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Internet-Tools Abouttime 4.8, the system clock of the PC with time server synchronizes in the internet, version of MS-Internet-Unterstützung and version with MS-Internet-Explorer support Bem.: T-Online makes this automatic!! also on MAGAZIN-CD 99/12, info side 206,
ID: About00994

Internet-Tools Ace FTP 3.00.4 FTP-Client, simple service, postponing and copying of data files between servers and own PC - also through a Firewall through. several transfers parallel possibly. Scheduling-Funktion.
ID: Ace0F03694

Internet-Tools Ad Free 3.1 advertising filters, advertisement filters in the browser. respect: changes the Hosts-file, secure it previously. File 1.340KB
ID: Ad0Fr03312

Internet-Tools Ad killers 1.16 advertising filters for all browsers, examines the links in the web sites. file 530KB
ID: Ad0Ki03304

Internet-Tools Ad Substract SE 1.68: Werbefenster-Wegklicker, now filters out, Freeware (for privately gratuitously), at the store of Web side advertising banner also for WinME ~~~~~~~~~~ ad Substract SE 1.66, file AD-SETUP.EXE 2.4MB, on MAGAZIN-CD 00/12, info side 242,
ID: Ad0Su02373

Internet-Tools Ad-Killer demon 1.0.15 a dvertising filters, automatically disturbing window menu clicks away, over 350 window titles already are contained, has added itself further adds. file 54KB
ID: Ad0Ki03316

Internet-Tools AdsCleaner a perfect ad stopper and pop up blocker. Block ads and clear all tracks of your online activities. In addition to the possibility of blocking ads by URL-masks included into black list AdsCleaner has obtained the ability to block banners, which have specific dimensions. A user can set a range for dimensions that would allow blocking the banners whose dimensions differ a bit from standards.
When blocking the loading of banners in compliance with user settings, AdsCleaner can either cut the banner and “shrink” the page area, which has been occupied by the ad, or change the banner with predefined small text block. Both options are useful depending on the situation.
This program makes it easy to avoid visiting the same web pages twice. Hovering your mouse over a visited link makes the application display a pop up hint containing your comments for the page, its small snapshot, last view date and other useful information. Also you can always tell what pages of a given site you already visited and view all the related comments in a single window.
Bookmark manager will help you to organize your bookmarks, and powerful searching tools will simplify access to them. Loading multiple links from the selected web page area or all links within the current web page with a single mouse-click, translating web pages online into various languages and voicing web page. You can easily manage the currently opened Internet Explorer windows, switch between them in a breeze and close all the windows with just one mouse-click.
The Quick Groups Manager allows you to create lists of most frequently used bookmarks and group them by topic. By creating aliases for your favorite web page addresses you can speed up access to them without having to manually type the lengthy addresses yourself.
AdsCleaner is a multifunction tool that allows you to block ads due to powerful ad stopper and pop up blocker features and make Web surfing a great deal easier!
ID: AdsCl05807

Internet-Tools AI RoboForm 4.3.7 fills out Web forms automatically. the data (names) first names,...) is written down in the program, and per button pressure on the Webformular transfers, works with the MS-IExplorer from version 4.0 and Netscape from version 7, whose to
ID: AI0Ro01963

