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Icon Axialis IconWorkshop Version 6.0 also for Vista
Axialis IconWorkshop version 5.03 (successors of AX-Icones) is a professional Icon-Editor, extracts, distributing and administering of Icons for Windows. program English and French.
ID: Axial05521

Icon Clic 2.00 free Icon-Generator. Create 24 bits icons transparently fav.icons real Time screen digs - Sizes 16 to 96 - Fine capture fashion - real Time WYSIWYG. Complementary tool for Animated ArtCard Creations of and Snappy PhotoCard Creator. Integrated Help. Multilingual interface - see our Select Language.
ID: Clic005719

Icon Favicon: the IExplorer first, (beginning 1999), supported this feature. since the version 5.0, the small little picture is shown in the standard stock, in the address line and at many wide places.
ID: Favic05716

Icon Favicons beginning of 1999, the Microsoft Internet Explorer was the first browser, that showed Favicons. in the course of the years, other programs were added arrived, so also Chrome, Mozilla, Netscape and opuses support u.a this young little picture today.
ID: Favic05715

Icon Microangelo Creation Creation is at advanced image editor for static icons and cursors. The cider avid icon artists wants enjoy Creation's Rich using tool of and ability to compose images set multiple edit layers. Complex selections, gradients, semi-trans
ID: Micro05520

Icon Sib Icon Extractor is a handy tool for any fashion-conscious user. It allows you to scan and extract icons from virtually any location, be it a local file or folder, zip-archive, rar-archive, Mac OS file or a website. Collected icons are stored in libraries where you can easily sort or locate them and view detailed information about each icon.
You can choose to view collected icons in various display modes, for example, 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, Monochrome, 16 Colors, 256 Colors or True Color. Added to this is the ability to export icons to ICO, PNG, JPG, CUR, GIF, XPM and BMP file formats; archive icons in ZIP files, delete duplicate icons and split icon libraries into individual icon files.
Sib Icon Extractor also enables you to customize the look of Window by replacing default icons with the new and trendy ones. You can change the icons of your desktop, start menu, drives, folders and customize a wide variety of desktop settings. By replacing standard icons, you can give your desktop a more personalized and stylish look.
The program has a classic, one-window interface where all commands and operations can be easily located on the toolbar when you need them. Icons are displayed in the main window with the detailed information about their source, format, and number. Thanks to the simple interface architecture, you can start working with the program in seconds without the need to learn a detailed help-file.
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ID: Sib0I06276