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Win95 Attaché case after-install, if deleted,: start, executes, rundll32.exe syncui.dll, letter case.. create!d!<Pfad\Name >. the original path is C:\Windows\Destktop\Aktenkoffer
ID: Akten00531

Win95 AMD CPU causes Windows to crash, or error message "Error loading IOS.VDX": Patch from Microsoft, affects AMD K6-2 or K6-III (>=350MHz), file Default.asp (283KB)
ID: AMD0C01425

Win95 BATCH.EXE on Win95 CD / Admin\Nettools\Netsetup,: with BATCH.EXE the Win95-Setup-Optionen with SETUP defines INF a custom Win95-Installation starts.
ID: BATCH00404

Win95 User profiles fu rnish under C:\windows\profile\username
ID: Benut00157

Win95 Change Ext 1.17, Freeware, widens the context menu of data files, this allows edits from attribute and Extensionen (Changeext.exe on CD-ROM)
ID: Chang00339

Win95 Direct Access 1.0: administers of Win95-Ordner and seeks
ID: Direc00104

Win95 Attitude to MSDOS.SYS, ab out at Windows conclusion him/it DOS, to get promptly, Bootmenu=1 BootMenuDefault=6 BootMenuDelay=4,
ID: Einst00041

Win95 Faulty IO.SYS causes DOS storage lack: the driver HYMEN.SYS covers 45KB instead of 1KB: co debug the mistake remedies (... previously and afterward: puts back attributes of IO.SYS as well as places again,: DEBUG C:\IO.SYS, e 52f6 58, w - q
ID: Fehle00118

Win95 Secret Web view menu with Win95 + IE4/5 or Win98: all multimedia data files in the preview. to it file... \ windows\web\FOLDER.HTT with Notepad edits, entry' var wantMedia' seeks, value' False' at' True' replaces, after the storage, video data files first
ID: Gehei01461

Win95 Support of Systemcrash: 3 alte rnatives to the Neuinstallation, start floppy disk with CD-ROM access produces, etc....
ID: Hilfe00117

Win95 Installation: full version of Update installs: sec tion [Data] and line" OEMUP=1" in Setuppp.inf to it, details in the PC-MAGAZIN, from version 95B
ID: Insta00571

Win95 Context menu expansion for ce rtain drives, individual context menu entries, keys" Hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer", assign sub keys" to DriveIcons" aims, in each case per drive another sub key" D"," F"," G",..., in ea
ID: Konte01458

Win95 Solutions with installation problems, for example v. Win95 An on B
ID: L0sun00408

Win95 Burst manages on win9x-Rechner: th ese data files can be deleted, furnish batch file the best at the, or search of the Explorer stores,: Temp. - data files:% temp% \ *. *, \ temporary internet files \ *. *, ~ *. *, $*. *, TMP, MOZ predecessors backups: win
ID: Platz01457

Win95 Proprieties plus 1.52: expansion for Explorer, alters comfortably u. attributes file date and sights
ID: Propr00105

Win95 RECORDER.EXE of Win 3.11 goes also in Win95: 3 data files requires Recorder.exe, dll and hlp,
ID: RECOR00437

Win95 Rundll: Windows finishes RUNDLL32.EXE USER,ExitWindows" with command" or with INF-Datei, example of the PC-MAGAZIN,
ID: Beend00436

Win95 Setup v. Win95 with MSBATCH.INF , Aufruf=Setup C:\inf\msbatch.inf > accelerates v. Win95 the installation, in that many dialogues become unterdückt. example of a MSBATCH.INF of the PC-MAGAZIN.
ID: Setup00435

Win95 Sure logon with Win9x instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN, this prevents itself an user like you without password can declare. important to it is the network attitudes, and a Registryschlüssel,:
HKey_Local_Machine\Network\Logon sub produces you a new DWORD with the entry 'MustBeValidated' and set the value on 1.
ID: Siche05767

Win95 Skurrile error message an d your meaning
ID: Skuri00177

Win95 Start problems: device drivers, covered mode, found not Bootlog.txt,...
ID: Start00612

Win95 Update installation Win95: previously 2 data files and Winver.exe fakes. full version: deletes or umbennen
ID: Updat00525

Win95 Update installation: previously 2 data files WIN.CON and WINVER.EXE vortauschen. full version: deletes of WIN.COM or renames
ID: Updat00584

Win95 Connections on programs with Strg alto button: each button has joined itself for me a program or file, FOR EXAMPLE can bandage her/it/them Strg with the Explorer alto E. they look for the entspr. connection, for example in C:\Windows\Starmenü, mouse butto
ID: Verkn01447

Win95 WIN.COM in the main table prevents the start of Windows (ditto for WINBOOT.SYS)
ID: WIN0C00409

Win95 Windows Explorer: defaults of the E xplorers alters. after the program call" explorer" starts standard this on drive C:., to put in about the Explorer in a way, that of C he/it when not opening: but an any other table or drive show, you proceed as follows: (see german tipp)
ID: Windo00798

Win95 Wintune 97: Windows diagnosis tool with tips to the optimization after the test
ID: Wintu00103