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Datenschutz 007 passport Word Recovery 2.0 passwords visible does, only at input fields this the password by means of" * * * * *" shows, approximately at the data transmission network, file 007pwd_setup.EXE, 172KB
ID: 0070P02271

Datenschutz 0900 warners 4.03 : runs in the background from Mirko Böer, Antidialer, and reports, if a connection is produced. file 1.900KB ~~~~~~~~~~ 0190 (0900) warners 4.02: on MAGAZIN-CD 04/05, info side 85,
ID: 0190003881

Datenschutz Acronis Privacy Expert 2003 deletes all tracks effectively on your PC, that tackles nobody something. full version of the MAGAZIN-CD, registration necessary,
ID: Acron05547

Datenschutz Active Shield: Shield your PC against trojans, spyware, adware and trackware. Active Shield is an ultimate heuristic screen that actively protects your computer from trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and even some special kinds of viruses. Don't wait while malicious programs strike roots in your computer. Don't let them ever reach you PC! Remember that active defense is more effective than passive. What does that mean? Other anti-trojan and anti-spyware utilities search for malicious programs on your hard drive and registry while this program is already in your system. Active Shield works for your system just like the way firewalls deal with internet traffic. If a malicious program tries to reach your PC, Active Shield will reveal this attempt and kill the invader. Active Shield is your final step on the road to safety and comfort. Please let professionals guard your security and privacy while your working or entertaining with your PC. Before you buy this program, try our free trial.
Link =
ID: Activ06036

Datenschutz Ad-aware 6.1SE of Lavasoft Spyware remove, your system scans according to suspicious entries in the Registry and data files (mostly DLL-Dateien), and lists the results of list, and this deletes. Ad-Aware recognizes Gator Spyware-Einträge of Adware, Alexa,
ID: Ad0aw02629

Datenschutz Anonet 1.10 keeps secret your IP-Adresse, including Remailer. file 681KB
ID: Anone03695

Datenschutz AntiSpamWare 1.0 of IOK: automatic analysis of detailed Mails of POP3/IMAP4-Server before these are picked up. included Spam-Filter can be widened. after wish automatic reply at the deletion of Mails, or communication to delivery providers. this on MAGAZI
ID: AntiS03452

Datenschutz Antispy-Info 1.1: extended task manager, lists all tasks, and shows these like dangerous is.
ID: Antis03882

Datenschutz Archi Crypt 3.0.9 of Patric Remus, encodes virtual drives in real time, up to 8 pieces with Max 2GB. opens these only leave themselves with a password. simple service, good protection. file 3.640KB ~~~~~~~~~~ ArchiCrypt 2 live: full version of magazin-CD
ID: Archi02817

Datenschutz Bcwipe entitles several times wished data files and deletes the entry in the FAT, file 550KB,
ID: SPD0B02490

Datenschutz Well Crypt 7.06 of Jetico, this encodes been accommodated data in him/it into a container file, according to statement of the password, the data are done available as virtual drive, shareware 30 days, file 1.2MB. further URL on MA
ID: Bestc02497

Datenschutz Blackice Defender 2.5cg of Network Ice: Desktop-Firewall, protects against attacks from the internet, simple service, however not 100 percent reliable, English, price 40.-US $~~~~~~~~~~ Blackice Defender 2.1, price 40.-US $
ID: Black02368

Datenschutz B-Protected 4.1 of Clasys (Israel): security tool, simple service, file protection, closes defined tables, rights to users fix that access attempts record, 30 days gratis test version of PCWelt-CD or, full version 29.-US $
ID: B0Pro02242

Datenschutz B-Secret of Jan Fiedler: ver - and decodes any file formats file 1.4MB with help of a password, Freeware,
ID: B0Sec01744

Datenschutz Camouflage 1.1.1 hides data files this integrated program these in him/it into other data files. the bearer file can nevertheless be used, file CAMOU111.EXE of 2.580KB require the Visual-Basic-Runtime-Dateien 6.0, both under available
ID: Camou02711

Datenschutz CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)
Cleans the following
* Internet Explorer
Temporary files, URL history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
* Firefox
Temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history.
* Windows
Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
* Registry cleaner
Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more... also comes with a comprehensive backup feature.
* Third-party applications
Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, MS Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more...
* 100% Spyware FREE
This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.
ID: Cclea06501

