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Internet-Tools Data transmission network for internet access optimize s, log-in optimizes, faster access to the provider, attitudes to' workplace, data transmission network': following qualities (Servertyp) should deactivate you:--at the network declares--NetBEUI--IPX/SP
ID: DF00N02529

Internet-Tools Download helpers: Go!Zilla 3,2; Download Wizard 2.50; agile 1.0; Urlrequester; Web Scraper 1.9; Net Zip Deluxe 6.3
ID: Dounl00504

Internet-Tools FTP-Sync-Master 1.0 Homep@ge-Tool, FTP-Uploader with Publishing-Funktionen. configuration see PC-MAGAZIN. link?
ID: FTP0S03831

Internet-Tools Get Next 1.0 accelerates surfing, in that it reads wide sides and in which cache stores. the tool is started in that you pick the command' of GetNext' on a link with the right mouse button from the context menu. only for internet Explorer from 4.0
ID: Get0N03283

Internet-Tools HH Proxy 4.10.6 of A.Stoll and D.Kaltenbach, Proxy-Server for Windows this a LAN with the internet connects, Telnet, FTP, supports SMTP, Socks 4, HTTP/HTTPS, Readme in German.
Only on CD.
ID: HH0Pr02631

Internet-Tools Internet studio 6.1 SE (PC-Welt-Edition): shapes and cares of Web sides like with a graphics program. no computer programmer knowledge necessarily. full version for PC-Welt-Abonnenten (see PC-MAGAZIN)
ID: Inter06495

Internet-Tools Intrusion Detector of Rainbow Diamond, controls and records accesses over HTTP, FTP, fingers and Telnet, on the company network.
New URL unknow.
ID: Intru01203

Internet-Tools MTU Speed 3.08, by Mike Sutherland, reduces the value Maxmtu by 1500 bytes on z.b in 576, Tempo+50%, Freeware, e-mail
MTU Speed pro 4.10 freeware from CD 01/2000
Actual URL unknow.
ID: MTU0S00316

Internet-Tools Online Counter of Daniel Bader: shows on-line costs, Freeware, file 573KB, is based on Telekom-Tarifen, own Scriptsprache,
Download URL unknow
ID: Onlin01760

Internet-Tools PING.EXE: attainability of server on lowermost level, belongs to the delivery capacity of Windows. DOS box starts and ping inputs. co the parameter, a can be dissolved of the server names: for example ping, a, with what the num
ID: PING001319

Internet-Tools Fast surfs, tips: web si te without advertisement, off-line browsers MTU-Wert kanalbündelung with ISDN, FTP-Server,
ID: Schne00903

Internet-Tools Speedynet 2.11, accelerated grabbed on internet: IP-NR. translation is taken care of in the PC, shareware 10 $
ID: Speed00295

Internet-Tools Twekdan 1.2, throughput for modem optimieren,Shareware 12.5 $
ID: Twekd00296

Internet-Tools UUDeview 32 1.2, file decoders for the delivery in the UU-,XX and Binhexformat over the internet
ID: Uudev00797

Internet-Tools Web-My-PC 2.0 allots the home page a legible Webadresse on the home computer, FOR EXAMPLE, does a connection side send to your domain per FTP. Zur use must be installed a Webserver on your computer, this is integrated in version 2.0, and m
ID: Web0M03378