Internet-Tools Ajaxium 1.5 is designed as an ultimate AJAX container for the entire ASP.NET pages including all standard, custom and most of third-party ASP.NET controls. In contrast to other AJAX-based approaches, Ajaxium-powered sites remain accessible to search engines and old browsers due to an automatic and silent degradation to classic ASP.NET.
One of the Ajaxium advantages is that the client-side code doesn't rely on the browser's version and there is no hard-coded "browser compatibility list" built-in. Even search spiders are considered as visitors with no JavaScript support. To increase accessibility further, Ajaxium allows developers to switch back to ASP.NET at any time for any visitor.
No previous knowledge of the AJAX development technique is needed, which makes Ajaxium 2.0 a prefect solution even for beginners. Preservation of the standard page life-cycle and complete support of server-side features and technologies, including caching, sessions, authorization, master-pages, etc. makes Ajaxium an interesting solution for advanced developers as well.
Among the key benefits that Ajaxium offers is the freedom from being constrained by a fixed set of existing components. This follows directly from the software functionality, which focuses on the page content and improves ASP.NET controls. Even each of your own ASP.NET controls becomes AJAX-enabled as soon as it follows minimal compatibility limitations. In addition, most of third-party controls also become AJAX-ed. This approach differs from a complete replacement of all existing ASP.NET controls with their AJAX-ed equivalents, this way making Ajaxium a more advanced tool on the market.
Ajaxium increases developers' productivity, making their job as easy as creating traditional ASP.NET applications. Working only with classic ASP.NET 1.0 or 2.0 in any of the .NET languages, developers can create complete AJAX solutions faster than their competitors making use of conventional techniques.
ID: Ajaxi06598

Internet-Tools 2.12 search the networ k for free IP-Adressen Angry IP scanners and lists these, useful for administrators, file 105KB, now also for Win-XP ~~~~~~~~~~ Angry IP scanners 1.84, file IPSCAN.ZIP 74KB on MAGAZIN-CD 01/12, info side 55, old URL http://sourceforg
ID: Angry02981

Internet-Tools Anonymiser 1.2.1 unrecognized through the network surfs, produces connections to anonymous Proxy-Server, that then orders the wished web site for you. file Setup_v12.EXE 289KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/09, info side 45,
ID: Anony02901

Internet-Tools Anytime 4.0, meters, on-line, telephone, and provider dues, records shareware 20.-DM your on-line times, German, file ANY95.EXE 1250KB. also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/04, info side 43 ~~~~~~~~~~ Anytime 3.6 on CD 99/12, info side 146,
ID: Anyti01035

Internet-Tools Automachron 4.004, SNTP client - Simple Network Time Protocol - for synchronizing your computer's time with an NTP server. Automachron supports SNTP as well as TIME (both UDP and TCP) for synchronizing time over the interne
ID: Autom01136

Internet-Tools Stockbroker s 5.0 of Transsoft: FTP-Server, good FTP-Server, that however, functions lack pro.
ID: Broke02914

Internet-Tools Buddyphone 2.07 of Buddyphone: Internet-Telefonie, simple service, over the internet telephones, Freeware advertising-financed
ID: Buddy03003

Internet-Tools BulletProof Go!Zilla for Windows Downloader
Gozilla Free 4.11 Go!Zilla is a complete download assistant and management system, allowing users to easily locate, download, and install software and other files from the Internet. On CD 03/01 PC-Welt, Infos page 90
ID: Gozil00795

Internet-Tools C4U 1.3: oversees, what it on the favorite web sites new gives, marks new, file CAU13.EXE 1.140KB, see also COM! 00/09 pages 140
ID: C4U0105734

Internet-Tools Check 4 New 1.8: internet tool, tests web sites on alterations, automatically or on request, and pop 3 accounts on enamels, Freeware advertising-finances or shareware 20.-US $, English, file NEW.ZIP 908KB
ID: Check02382

Internet-Tools Cidial 2.1 data transmission network automatically connects, chooses as long as until the computer on-line is. if the contact gets lost, Cidial produces the connection again. the program immediately is run-capable after the unpack, file CIDIAL.ZIP 213KB
ID: Cidia02499

Internet-Tools Connection Watcher 4.0 shows active connections to the internet with individual ports, accesses to and from your PC list, IP-Adressen shows, own and counter place, no warning only observation. File CW_SETUP.EXE 785KB
ID: Conne02056

Internet-Tools Cookie Cooker 0.00.013 betas of TU Dresden: Cookie-Manager, all Cookies list, the spying out the Surfverhaltens should prevent through Cookies. doesn't yet work reliably
ID: Cooki03681

Internet-Tools Cosydat data transmission man agers 5.5 of Cosydat software Engineering, administers the data transmission connections, supports several providers, starts until 10 applications after the Einwahl, can separate neutral connections
ID: Cosyd02837