Datenschutz Challenger 2.0.4 encodes data files and tables. sounds for itself in the Explorer-Kontextmenü one. in the Freeware-Version, the key amounts to 128 bits, in the full version (20 EUR) 256 bits. file 300KB
ID: Chall05669

Datenschutz Clear Prog 1.2.4 Privacy-Tool, blurs tracks on the PC, Cookies, internet cache, deletes course as well as History, URLs in Adressleiste. file 29KB
ID: Clear03309

Datenschutz Against volume 9i, Verschlüßelungsprogramm, hides data files as bitmaps, freeware, English
ID: Contr01054

Datenschutz Cookiewall 1.01 of analogously X: internet tool, administration of Cookies, informs you if a Cookie arrives, Freeware, English, file COOKIEI.EXE 228KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/01, info side 31,
ID: Analo02408

Datenschutz Cryp text 3.40 author: Nick Payne. co the free context menu expansion encodes you quite simple and fast your data files (also whole tables).
With Cryptext, any data files simply become ver in the context menu with an entry - and decodes. the free program uses a 160 bit key, (combination of SHA1 and RC-4-Technologie).
Access to the key through password, that one can fix individually to encoding file or one whole package of data files for everyone. respect: the password should be selected carefully.
Once forgotten, the access to the encoded access data remains denied.
ID: Crypt07825

Datenschutz Crypto express Professional 2003 generates virtual drives. each file this is in-copied, is encoded in real time. password protected. binds itself in the Explorer. older Updatefähige Vollversion version on the MAGAZIN-CD
ID: Crypt03791

Datenschutz Crypto suite of BHV, includes an useful collection of tools to hiding and encodes from data
ID: Crypt03336

Datenschutz Cryptogram Folder I-Key Edition 1.40j SP1 from on-line curtain: security software with 3DES-Verschlüsselung with the USB-Stecker I-Key of Rainbow Technologies. the password can be secured on a floppy disk. language partially German, handbook English
ID: Crypt02746

Datenschutz Data Destroyer 1.0 file killers, data files certainly remove as well as delete. file 2.650KB
ID: Data003728

Datenschutz Data safe 1.0 of Franzis-Verlag, protects data files on PCs under Win95/98 (FAT), however not as certainly as Windows NT, German, 30.-DM
ID: Daten01681

Datenschutz Dialer-Schutz: on this side finds you help, tips and answers to the topic Dialer
ID: Diale05616

Datenschutz Dialer-Schutz: on this side finds you help, tips and answers to the topic Dialer
ID: Diale05617

Datenschutz Dialer-Schutz: on this side finds you help, tips and answers to the topic Dialer
ID: Diale05618

Datenschutz Don't panic 3.0: boss button for user programs, is suitable well for applications, doesn't work with all games, with < Strg><Leertaste > or mouse movement into the right screen edge vanishes the active application and loads another application, which shou
ID: Don0t05734

Datenschutz Drive Crypt plus pack 3.50G: on-line Verschlüsselungs-Tool with AES.
ID: Drive07614

Datenschutz Enamel safe 3.01 of G-Data, encoding program for Mailanhänge, IDEA-Verschlüsselung, there is a Decrypter gratuitously under
ID: Email03029

Datenschutz Encrypted Magic Folders, Make any folders you choose (and all the files within those folders) completely invisible to others.
Your invisible folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run. For all practical purposes they don't exist. Use Magic Folders to protect your finances, taxes, business and personal documents. Others won't know these files exist and they won't be able to accidentally delete or modify them either. With Magic Folders you can turn your computer over to your children or co-workers without worrying if they'll delete, modify or view important files.
ID: auch000562

Datenschutz Eraser 4.1 deletes data files and tables reliably so that these cannot be restored. Eraser is addressable in the Explorer-Kontext-Menü: file or stewards (also waste paper basket) chooses, mouse button' argues, Erase' select. the Datei(en, becomes, becomes
ID: Erase01960

Datenschutz Esafe desktop 3.0 of Aladdin knowledge of system: Firewall, complete and konfigurierbare sand box with adjustable-speed presentations, user administration, Virenscanner defective, German, for private utilization gratuitously, file ESD30.EXE 9760 KB. on MA
ID: Esafe02216

Datenschutz EXE Protector protects EXE files in that it the file patcht, file EXE-PRO.ZIP 2MB, shareware 30 starts. More info see german translation.
ID: EXE0P02611

