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HTML 1st Page 2000 2.0 is the tool that lets you create powerful, great looking websites faster, easier and on-time.
-- Editing --
- Access local and remote files
- Insert and convert files
- Easy tag selection
- Supports proportional fonts and full color customization
- Customizable Syntax Highlighting
- Customizable Tag Highlighting
- Ultra-fast editing facilities - line no# support, gutter, margin
- View/disable Hidden characters
- Insert/Overwrite modes
-- Functionaility --
- Tool tips and hints for all features
- Single-click bookmark support and easily set bookmarks!
- Syntax Highlighting Parser supports HTML documents from 1 -> 5.0, Perl, ASP, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript,
- VBScript, CFML (Allaire Cold Fusion) and Java.
-- Browsers --
- Preview pages in multiple browsers (up to 4 supported)
- Automatic detection of installed browsers.
-- Split-view Editing --
- Edit Web documents and watch real-time updates of the page in the integrated MS Internet ExplorerTM engine.
- Split-view browser can be used to browse the web.
- Extended ruler support to show resolution width
- Change browser window resolution quickly. Resolutions supported: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768.
-- Control --
- Complete control over code - create Web pages for all browsers
- No proprietary formats - just regular files presented in a way that is easy to use and understand.
-- Choose the Code to Create --
- Tags Filter, Syntax checking based upon user-specified browser support
- Create custom tag libraries
- Proofing and Testing tools
- Spell checking
- Theasuarus Lookup
- LiveSpell : Check documents while you type (like MSWord 2000)
- Tidy HTML integration : Fix problem Web documents with the best tool!
- HTML Source Formatting
- Extensive Online Support
- WebMag Portal Online Center (forum/discussion, chat, updates, handy tips, web news)
- Chat as your building web pages with 1st Page LiveChat window
- Online discussion board for all members, free of charge!
- Additional Power tools
- HTML Source Compressor
- Instant View : Views jpg, gif, png, html, txt files.
- Evrsoft 1st Transfer : Transfer documents to FTP Server
- Tag Stripper
.......and much more!!!
ID: 1st0P05898

HTML 1st Page 2000 PLEASE READ: This program contains "Six Buttons From Hell" javascript that NAV & AVG (& maybe other AV programs) will detect as a trojan. It is NOT harmful merely annoying & it can be removed from the program. Lots more info on the support forums. Also in this 'Open Letter'.
ID: 1st0P05899

HTML Asc To HTM 3.2.04 of Jafsoft, converts ASCII files in Web sides, shareware (30-day money-back guarantee!). We offer a number of powerful text conversion products. These include :
-- Detagger - a HTML to Text converter and markup remover
-- AscToHTM - a text to HTML converter
-- AscToRTF - a text to RTF converter
-- AscToTab - a text to table (HTML or RTF) converter
ID: Asc0T01232

HTML Black Widow 4.14, Site-Ripper and off-line Reader, complete Web sides down-load this offline one(s) can be viewed with it, also Mailadressen can collect, aimed attitudes for the Download possibly ~~~~~~~~~~ Black Widow 3.63, on MAGAZIN-CD 99/12, info side
ID: Black01042

HTML Buddy W 1.0 produces web sites. web site designers. 400 designs of the drawing selection. no programming knowledge necessary. over Add-Ons, further functions can be bound: visitors' book, Blog, Shop. file 15.600KB
ID: Buddy07597

HTML DB-HTML Converter pro 1.25 converts data banks into the HTML-Format.
ID: DB0HT00967

HTML Dr. Website of BHV, checks the HTML-Code, corrects mistakes, the size of the HTML-Dokument reduces to shorten about load time, seeks dead links, price 30.-DM, German
ID: Dr00W01266

HTML Dreamweaver: HTML-Editor of Macromedia, demo version of COM!-CD, now also for Win-XP. ~~~~~~~~~~ Dreamweaver 4.0 beta, HTML-Editor of Macromedia, supplier Softline, Web design program, now also for WinME and Win2000, see PC-Welt 01/03 side 101 ~~~~~~~~~~
ID: Dream01384

HTML Easy HTML of Weger software: HTML-Editor to the learns from HTML, help explains file 2.5MB the most important commands, shareware 30.-DM,
ID: Easy001766

HTML Expression Web designers by Micosoft: Frontpage successor is ready to the testing. Microsoft released one gratuitously beta of expression designers to the testing. Expression Web designers will replace Frontpage and is the third member of the new one, still in the development situated, expression family. Microsoft has a first beforehand version of express ion Web technology Preview" designers as "Community, code name: "Quartz", to the Download prepared. With the software, users can produce based web sites after their wishes according to statements of Microsoft on standards.
Designer user interface to producing of XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT and ASP.NET 2.0 unifies. If necessary, the user interface and the features of Web is identically designers and Visual studio, for example for the qualities of ASP.NET-Controls.
ID: Expre06375