Internet-Tools Custom Internet Explorer Toolbar Builder 1.0 Designed for all sites from small hobbiest sites to large businesses. IE Toolbar Builder makes it simple to generate your own custom Internet Explorer Toolbars (you could literally have your first toolbar designed, uploaded, licensed and running in 10 minutes). We've been building toolbars for almost two years, IEBar 2.0 is our latest and best design interface.
ID: Custo05911

Internet-Tools Cute Ftp of globally Scape: FTP-Client with him/it itself data files and tables in the Web has high-loaded, shareware 40 U.S. dollars file 1.4MB
ID: Cute001761

Internet-Tools Cyber Patrol Corporate 4.01 from pan Amp: internet filters, time-dependent filters, only meaningfully with NT4.0, since the system clock cannot be closed with Win9.x, Chat-Räume prevents the access to internet sides, Newsgroups. the tool can be removed no
ID: Cyber02115

Internet-Tools DeviceLock: Using endpoint device security solution called DeviceLock, network administrators can lock out unauthorized users from USB and FireWire devices, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD-Rom and floppy drives, serial and parallel ports and many other plug-and-play devices. Once DeviceLock is installed, administrators can control access to any device, depending on the time of day and day of the week. The USB white list allows you to authorize only specific devices that will not be locked regardless of any other settings. The intention is to allow special devices (e.g. smart card readers) but lock all other devices. DeviceLock allows you to generate a report concerning the permissions that have been set. You can see which users are assigned for what device and what devices are on the USB white list on all the computers across your network. DeviceLock provides a level of precision control over device resources unavailable via Windows Group Policy - and it does so with an i nterface that is seamlessly integrated into the Windows Group Policy Editor. As such, it’s easier to implement and manage across a large number of workstations.
Download link =
ID: Devic05924

Internet-Tools DFÜ-Speed 2.2 of Th.Bach: optimizes Windows basic attitudes for the data transmission transfer with TCP/IP, DSL, modem attitudes, also for WinME and XP
DFÜ-Speed 1.5 file 247KB see also COM! 00/09 pages 140
ID: DF00S01763

Internet-Tools Dial-Up Connection 1.7, internet Connection builds and observes, Logdatei preparation (users, time), month interpretation, Freeware with advertisement, English, file DIALC17.ZIP, 430KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Dial-Up Connection 1.5: info in PC-MAGAZIN 00/06 side 47
ID: Dial001419

Internet-Tools Dimension 4 PC-Uhr over the internet (nuclear time) synchronizes, steps automatically in defined intervals in action and asks, only with internet connection, the nuclear time servers from, the wished server can be defined, file D4TIME43.EXE 293KB
ID: Dimen02500

Internet-Tools Dipstick 2.52: Download-Hilfe, which link to the Download tests the fastest is, as well as the transmission speed of sites tests beforehand. file DIPSTICK.EXE 712KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/02, info side 49,
ID: Dipst02581

Internet-Tools Direct Update 3.0.1 more solid behalves of the internet, the IP-Nummer of a computer assigns automatically to a domain name. file Dusetup303.EXE 753KB
ID: Direc03234

Internet-Tools 5.0 look for the file Download Accelerator Plus from Speedit, accelerates the down chest of data files, on different servers and offers the suppliers as list, file DAP5.EXE 1.000KB, also for Win2000 and XP, see also PC-MAGAZIN 01/02 side 138 German langua
ID: Downl01049

Internet-Tools Duax 98 Lite constantly shows, whether and like long you per data transmission connection with a provider interconnected is, reports the log-in and logoff per voice over the sound card, during the connection, a symbol blinks Freeware, English, of Download
ID: Duax001964

Internet-Tools Dynam IP 3.50 more lasting server services, enables the continuous operation of a server over connections with dynamic IP-Nummern. file Dynamipv350.ZIP 3.300KB
ID: Dynam03235