Datenschutz Flashback 1.1, data protection program, stores until 999 inter stands in an individual table, works with numerous applications, for example Excel, Word, quark express,...), simple service, English, shareware 30 days of price 99.-DM, CD under phone 030/347
ID: Flash01117

Datenschutz Folder Shield 2003 1.3 file manorhouses, confidential data files (invisibly in the Explorer) hide. respect: it takes place no encoding. file 1.110KB
ID: Folde03730

Datenschutz Free File Encryptor 1.0 File Encryptor is a small, but yet poweful and easy to use file encryption utility.
File Encryptor allows you to encrypt your important files with an industrial-strength encryption algorithm and send your confidential files to others over the Internet without worrying about the contents being read by anybody other than the recipient. With Rijndael encryption algorithm.
File Encryptor integrates right into the context menu of Windows Explorer and gives you one-click access to all File Encryptor features.
ID: Free007819

Datenschutz Friendly Net Watcher 1.2 allows to:
* Track user access and files opened on your computer via the network;
* Kick users automatically and manually;
* Log information about users;
* Play an audio warning if someone accesses or opens a file on your computer.
ID: Net0W02061

Datenschutz F-Secure desktop 2.0, Verschlüßelungs-Programm for data files and tables, for privately free, English, works with profile
ID: F0Sec01057

Datenschutz More secretly binary-chop," vaccinated" data files: wit h the counter / b the Copy-Befehls possibly is 2 data files it binary to be attached to and to hide the second file on that occasion: for example' copy / b calc.exe + explorer.exe test.exe' copies cal
ID: Gehei01906

Datenschutz Gnu PP 1.1 encodes Mails and data files, similar user leadership like PGP, detailed instruction on the MAGAZIN-CD. file 3.150KB. Open Source project. also on MAGAZIN-CD 03/01, info side 96,
ID: Gnu0P03315

Datenschutz GNU Privacy Gard 1.0, uses freely available and free algorithms, freeware, English for Linux, alternative to PGP,
ID: GNU0P01086

Datenschutz Gpg4win 1.0.6 encodes Mails and data files. complexes Open-Source-Software. development of GnuPG.
ID: Gpg4w07598

Datenschutz Gunner's Rifle 1.3 Anti-Schnüffel-Tool, your privacy protects, the Dokumente-Liste. Gunner's Rifle deletes, Recent file cunning editor, off the tracks, the many programs leaves. Date 355KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/04, info side 45,
ID: Gunne03213

Datenschutz Hack Tracer 1.2 Hack Tracer will make your computer 'stealthed.' Any attempts at pinging or port scanning will receive no response. Unsolicited UDP packets and TCP connections will not get through. In short, the computer cannot be detected from outside. Hack Tracer introduces a feature that lets you geographically trace hack attempts. Hack Tracer will bring up a map and trace the route from your computer through every step back to the hacker's computer. The program also allows you the option to upload the data from a hack attempt to Sharp Technologies security center for study, investigation, and product improvement.
ID: Hack002273

Datenschutz Internet Sweeper 1.8.4 removes tracks they with the surfing in the internet originates: course, car completion, finally opened documents, gratis with Nagscreen, otherwise 10.-US $, been suitable opuses for MS-IExplorer, Netscape. file 108KB ~~~~~~~~~~ int
ID: Inter03214

Datenschutz Intraspy 2.3 of Natasoft USA: PC-Überwachung, opening of document, Web side visit, is drawing all activities Windows start and Beende-Zeit the PC into a Logdatei (program start), registered passwords record,...), Logdatei can be encoded, runs in the backg
ID: Intra02283

Datenschutz Wail 2.0 Ba ckdoor-Finder, Remote-Programme and Trojans keep away, works in the background and oversees the internet activities. file 1.060KB
ID: Jamme03731

Datenschutz Krypter 2002 2.01 produces protected records, that can be opened again with a password. the receiver doesn't need any software. several Krypto-Algorithmen available. file 1.560KB
ID: Krypt03732

Datenschutz Lockdown Millenium 8.12 of Lockdown: Firewall, no port filter, no sand box, Registry-Vergleich, obstruction of IP-Adressen, protection against Backdoors, to expensive ~~~~~~~~~~ Lockdown 2000, see PC-MAGAZIN 00/09 pages 222 further URL: www.lockdo
ID: Lockd02217