HTML, web site: tips to Microsoft's Web editor frontal Frontpage 98 and 2000 "Workshops for topics like" tables produce"" layout presentations"
ID: Front02126

HTML Amalgamatio n 8.0 of web site pros. Web editor. no more Win95 and NT. ~~~~~~~~~~ Fussion 5.0 of Netobjects (distribution Softline): Web editor with big function scope, service is habituation-needy, many style presentations, good" Inline"-Vorschau, Online-G
ID: Netob01904

HTML Go Live 4.0.1 of Adobe: Update for version 4 of the englischspr. Web design program, file GL401UP.EXE, 4,4MB, remedies small problems at the printing under Windows, full price for version 4.0: 899.-DM
ID: Adobe01154

HTML, HTML-Generator, internet service, prepares data files of different formats for the internet gratuitously, for example Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF,...), the data files are high-loaded, the result appraises if you get the result (HTML-Datei) sa
ID: Gohtm02075

HTML HippiePro's side-by-side HTML Editor eliminates the hassle of switching between your HTML document and your local browser, saving valuable time. Hippie has many built-in features: the only editor on the web to support both Internet Explorer and Firefox/Mozilla views; Tag Wizards; Re-useable Templates and Snippets; Customized user tags; Spell-checker; FTP support; Color coded HTML scripting; Multiple documents support; Project management; Dockable customizable toolbars; HTML Validator integrated; Tutorial and HTML reference; and much, much more!
ID: Hippi00968

HTML Home site 2.5b, shareware 79.-US $, good Html-Editor, specifically concerted with Internet-Explorer until 4.0, Homesite Free 1 .2 the HTML-Editor Homesite is only a function-reduced edition of the shareware version. the
ID: Home000232

HTML Homepage-Protector 1.0 of Data Becker: protect HTML-Seiten, suppresses the right mouse button as well as the view menu of the source code. the HTML-Code is encoded. respect: search engines cannot pick up such sides, as well as scans.
ID: Homep03474

HTML Homesite 4.5. 1 of Softline, good HTML-Editor, also WML, XML XLS now in German, price 266.-DM Homesite 4.5 of Softline, good Web editor, new features in the version 4.5: Collabsible code, English, 229.-DM
ID: Homes01241

HTML Hot Metal pro 6.0 of Softline, pro-Web-on the part of editor, English, from 299.-DM
ID: Hot0M01233

HTML Hotdog professional 5.5 of Sausage software (Australia), good HTML-Editor, English, price 130US $
ID: Hotdo01450

HTML HTML Squeezer of AWS: optimize HTML-Dateien, in that off, shareware 15EUR, he/it superfluous signs file 820KB
ID: HTML001772

HTML HTML-Checker faster online-Validator for HTML-Code. mistakes are marked in source code with colored buttons.
ID: HTML003812

HTML HTML-Checker reliable Online-Checker, tests also complete web page (not only individual data files)
ID: HTML003813

HTML HTML-Checker Online-Checker, inclusive reports about HTML-Code, load time and orthography. at most 5 sides free
ID: Onlin03810

HTML HTML-Checker Online-Checker for your home page. inclusive result reports.
ID: HTML003811

HTML HTML-Checker offers free examination of your HTML-Codes. mistakes are marked red in the result side.
ID: Webma03808

HTML HTML-Toolbox 1.5 HTML-Utilty, contains useful modules for the home page crafter. frame sets, Metatags, generate forms, MouseOver-Effekte, popup window menu, ETC..... file 369KB
ID: HTML003326

HTML HTML-Validator of W3C t ests your HTML-Seiten for mistake code.
ID: HTML003807

HTML Justedit 1.0, enables editing as well as corrects Java code directly from HTML-Dateien on the Web server, in order to correct for example a misspelling, from HTM-Datei the Java program binds and an on-line editor, demo version, starts price 50US $, Englis
ID: Juste01140

HTML Namo WebEditor 2006 suite is one of the most complete Web authoring applications ever created and quite possibly the only software you will need to create, edit, publish and manage your websites. An integrated development environment empowers Web professionals to create cutting-edge sites. Easy-to-use functions enable beginners to grow into highly-skilled Web designers.
Why a suite? The Namo WebEditor 2006 suite including WebEditor 2006, WebCanvas 2006, and other free tools, has strong basic HTML functions, and is convenient to use for anyone from beginners to experts. it covers A to Z of making web sites.
Namo Webeditor 4.0, Info on Magazine PC-Welt 01/04 page 37
ID: Namo001174