Internet-Tools Dynsite 1.08 changes dynamic IP-Adressen into static IP-Adressen, as well as a solid internet address forgives the native PC. advantages: you can grab on the PC from outside, usage of CGI-Scripts, Java,... for the own home page, etc..... disadvantage: als
ID: Dynsi01962

Internet-Tools Easy MTU 3.0: internet connections optimizes, finds the optimal size for the package size, voted on your system, and writes down the value in the Registry, simple service, alterations only of new PC-Start available, file 361KB
ID: Easy002582

Internet-Tools E-Mule 0.29a : Filesharing-Client, alternative to Edonkey, grasps on the same network, Download of films and sound ~~~~~~~~~~ Emule 0.26d aufCOM! - MAGAZIN-CD 03/05, info side 51,
ID: Emule03380

Internet-Tools FastNet99 is a network utility that will speed up your web browser every time you want to connect to a web site on the Internet, by avoiding time consuming DNS lookups. It provides all the tools you need to help diagnose network problems and get information about users, hosts and networks on the Internet or on your Intranet. It combines DNS Lookup, Ping, TraceRoute, WhoIs, Finger, Time Synchronizer, KeepAlive and more...
ID: Fastn01073

Internet-Tools FlashGet 1.40 Download-Manager and accelerators, Download of web sites, builds to the server several connections, in many different ways konfigurierbar, Werbefinanzierte Freeware, also for DSL been suitable ~~~~~~~~~~ FlashGet 0.96A, Werbefinanzierte Free
ID: Flash02568

Internet-Tools Flat 2 Serv 1.71 of JDS-Software, Webserver, WWW, FTP, and gateway servers for Windows this hardly wishes open leaves, CGI, HTTP, IP-Adressen close, URLs stop, tools like Whois, Traceroute, simple service shareware 39.-DM for private utilization
ID: Flat002670

Internet-Tools 1.0 helps leave plan Free Download managers for itself (schedulers) with the fast automated Download. Downloads and after cancellation resumes. a Batch-Downloader loads whole home page. German language file available, also on the MAGAZIN-CD. file 1.170KB
ID: Free005539

Internet-Tools FTP Commander 7.40: FTP :: Clients. The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. This ftp program offers a no-nonsense interface consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels.
The service functions of the application include drag-and-pop, pop-up and a context sensitive menu, which can be called up by right-clicking the mouse. The program is compatible with Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5 and 5. The superb options of the program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers (for comparing modified or new files), a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc. Its user-friendly interface becomes instantaneously apparent.
link =
ID: FTP0C06013

Internet-Tools FTP Commander Pro 7.80: The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted, or periodically attempt to connect with the FTP server if the pervious link was unsuccessful. Servers usually break off a connection automatically when the user is inactive for more than a specified period of time. The program includes a command that allows you to "keep connection," which means that retention prompts are periodically generated to maintain the connection. It also contains a passive file transfer mode. Server directories are sometimes hidden from view, which means that the directory modification option will be extremely helpful.
The properties window of the FTP server offers a number of highly convenient options: "Initial Directory on FTP Server". The service functions of the application include drag-and-pop, pop-up and a context sensitive menu, which can be called up by right-clicking the mouse. The program is compatible with Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5 and 5. The superb options of the program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers (for comparing modified or new files), a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc. Its user-friendly interface becomes instantaneously apparent.
link =
ID: CFTP005995

Internet-Tools Ftp Explorer 1.00, FTP-Client, simple data exchange with FTP-Servern and local servers, file, 662kb, for privately gratuitously, English Ftp Explorer 1.00.10 on CD 99/12, side 198,
ID: Ftp0E00794

Internet-Tools FTP Voyager 9.0 of Rhinosoft, distribution of Sybex, luxurious FTP-Client, also automatic synchronizes from local and internet tables, resumption of broken off Downloads, search of data files runs automatically in the background. now also for Win-XP. ++++
ID: FTP0V01868