Datenschutz Logger 3.0' Logger is a Windows program which automatically logs the time every time your PC boots or shuts down. You can use Logger to check if somebody has been at your PC or to automatically keep track of your working hours.
ID: Logge03137

Datenschutz Log-in Control 1.7 of Salfeld, security software, additional tool for the user administration under Win9x and M, fixes the days and hours, at which the computer is released, per User as well as when this is blocked. also a time limit can be declared, Pass
ID: Login03027

Datenschutz Magi c Folders files MFD.EXE, 263KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/12 info side 312, and CD 00/02, info side 45
ID: Magic07821

Datenschutz internet service to the encoding of e-mails, the text will input on the home page or copies in, e-mail address declares, password inputs and message sends. the receiver must know the password.
ID: Mail002259

Datenschutz McAfee personnel Firewall plus 2004 5.0 : Firewall. full version of MAGAZIN-CD 05/03, info side 44. this version supports no more Win95 and NT ~~~~~~~~~~ McAfee Firewall 3.01 of Network Associates: see PC-MAGAZIN 02/04 pages 167. URL:
ID: Mc0Af03246

Datenschutz McAfee Spamkiller 2004 5.0: protect before Werbemails. full version of the MAGAZIN-CD. works together with POP3, Mapi and MSN/Hotmail-Konten.
ID: McAfe05679

Datenschutz Mince 1.0.2 of David De Groot: data encoding program, uses a 24 bit of key, suitable to the protects from private text, only for TXT-Dateien, after the encoding a MCE-Datei is produced, and the corresponding TXT deleted, works fast and reliably, the recei
ID: Mince02365

Datenschutz New security gap in outlook 98 and 2000: in outloo k and outlook express, a security gap was discovered, that makes keeping a look-out possible from data on the system of the receiver. through the delivery of a HTML-Mail with VBScript, a malicious originat
ID: Neue001868

Datenschutz Norman Access Control 95/98 4.11 of Norman Data Defense: boot protection, hard disk encoding, user administration (like Win-NT), USB-Stecker I-Key of Rainbow Technologies with PIN, break-in period necessary, relatively dearly, language: only partially Ger
ID: Norma02745

Datenschutz Norman Personal Firewall 1.0 of Norman Data Defense system: efficient Firewall, configuration assistant, outlook-similar surface, can block also Scripts, Java-Applets and Active-X-Controls, filters for advertising banners
ID: Norma02750

Datenschutz Norton internet Security 2002 of Symantec, security package for the native PC, contains Norton anti virus a child protection program and a Werbeblocker, high space required (53MB), also for Win-XP 6, a Firewall, now ~~~~~~~~~~ Norton internet Security 200
ID: Norto01826

Datenschutz Norton personnel Firewall 2001 of Symantec, Firewall with good assistants, simple service.
ID: Norto02875

Datenschutz Nuke Nabber 2.9b hacker attacks lay the table, TCP and UDP-Ports observes. which ports the tool shall observieren, can be put in, collects all information to localize about the aggressor, Freeware, English, file NN29B.EXE 750KB. caution: help is skimpy, t
ID: Nuke002340

Datenschutz Omniquad Antispy 4.0.1 scans the system after Spyware. search lasts very long, and all pests don't find.
ID: Omniq05459

Datenschutz PC Inspector Clone Maxx 1 copies whole hard disks with a speed of over 3GB per minute (direct DMA access). one can start directly from a floppy disk (own operating system Free DOS). full version of MAGAZIN-CD price not known
ID: Inspe03794

Datenschutz PGP 8.0 Freeware, Pretty Good Privacy, coding and autographing of Mails and data files. file 7.380KB. version 7.0.3 is on the CD ~~~~~~~~~~ PGP 7.0.3 of Network-Associates, encoding program for enamels and data, now also for Win-XP, also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/
ID: Test000565

Datenschutz PGP 8.0.3 vpn PGP-Coorporation: encoding of e-mails, Pretty good privacy, Plugins for outlook and Eudora-Mail. see also Freeware-Version. ~~~~~~~~~~ PGP 5.0, encoding of e-mails, Pretty good privacy, or, old versions also for Win
ID: Versc00050

Datenschutz PGP desktop Security 7.0 with Network Associates (see also Freeware version 6.5.1i) with additional functions like hard disk encoding PGP-Disk, see also same PC-MAGAZIN side 143
ID: PGP0D02608

