware
ID: Gooey01385

Internet ICQ 2000b 4.65 of ICQ, Echtzeit-chaten, Videokonf., Livecam, improved TCP/IP connection, that makes the usage of a Firewalls possible, of Werbefinanziert, Download also under, also for Win-ME ~~~~~~~~~~ ICQ 2000b 4.56: see PC-MAGAZIN 00/12 p
ID: ICQ0V00506

Internet ICQ:, extensive site to ICQ with tips and tricks
ID: ICQ0002214

Internet ICQ-Infopage web site: instruction for ICQ, also for beginners,
ID: ICQ0I02682

Internet , the most favorable provider finds, internet service stored approximately 140 tariffs of over 70 suppliers. after answering of some questions over your Surf-Gewohnheiten (under' lookups'), the web site produces a list of the 10 cheapest
ID: Inter01972

Internet Internet tariff calculator of COM!: always knows the most favorable way of the network: Flatrate, Call of by Call, normal provider contracts, transferred,...
ID: Inter01865

Internet Irate 2: Webcams/Internet-Radio: offers access on Webcams, internet radio and internet TV stations. over an Update, you get over 1000 addresses
ID: Irate03889

Internet Klipfolio 2.1.1: News-Ticker, always shows current headlines and weather info.
ID: Klipf03890

Internet Link-Checker Xenu's link Sleuth: Offline-Link-Checker
ID: Xenu001463

Internet My own one internet Shop of Tele-Info, producing of Internet-Shops on uncomplicated type, inexpensive, basket of commodities, extensive tillage possibilities, also for beginners, with FTP-Upload-Funktion, price 50.-DM,
ID: Mein001832

Internet Microshop Light, E-Commerce gratuitously, at most 3 products of the internet offer
ID: Micro01498

Internet Minimarket express 2.0 private Edition of Internolix (with Topware), Online-Shop, produces fast working Webshops for the home use and smaller operations, up to 99 articles in 9 categories, 4 Templates for the design, further to the home page (for register
ID: Minim02287

Internet Multi Proxy 1,2: anonymous in the internet surfs, 7 Proxy-Server defaulted anonymous they surfs allows, further Proxy-Server in the file PROXY.TXT (on Zeitschrift-CD), furthermore the program finds the fastest server and accelerates so surfing, the progra
ID: 02060multi

Internet MyFreeDesk Officepaket and memory gratis in the Web: word processing, HTML-Editor, spreadsheet calculation, graphics -, Mail and presentation program. memory: 50MB
ID: MyFre02811

Internet Neotrace 2.02, verfogt the way of the data of the internet, English, shareware, price 30US $tip: TRACERT.EXE of Win95/98/NT offers the same service, but not so comfortable
ID: Neotr01142

Internet Net Lcr 1.54, internet tool, finds the most favorable supplier Call of by Call for internet, time of day, time step installments, takes free minutes into account, the Windows Dialup Network requires Download from version 1.3 (mostly existing) on the Web s
ID: Netlc01270

Internet web site, practical services for internet pros:' HTTP-Header' shows which software a Webserver, Trace', starts' etc....
ID: Netwo02636

Internet, web site: table of German-language Newsletter-Anbieter, in categories subdivides: computers, internet, science, finances, career. also records presented and unmoderierte Mailinglisten (= discussion groups (in which you can take part per Mail)
ID: Newsm02125

Internet NGI, Flatrate, internet to the fixed price, monthly 77.-DM, no application fee
ID: SAO0S01627

Internet internet service, Network piece of information Center, data bank in the owner of domains, with address, is listed phone - No, link' search in our data bank',
ID: nic0d01330

Internet Oneview, internet service to the storage and administering of the bookmarks directly in the internet, from each PC the own Bookmarks as well as left table, supports Netscape, for Internet-Explorer, a tool is offered to the Download, name and e-mail addres
ID: Onevi01285

Internet Online Jack , internet service, switches from on the way from your PC per ISDN online. the service calls your ISDN-Telefonnummer, the PC then opens an internet connection, per FTP, data files, remote access, can then be transferred the software uses Mailja
ID: Onlin02065

Internet Opuses 5.0 for Linux: new : 128 bits of encoding, Drag&Drop, Hotlist-Suchfunktion. Download-Datei 2MB, with Java support 9,76MB ~~~~~~~~~~ opuses 4.0 beta 5 for Linux file 2.330KB, price not known, see PC-MAGAZIN 01/03 pages 7
ID: Opera02647

Internet Partner programs, FAQ: what is a partner program? money earns with the own homepage, etc...
ID: Partn01105

Internet Phon watcher f rom Oliver Grahl software design, shareware 19.-DM counts telephone and on-line costs, tariffs from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, file 629KB,
ID: Phone01734

Internet Power Webshop Builder of G-Data, E-Commerce, Online-Shop furnish, has simply served itself also without HTML and CGI-Kenntnisse, integrated FTP-Client, price 80.-DM also for professional version for 199.-DM available, see PC-Welt 00/12 side 36
ID: Power02050

Internet Profi-Webshop of Sybex, software to the setup of virtual department stores, to each article can be defined text, picture and animation that the articles become off-line inputs that becomes HTML-Seiten generates and loads into the internet, 50 layout sugge
ID: Profi02169

Internet Provider tariffs : tariff survey for providers with contract linkage editing
ID: Provi02528

Internet Remailer, Anomysierungsdienste,;
ID: Remai00557

Internet internet service. The RIPE Database provides a mechanism for finding contact and registration information for networks in the RIPE NCC service region. The RIPE Database contains IP addresses, Autonomous System (AS) Numbers, organisations or customers that are associated with these resources, and related Points of Contact (POC). The RIPE Database is also an Internet Routing Registry. It contains information about routing policy
ID: Ripe001331

Internet Smartstore of SmartStore AG: preparation of profi-Webshops, surface in the outlook-style, order sheets, SSL,...
ID: PTS0S02364

Internet , To telephone, in the in ternet, 5 suppliers:, IPT network phon,, gratuitously, Microsoft Netmeeting 2.0, www., gratuitously, Netscape Conference from 115 DM, Vocaltec internet phon 5.0 www.eurocal
ID: Telef00365

Internet Date planners date planners of Daybyday and PCWelt for mobile users, dates in the internet administer and therefore from everywhere accessible, also Aufgabenliste, like outlook, on wish SMS-Benachrichtung for certain dates, gratuitously. also We
ID: Termi02068

Internet Consumer headquarter s: consumer rights, purchase tips,...
ID: Verbr00127

Internet providers tariffs and much more
ID: W3mag02212

Internet Weave Shop Creator 1.0 1 of Topware: preparation of article lists, order of the articles for e-mail, no on-line payment possibly. the articles are administered in a local data bank and are loaded per FTP into the internet, import of article lists Access pe
ID: Web0S02116

Internet Webcam Viewer 3.6: Webcam-Tool grabs on hundred of Webcams world-wide. the current Webcamliste gets itself from the internet. file 5.600KB
ID: Webca03894

Internet WebX, Flatrate, internet to the fixed price, 19.-DM application fees, from 19,95 DM monthly
ID: Dance01541

Internet Whizbase 2000 of Whizbase: puts data in the internet to disposal, HTML-Kenntnisse necessary, simple service, cooperation with MS-Access, paradox, FoxPro, ASCII files. the Whizbase-Engine must be copied on the Webserver. English, 200 U.S. dollars the Enter
ID: Whizb02245

Internet Zoc 3.13, Terminalprogramm for mailboxes of Emtec, big function scope, modem ISDN, also Telnet-Client (TCP/IP)
ID: Zoc0301149