Internet-Tools Genius 3.2.2: [Company: Independent Software]. Genius is a internet-enabled package for Windowsfeaturing dozens of powerful internet tools as well as numerous file utilities and personal information management programs: fingerHTTPFTPSMTPtimewhoisand telnet clientspingtracerouteFTP searchcurrent connectionsnslookupsite checkeran address bookremindersa secure passwords managernotesunit conversionsgrepetc...<i><br>System: Win95 Win98 WinME Win2000 WinNT <br>Note: 8 / 10</i>
ID: Geniu01139

Internet-Tools Get Right 4.5b of Headlight software, Download-Manager, comfortably data files, Download from the internet, loads with cancellation the Download is continued, an installed virus scanner binds with wish, at the end of the Download, the connection finishes
ID: Getri00811

Internet-Tools Get Right 5 Download manager for DSL, ISDN, modem, etc....
ID: Get0R05950

Internet-Tools GetWebPics is media files download manager software. This application will easily allow you downloading pictures, digital photos, wallpapers, flash, movies, music and image-galleries from Internet. It will help you to collect your own galleries of celebrities, babies, cars, sexy bodies and many others.
Build-in media files viewer (video and audio player), thumbnail viewer and fullscreen slideshow with transition effects will help you to preview and manage media files (copy, print, set as wallpaper, send by e-mail, etc.).
You can start downloading media files quickly, simply after inputting the address of the first page with media files gallery. Smart page analyzer will follow every link on the page or script and will download desired pictures, movies and music. If you noticed address media file regularity you can tune the program to direct downloading sequences of media files. You may also search and download pictures by keywords.
The program can download media files from password protected sites. Web authorization based on forms is supported.
To download media files you want, application has various filters to reject unsuitable pictures, audio and music. For instance, size filters (width, height), URL filters (include, exclude substrings), media file name filter (name wildcard) and others.
With GetWebPics you can download various types of pictures (gif, jpeg, png, etc), video files (.avi, .mpeg, etc), audio files (.mp3, .midi, .au, etc) and also Macromedia flash movies. You may tune downloading another filetypes (e.g. zip, rar).
Application has special downloading monitor to control the process of media files downloading. You may look through lists of available, processed, error and rejected addresses with causes of errors, reasons for rejecting and recommendations. It will allow you to restart error and rejected addresses for processing.
link =
ID: GetWe05942

Internet-Tools GMX Upload managers 1.2 to the uploaden of digital photos into the GMX-Fotolabum. up to 1GB storage areas. log-in necessary, if you don't have still any GMX-Email-Adresse. the online storage is shown in the Explorer as separated stewards.
ID: GMX0U05585

Internet-Tools Guidescope 0.90 of Guidescope, advertisement filters, works with a banner record, new banners can be added easily, Freeware, system: also for Sun Solaris.
ID: Guide01787

Internet-Tools HTML Converter 2.0 copies Web sides from the cache into a table, and adjusts the links on that occasion. backed IExplorer from version 4, Netscape from version 4 and opuses. file HTMLCONV.ZIP 1660KB
ID: HTML003022

Internet-Tools HT-Track 3.43: Website copierer, also for Linux, unix
HT-Track 3.32: off-line browsers. file 3.560KB, see PC-Welt 04/11 page 108
HT-Track web site Copier 3.21: off-line browsers, copies whole sites from the internet on your hard disk, wished depth can be declared, copies also graphics and other data files on wish, has alread
ID: HT0Tr02058

Internet-Tools IE tool bar in VB even produces: co this Workshop would like to show we, how one can produce his/its own tool bar internet of Explorer for the integration in the Microsoft.
The Workshop refers on this occasion to the already a long time ago introduced vb@rchiv tool bar. sources: vb@rchiv © 2000-2005 Dieter Otter
ID: IE0To05912