HTML NOMENU.JS, HTML-Seite with copy protect ion: with this Javascript deactivates the menu entry" picture as well as graphics stores under" (IE and Netscape). the Script is under www.pcwelt receipt-devoid of, and becomes like follows bound in the HTML-Datei: <
ID: NOMEN01992

HTML NVU Freeware HTML-Editor
ID: NVU0007160

HTML Phase 5 SE of Ulli Meybohm: HTML-Editor with support of Javascript, VB-Script, CSS, picture administration, expandable menu bars, not for beginners, file HESETUP.EXE 887KB Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/01,
ID: Phase01144

HTML PSPad HTML editor is freeware programmer editor, usable for people who:
-- work with various programming environments
-- like highlighted syntax in code
-- need a small tool with simple controls and the capabilities of a mighty code editor
-- looking for a tool to work with plain text
-- want to save money and still have the functionality of professional products
- work with projects
- work on several documents at the same time (MDI)
- Save desktop session to later reopen all open files
- FTP client - you can edit files directly from the web
- macro recorder to record, save and load macros
- search and replace in files
- text difference with color-coded differences highlighted
- templates (HTML tags, scripts, code templates...)
- installation contains templates for HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MySQL, MS-Dos, Perl,...
- syntax highlighting auto set by file type
- user-defined highlighters for exotic environments
- auto correction
- intelligent internal HTML preview using IE and Mozilla
- full HEX editor
- call external programs, different for each environment
- external compiler with catch command output, log window, log parser for each environment for "IDE" effect
- color syntax highlight printing and print preview
integrated TiDy library for formatting and checking HTML
code, conversion to CSS, XML, XHTML
- integrated free version of top CSS editor TopStyle Lite
- export with highlight to RTF, HTML, TeX format into file or clipboard
- column block select, bookmarks, line numbers, ...
- reformat and compress HTML code, tags char case change
line sorting with ability to sort on defined column, with option to drop duplicates
- ASCII chart with HTML entities
- Code explorer for Pascal, INI, HTML, XML, PHP, and more in future
- spell checker
- internal web browser with APACHE support
- matching bracket highlighting
ID: PSPad05913

HTML R-Menu 1.1 of R-Tools USA: Web side tool to the preparation of Drop-Down-Menüs and menus with tree-structured architecture, menus can be shaped largely freely, colors, typeface, connection lines, in the whole version is included 100 Icons, no assistant as
ID: R0Men02285

HTML Scribe of Jan Uhlenbrok: HTML-Editor also for beginners, support also WML to the produces file 2784KB from WAP-Seiten, Freeware,
ID: Scrib01764

HTML Script Worx 4.12 of Soft Lite (UK): well equipped HTML-Editor, the however numerous mistake, Freeware, shows English
ID: Scrip02244

HTML Selfhtml 8.0: detailed HTML-Help, entry in Javascript, perl, CSS,... tips to the preparation of dialog boxes, and general info about home page.
ID: Selfh01224

HTML Selfhtml: detailed HTML-Hilfe, entry in JAVA, drip, CSS,... tips to the preparation v. dialog boxes, and general info about home page
ID: Tips000558

HTML Star HTML: introduction in HTML-Programmierung and Web design, detailed HTML-Hilfe also for beginners. the complete course can be down-loaded as zip file.
ID: Star001978

HTML Super HTML 6.0 of Joachim Schwieren, HTML-Editor, also DTML, Web sides comfortably produces, code editor and Wysiwyg-Engine, 2 browsers let it bind itself unf an external FTP-Client, test version can be down-loaded by the home page, now also for Win-ME ++
ID: Super02047

HTML Top page beta of IBM, HTML-Editor, beta works until end of 2000, free
ID: Top0P01386

HTML Web Dwarf 2.0 HTML-Editor (Wysiwyg), with this editor, no HTML knowledge are necessary. file 4.710KB
ID: Web0D03454

HTML Web Easy, Web editor. Create a great website in one hour with drag-and-drop simplicity. WebEasy includes everything you need in one box to create your ideal website with built-in templates and e-commerce tools. WebEasy automatically generates the HTML code letting you create the website you want without any programming or technical skills required
ID: Web0E01251

HTML Weave professional Edition 2. 0 of NTM Publishing: HTML-Editor, also for beginners been suitable, building block system (Drag & Drop), supports frames and Java-Script, contains FTP-Upload, problem at different dissolutions, shareware, Registr. 130.-DM, Ger
ID: Web0P02113

HTML X-Metal 2.0 of Softquad (, > Softline,: editor for XML, SGML and HTML-Dokumente, more professionally however also for beginners suitable editor individually anpassbar price 1136.-DM, English,
ID: X0Met02363