Datenschutz 2.11 encode priv ately of Pix as well as hide picture data files, changes also the file names in unlesbaren data garbage, with own picture observer, file PRIVPIXD.EXE 845KB, shareware 90 days
ID: Priva02609

Datenschutz Private EXES pro tects EXE files in 2.2, patcht the data files this should be protected, file 32PEXE22.ZIP 157KB. AChtung1: in the unregistrierten version leaves itself the protection with < Alt><B > avoids Achtung2: this protection is not sure before pros
ID: Priva02613

Datenschutz Protect Exe 0.4 protects EXE files, equips the file with a passport word query, file Exeprotect.EXE 450KB pointers: for more security installs you on a protected hard disk this program, because after a Deinstallation, the EXE files are again free.
ID: EXE0P02612

Datenschutz Protection manager Partition Drive 4.6 of Abylonsoft. the system tool can administer up to 10 virtual drives with maximum per drive in 8GB. the access to the data is steered over a security certificate, that must be produced when installing. shareware 30
ID: Prote05501

Datenschutz Buffers 3.11 of brigs Softworks, encoding program, similar functions like PGP, shareware, 29US $, English
ID: Puffe01435

Datenschutz If hand speaks pr o of Hard Drive software (GB), PC-Überwachung, in 5.0 runs in the background, doesn't appear in the task list, draw all activities of the PC on, program start, e-mail with receiver, alteration of the system attitude,...), locks of activit
ID: Red0H01428

Datenschutz Safe House 2.0, data encoding program, produces a virtual drive on your computer. data this there is set aside, the program encodes in real time, in the shareware only is standard passwords possible. now also for Win98, M and 2000. file SAFEH200.EXE 1.30M
ID: Test000567

Datenschutz Safeguard Privatecrypt 1.0 encodes data files, uses the Advanced Encryption standard, that < program constructed myself-extracting records this itself only with the password has opened, start of the program over Start-Menü or context menu in the Explorer,
ID: Safeg02413

Datenschutz Safeguard Private Crypto 1.11 of Utimaco: file encoding of the AES-Verfahren, reliable algorithms and secures key appendixes, simple service, for privately gratuitously, now also for Win-XP, file SGPC111.EXE in 1.050KB
ID: Safeg02665

Datenschutz Save Butt 1.20, protect before loss of data, runs in the background and produces backup copies of cleared and altered data files, in the an Explorer-ähnlichem window menu leaves itself produce the data files again, shareware from 30US $, English, file SB1
ID: Save001181

Datenschutz Savedelete finally and certainly deletes data files. entitles the data files until 15 marks. file 4.500KB
ID: Saved05675

Datenschutz Scramdisk 3.01r3c of S.Simpson: data encoding, encodes data and tables on the hard disk, generates a" container" of the users on that occasion and formats him/it like a drive, is bound like a network drive. up to 4 passwords can be defined to it. several
ID: Scram02247

Datenschutz Secure 4 U Lite 5.04a of sand box Security, internet security package specifically for private users, Anwendungs-Firewall, not only internet connection however also locally, record access to data files and Registry, no port filter, with Sandbox
ID: Secur02219

Datenschutz Secure 4 U SU professional 5.0 of sand box Security, Desktop-Firewall, internet security, pro Anwendungs-Firewall, not only internet connection however also locally, access to data files and Registry, port filter sand box complicated 99.-DM innovations co
ID: Secur01430

Datenschutz Securepoint personnel Firewall 3.7.1 gratuitous Firewall. file 1.500 KB. also for win2003.
ID: Secur06521

Datenschutz Security Lock 3.2.1 protects your computer, if you leave him/it for a short time, activation through Icon in the Systray, with password, file Selock_v321.ali.ZIP 103KB,
ID: Secur02923

Datenschutz web site with info to the topic computer security, current news, viruses, cyber crime, on wish of weekly Newsletter. Security-Informer is a service of IDG
ID: Secur02641

Datenschutz Shy file 2.0 of Consens: encoding software for texts and Mails, key length between 32 and 512 signs, for privately free
ID: Shy0F02932

Datenschutz Sphinx personnel Firewall 1.0 of Biodata: Firewall for advanced users, good assistant, extensive protocol functions
ID: Sphin02876