Internet-Tools iNetFormFiller: Tired of keeping in mind passwords and wasting your time filling countless web forms? Get rid of this inconvenience. Just put you personal data into a profile, and let iNetFormFiller do the rest. It would save you from all the routine operations and fill web-form of any complexity by one click.
Before coming to the main form you may have to fill several intermediate forms, such as login/password, etc. But the objective gets more complicated, if you have not only fill intermediate forms, but even choose links in the text to make the following step to the main form. There may be many of such steps, and in this case the problem would not by solved by any of existing online formfilling software. None, but iNetFormFiller, that is capable of not only recording the process of formfilling, but even checking the links you click, so that to reproduce all your actions in future.
Form filling acceleration and traffic saving owing to immediate sending of data (no need to load complete pages). iNetFormFiller provides you with opportunity to edit web forms without loading them from the Net. When the needed form is called, iNetFormFiller shows it to you the same way it was display on the corresponding web site. The process of editing would be obvious and wouldn’t differ a lot from working with online form in the Internet.
iNetFormFiller works correctly with any types of forms and identifies fields of any online forms and automatically fills them with appropriate data from profile. iNetFormFiller automates the process of filling online forms with standard data (batch mode), and also the process of sending inputted data. Standard data can be taken from a text file arranged in user set format.
Additional features include: working with different data bases, reserve data base copy, export/import of user formcards, profiles and also of the information inserted into profiles, secure access to information, auto password generation and much more.
ID: iNetF05802

Internet-Tools Internet meter 2.0b, cost control for internet connections, futuristic guise, costs of the current session or Monat(e, indication of the data transfer installment, Freeware, English, file IM20B.EXE, 325KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/02, info side 45,
ID: Inter01180

Internet-Tools Internet tools: tips, tricks, internet statistics, browsers, internet statistics, HTML, Java, browsers, HTML-Konverter, HTML-Checker, submission, Submissionierung, promotion, graphics, Traffic, test, Plug-in's among others
ID: Inter03802

Internet-Tools IP Assistant 2.1: shows the IP-Adresse in the Systray if you point to the Systray-Icon with the mouse pointer, she/it copies with demand into the clipboard, file IPASST21.ZIP 781KB,
ID: IP0As02501

Internet-Tools Ispeed 2.7.3, Internet-Tuning, internet connections accelerate, freeware, English, MTU-Wert (for internet 576 bytes) adjust, respect Registry secures
ID: Ispee01038

Internet-Tools ISP-Switcher 1.1, ISP witcher doesn't just allow you to set profiles for your email,news and proxies for multiple internet dialup connections. It can backup your email and proxy settings AS WELL AS your actual dialup networking entry. It also keeps your passwords saved - no more problems with the grey 'Save Password' box! A terrific tool for anyone who has dialup internet access. ISPSwitcher also allows you to switch between a LAN and dialup configuration
ID: ISP0S01279

Internet-Tools ISSB web site Loader 1.1 Website-Ripper of the particular type: Web sides of the RAM stores. the PC should possess at least 64MB RAM. file 3.630KB
ID: ISSB003332

Internet-Tools Jweb 1.3, small WWW-Server to the testing of web sites on the local hard disk before the high store for the Webserver, requires few resources, solidly, few configuration possibilities not for pros English Freeware
ID: Jweb001141

Internet-Tools Ken DSL 1.40.32 of AVM: Windows-Proxy, a network connects over a computer with ISDN or ADSL with the internet, simple handling, the configuration of additional internet services is knifflig, expensive (price 645.-DM), German.
ID: Ken0D02108

Internet-Tools Leech Get 2002 1.0 Download-Manager, one of the best Downloader (statement PCWelt), with built-in FTP-Client, file 2.1800KB,
ID: Leech03296

