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Internet-Bookm AM-Deadlink 1.31 checks whether the URL on itself still cover the bookmarks exists. for IExplorer from 4.0, Netscape and opuses. file 430KB
ID: AM0De03340

Internet-Bookm Bookmark managers 4.0.6 Bookmark-Manager is an advanced bookmark management utility for Windows supporting importing/exporting and merging of Internet Explorer favorites, Opera hotlists, Mozilla, Netscape, and Firefox bookmarks, XBEL, and HTML lists.
ID: Bookm05582

Internet-Bookm Bookmark Mate 1.05, bookmark administration of IE4.x and Netscape 3.x, tests online whether still of Bookmarks current, English, Freeware, only 260 KB
ID: Bookm01137

Internet-Bookm Google bookmarks through the Google toolbar: In order for the bookmark Browser wide and computers can be managed well over the Internet. Selection directly from the Toolbar.
ID: Googl08782

Internet-Bookm Hyper folio 1.0 of Rondomedia: on-line contents dokumentierer. the program allows sounds, video, URLs information (pictures) to arrange and organizes.
ID: Hyper02966

Internet-Bookm Internet of by Ca ll Offline LCR web site, 24 h the most profitable tariffs,
ID: INter03867

Internet-Bookm Jet links 1.0 JetLinks manages internet bookmarks, links, URL collections or favorites. Features include multiple browser compatibility (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera), system-wide hotkeys, XML-based storing of bookmarks in separate files, URL and link import from HTML and plain text, a highly configurable user interface and complete online help in HTML help format, file JLSETUP.EXE, integrated 2410KB
ID: Jet0L02584

Internet-Bookm Link Commander Light Edition ... a stand-alone browser-independent book mark solution: In 1994, there was not much to see on the Internet. I had only a few links in my Internet Explorer favorites.
However, when a friend had recommended to me that I try Netscape, I immediately faced the bookmarks synchronization problem.
Now I have 3 different browsers at work, 2 browsers at home and another one is installed on my notebook.
I use hundreds of bookmarks and need to regularly synchronize them between all my computers and Web browsers. Unfortunately, none of them contains a reliable bookmark manager that is compatible with the others.
What I need is a stand-alone browser-independent bookmark solution. I tried many of them but finally looked no further when I found Link Commander from Resort Labs. This feature-rich bookmark manager has all the features to please every user, from a novice to an IT professional.
Link Commander is browser-independent. This means that it does not require any specific browser, but rather supports them all. It can export/import links to/from virtually every modern browser. Link Commander instantly monitors your open browser windows and clipboard for URLs and is able to add a bookmark whenever you need it, from whatever browser you happen to be using at the moment.
Link Commander provides advanced capabilities to manage your bookmarks: searching, link validation, automated duplicate elimination, etc. A bookmarks collection can also be protected with a password. You can open bookmarks with any browser installed on your computer.
For Link Commander, a Bookmark is not just a URL. When you add a bookmark, the program analyzes the page you bookmarked and retrieves additional info from it, such as title, short description, keywords, etc. This info helps when you through your bookmarks collection.
Several instances of your Link Commander bookmarks collection can be easily synchronized or moved using the Internet or a memory stick.
link =
ID: Link006032

Internet-Bookm Linkman 6.5 of Outer Technologies: bookmark administration with many functions, comfortable import functions, checkup of links, passport word protection. now also for Win-XP ~~~~~~~~~~ Linkman 6.01 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/12, info side 136,
ID: Linkm02990

Internet-Bookm Surfboard 3.0 of Oneview: bookmark administration of the internet. co this service places you directly your Bookmarks in the internet, and these of each PC can call and can use, import function. a program is installed locally.
ID: Surfb02993

Internet-Bookm Visual Favorites 2.0 of Vanilla software, Grafikorientierte bookmark administration practical off-line mode Add-On to the MS-IExplorer from 4.0 the bookmark as Thumbnails represents
ID: Visua02996

Internet-Bookm Web sites: the Top 200 : the 200 best PC-Sites selected from PC-Welt, is updated continuously. topics: gratuitously, Downloads, operating systems, search engines, hardware, looking up, tips & tricks, Office-Ratgeber, internet advisers, Sicherheit/Viren, PC
ID: Websi01979