Datenschutz Spy Cleaner 8.0 scans the system after Spyware. also the Registry is searched. the search lasts long, it finds for it almost all pests. as gratuitous version available. respect: the gratuitous version deletes only entries, that are categorized as Spyware.
ID: Spy0C05460

Datenschutz Spy Sweeper 3.0 cleans the computer from Spyware. also the Registry searches, as well as the car start steward. either now searches" lookups over the button" or plans freely per timing control. German description available
ID: Spy0S05466

Datenschutz SpyAgent 6.0: Worried about how others are using your computer - or what they are doing - while you are away? Employees abusing your workstations?
SpyAgent is the powerful, award-winning solution, that can log all keystrokes, emails, windows, websites, applications, internet connections, chat conversations, passwords, print jobs, documents viewed, and even screenshots! SpyAgent runs in complete STEALTH with optional EMAIL Delivery and logging and lockdown scheduling. Record any actions on your PC with this powerful full featured PC SPY! SpyAgent is used by home users and businesses alike - as it provides the most comprehensive data logging that can be found anywhere. No activities done on the PC escape SpyAgent's logging!
SpyAgent also features powerful filtering and access control features, such as Chat Blocking (to restrict access to chat software), Application Blocking (to prevent specific applications from being executed), Website Filtering, and more! SpyAgent is not only an award-winning PC Spy, but also a powerful activity filtering package.
ID: SpyAg06723

Datenschutz Spybot S&D 1.3 refu ges from Dialer, Spyware, Trojans and Keylogger. searches data files and Registry, this lists < result on, and deletes the data files or entries on inquiry. new in the version 1.3: the change of the" quiet mode" into the" pro mode" ++++
ID: Spybo03287

Datenschutz Spylock 4.0 of Spytech: secure the Windows desktop. also Sperrfunktionen offers for Startmenü, desktop and mouse. also individual programs can be closed. programs can be closed also in the hour time step. not been suitable for beginners (superficial docum
ID: Spylo03900

Datenschutz Spyware Blaster 3.5.1: fight Spyware, the installation of Active-X-Komponenten prevents. file 2.4400 KB
ID: Spywa06490

Datenschutz Spyware Cop 10.0 searches the system (also individual tables) for Spyware. backup function. Download of Updates manual or automatically.
ID: Spywa05461

Datenschutz Steganos disk Encryption 1.5 (SDE): encoding software, an encoded drive produces for the sure storage of data, works with the 128 bit of AES-Standard, password protection. sub Win NT, 2000 and XP can do also several users drive (Netzfähig) with these
ID: Stega03071

Datenschutz Steganos hackers tools 5.0 full instructions about the protection of the PC. hacker bases. Steganos Anti-Dialer full version including. ~~~~~~~~~~ Steganos hackers tools 1.5: full version of COM!-CD'S 03/05 full version (version?) also on MAGAZIN-CD PC-We
ID: Hacke00495

Datenschutz Steganos internet trace annihilator s of Demcom: destroys completely finished indication remaining on the PC at a Web trip. this program is Steganos 3 a module from the package' Security suite', now singles available,
ID: Stega02863

Datenschutz Steganos internet anonymous 5: certainly and invisibly in the internet surfs. full version of MAGAZIN-CD. serial number is available in the internet for PC-Welt-Leser (statements against side 60)
ID: Stega03879

Datenschutz Steganos Online Shield (SOS) 1.5 betas of Steganos, Firewall for internet,
ID: Stega03249

Datenschutz Steganos passport word manager Relea se 5 administers your passwords, with encoding with AES 128 bit ~~~~~~~~~~ further info in PC-MAGAZIN 97/12 side 160: data, encoding, protects Secure Win Winword password Recovery codieren tool of Steganos for Win95 wit
ID: Daten00263

Datenschutz Steganos Security suite Gen.6 of Steganos. no more been suitable for NT and Win95. ~~~~~~~~~~ Steganos Security suite directs a data safe in 5 one, hides data files, furnishes from encoded data areas under Windows. the safe behaves like an additional driv
ID: Stega02606

Datenschutz Strong disk 2.01 of PEZ Kommunikationnssysteme: data encoding, encodes data files on the hard disk, an image file produces for a virtual drive, for FAT and NTFS, simple service, good protection German 179.-DM
ID: Stron02199

Datenschutz Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4.3 of Kerio Technologies. good performance
ID: Kerio05602