Internet-Tools Lisk CMS v. 4.3 «Lisk CMS» is a comprehensive user friendly Content Management System developed by Createch Group. The first version was launched in October 2001 and now we present Lisk CMS v.4.3 which incorporates five years of extensive experience of our company in providing the top level content management solutions.
Lisk CMS meets all requirements of today’s demanding market, among which are user friendliness, the use of the latest web technologies, search engines friendliness, ability to seamlessly integrate with third party software, high security, support and more.
Lisk CMS is a perfect solution for a wide range of web sites such as corporate, e-commerce, community and intranet/extranet systems. However, due to the capabilities of Lisk CMS Architecture and Lisk Framework, it should not be considered just an out-of-the-box solution. Lisk CMS allows to consider all aspects and requirements of the project and at the final stage to provide a custom made solution that ideally suits customer’s needs and business objectives.
In this section you will find information on the general features and advantages of Lisk CMS, however we strongly recommend trying Lisk CMS in action by creating an online demo site to learn about all its features and capabilities on your own.
Server Requiremnts
+ Operation System
* Linux
* or Free BSD
* or Windows 2000/2003/XP
+ Apache v.1.3.x / 2.x
mod rewrite enabled
.htaccess enabled
+ PHP v.4.2 +
Safe mode disabled
File uploads enabled
Module GD v.2.0
+ Zend Optimizer v.2.x
+ Database
One of the following database servers is required:
* MySQL v.3.23+
* or MS SQL server 6.5/7.0/2000
* or Oracle 8i/9i/10g
Also depending on the project the following requirements may apply: Image Magic – 5.x for quality thumbnails generation
Curl – libcurl/7.x for e-commerce web site with online billing gateway integration
Cron – Required by newsletter module and automatic report generation
ID: Lisk006582

Internet-Tools Liteserve 1.4 server tool, Web, - Mail - and FTP-Server. backed CGI-Scripts, drip as well as PHP. several Domains administers. file 1.010KB
ID: Lites03457

Internet-Tools Local port scanners 1.2.2 of JP Soft: internet tool for pros, info gives blocked on your computer which port is open, 5 Scan-Mode, furthermore much of the current Trojans knows and which back doors these pests use knows.
ID: Local02585

Internet-Tools If Downloader 1.1.18 me asured, internet accelerates the Download of data files him/it by being based several connections, Freeware, English, file MD11_18.ZIP, 268KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/03, info side 63,
ID: Mass001268

Internet-Tools Memo Web 3.03 pro s internet Site-Ripper, mirrors whole web sites and allows so off-line-surfing. attitudes like link depths, external servers. universe links is adjusted for off-line-surfing.
ID: Memow02743

Internet-Tools Mini Personal Webserver 1.2 Webserver for Desktop-PCs, file minperservesetup.EXE 1.130KB
ID: Mini003017

Internet-Tools Miranda IN THE 0.3 .4a Instant Messenger: enable the Chatten in several services (MSN) ICQ, IRC, Jabber. file 1.730 KB
ID: Miran05542

Internet-Tools Morpheus 1.3.3 of Musiccity: Filesharing-Tool with big drawing selection, file exchange for the internet over a Peer-To-Peer-Netzwerk with other participant, all types of data files can be traded here, extensive search criterions, resumption of Downloads,
ID: Morph02991

Internet-Tools Mr.Cool 2.0: internet service, Download-Dateien sends at your e-mail address, you use the whole transaction rate of your provider and the Download with it goes faster mostly, Freeware (advertising-financed), English, file MRCOOLI.EXE 940KB
ID: Mr0Co02374

Internet-Tools Naviscope 8.70: Internet-Utility, provides for more speed when surfing, offers several tools in a surface, works with Netscape, IExplorer and opuses from version 3.0 in each case, cache loads on suspicion links in him/it, blocks advertising window menus,
ID: Sandr00970

Internet-Tools Net Ants 1.22 can accelerate Download of data files the internet, builds several connections, loads several parts of a file parallel and assembles these again, broken off Downloads picks up again, Freeware me advertisement, English, file Netants121.ZIP, 8
ID: Net0A02189

Internet-Tools Net Lab 1.4, Internet-Utility for pros, offers simply to serve versions of finger, Whois, English of Ping, Tracerouter and DNS Lookup, Freeware, to quota, Time, file NETLAB95.ZIP 431KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/05, info side 49 further URL: http://pages.prodi
ID: Net0L01812