Datenschutz Super shredders 1.0 of analogously X: data files certainly deletes, so that these cannot be restored with particular tools. to this several procedures about the drawing selection stand. file 232 KB
ID: Super03132

Datenschutz Sure Delete 5.1 data files certainly deletes, off data finally from the hard disk, carries itself into the Explorer-Kontextmenü under SendTo, dispatch at, with the entry' of Sure Delete' one. file 752KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Sure Delete 5.0, file SDEL.ZIP 496KB, on
ID: Sure003060

Datenschutz Tiny Key loggers 1.0.1 supervision tools, records keystrokes unseen, doesn't appear in the task manager, no Desinstallationsroutine possesses. file 51KB
ID: Tiny003327

Datenschutz Tiny personnel Firewall 2.0.10 protects from hacker attacks, 3 security steps adjustable, diverse Einstell-Optionen, elaborate rules, instruction on the web site (no auxiliary file), let it produce problems for some test computers, file PF2.EXE 1.280KB, f
ID: Tiny002770

Datenschutz Tiny Trojan trap 3.0 of Tiny software: protection against Trojans and Backdoors. the program still has lacks
ID: Tiny003475

Datenschutz Trojancheck 6.02 Trojan Trojaner-Spezialist, identifies Trojan horses. the Registry, the ports, oversees the car start attitudes. shows hidden tasks. file 1.210KB
ID: Troja03736

Datenschutz Win child backup pro 4.X of Salfeld computer, safeguarding of a Win-PCs, locks of the system attitude, that MS-DOS-Eingabeauff., individual programs, define time zones, in which Windows cannot be used,...), same results of the use of the Policy-Editor, on
ID: Win0K01427

Datenschutz Win-Dietrich of Baxbex-Software, shows with Alt-F1 in clear-writes the passwords in Dialogbox, provided these are locked on the hard disk, FOR EXAMPLE" joining mit"-Dialog from DFÜ-Netzwerk, Clients of AOL u - T-Online until version 2.04 (as well as e-mai
ID: Win0D01206

Datenschutz Winrollback 2.0 private Edition of Datapol. each Windows-PC protects from changes or manipulations. with the latest Art of the PC, the Urstand is produced again. the administrator fixes which partitions geschützt/Überwacht should become. the tool can be h
ID: Winro05607

Datenschutz initiative" Germany certainly in the network". many tips to the topic security. for 1,44EUR in stamps, you can order a Sicherheits-Check-CD there, she/it can be used also as Notfall-CD.
ID: www0S06356

Datenschutz XP Antispy 3.81 Anti-sniff-Tool for Windows XP, suppresses the automatic contact attempt to Microsoft server
ID: XP0An03062

Datenschutz Yahoo-Toolbar: free Yahoo-Toolbar should fight Spyware. beta version of the new tool bar of Download available.
Yahoo offers internet to Explorer with a function to the fight of Spyware from immediately a beta version of the Yahoo-Toolbar for him/it for the Windows platform to the Download.
The Anti-Spy-Funktion should help, espionage software on a computer available does and, to be able to turn off. ~~~~~~~~~~
German Yahoo tool bar for Firefox is there. Yahoo-Toolbar 1.0 Yahoo-Toolbar from immediately offers for Windows, Linux and MacOS X of the search engine operators of Yahoo for the Firefox-Browser in the final version.
The Yahoo-Toolbar now is ready for Windows, Linux and MacOS X among other things also in German language.
ID: Yahoo05850

Datenschutz Yaw 3.5 RC1 Antidialer, protection against 0190-Dialer, good protection, crashed on some PCWelt-Testrechner. file 1.710KB
ID: Yaw0303291

Datenschutz Zero emission Pad 2.0 protects the computer as well as screen from espionage through radiation emission, only been suitable as well as your text editor replaced. since the representation became blurred strongly, headaches are not impossible after longer a
ID: Zero002614

Datenschutz Zone Alarm 6.1 Free: from Zone Labs (USA), Firewall. No more for Win NT.
Zone alarm 4.5: internet security, mixture from Firewall and Application Control, survey about TCP/IP-Verbindung of a PC, for private gratuitously, for companies.
ID: Zone001426

Datenschutz Zone alarm pro 3.0 of zone Labs (USA), internet security, mixture from Firewall and Application Control, survey about TCP/IP-Verbindung of a PC not for beginners: presupposes good network knowledge. now also for Win-XP.
ID: Zone002749