Internet-Tools Net meter of 0.8.0 .5 measure the bandwidth as well as the speed of your internet connection. also the volume shows you had down-loaded on data at them/her/it in the current session. many attitudes. file 481KB
ID: Net0M03285

Internet-Tools Net Proxy 3.05 of Grok Development: the Proxy-Programm connects a LAN with the internet. a Firewall is integrated. the provider attitudes must be executed manually, no assistant, DNS, HTTP, supports FTP, Telnet, gratuitously Socks, POP3 and a RealPlayerSt
ID: Net0P02194

Internet-Tools Net vampires 3.2 , efficient Downloaden in the internet (FTP-Server), Freeware, English, file nvamp32.exe Net vampires 3.3 on CD 99/12, side 190,
ID: Net0V00852

Internet-Tools Net.Medic 1.2.2, Softline/Oberkirch, oversees the modem connection, gives suggestions for improvements, demo for 140. - DM
ID: Net0M00317

Internet-Tools Netmedic 1.2.2, price 140.-DM, analysis program for internet connections, 16MB-RAM necessary, demo version of Downlaod, works in the background during an internet connection, and doie problems of the PC, providers, test servers, and a diagnosis puts
ID: Netme00234

Internet-Tools Netsonic 3.0, internet accelerators, works with cache and only altered Web sides of the network, works with all the current browser (also opus), with the cache of Netsonic, also saved sides can off-line is viewed.
ID: Netso00812

Internet-Tools Netspeed 1.1 measures the transaction rate with internet connections. NetSpeed is a little program, that shows current data rate at which bytes are sent/received throught any network adapter(also dial-up), which is installed in the system. In addition, the program can supply several statistics, including transfer during the last hour/minute, as well as totals. File 250KB
ID: Netsp02402

Internet-Tools Internet-Utilities as Free and shareware to the Download, with it browsers Mail-Programme FTP-Utilities Chat-Software...
ID: Netut02258

Internet-Tools Netzip Demon 2.5, helps at the down store of data files, stores the data files into a pre-defined table, interrupted Downloads continues, English, Freeware
ID: Netzi01143

Internet-Tools No Ads 2000 clicks disturbing advertising window menus automatically away in 6.30.1, Freeware, English, does file NASETUP.EXE with IE and Netscape from version 4 and with the AOL-Browser, in many different ways konfigurierbar, in 144KB, see also PC-MAGAZI
ID: No0Ad02063

Internet-Tools OmniHTTPd v 1.01, Freeware to producing a local WWW.Server on your PC, with CGI, Omnicron Technologies Corporation
ID: OmniH01102

Internet-Tools Online Charger 2.103 of Kurt Zimmermann, on-line cost tool as well as meters, knows about 300 suppliers with the respective conditions, she/it grasps all connections over the data transmission network is built.
Other Software:
ID: Onlin02864


Internet-Tools Online Counter 97 v.4.01, control of the on-line costs,
ID: Onlin00457

Internet-Tools Optout 0.99 Internet-Utility, off the program libraries of Aureate/Radiate and delivers nearer information to Freeware, file OPTOUT.EXE 32KB, on wish to this espionage software, English,
ID: Optou02379

Internet-Tools Performer 3.8.1 FTP-Scripts developers, includes a lot of functions to the automates from file transfer per FTP. is a power version for 129.-US $available.
ID: Perfo02915

Internet-Tools Personnel FTP server 5.52 of Michael Roth Soft, FTP-Server-Software, administers up to 250 users, for each user, 4 tables, Admin-Bereich, are released visiting accesses,..., fast, simple installation and configuration, protection function as hacker attacks.
ID: Perso02107

Internet-Tools Pop-Up stoppers 2.2 : popup window menus kills, works only with the MS-Internet-Explorer, with which [Strg]-Taste can allow you popup window menu for certain web sites, file Popupstop.22.EXE 373KB
ID: Pop0U02768

Internet-Tools Popwall 1.3.1 advertising filters, popup window menus wegklicken, window menu oversees the Internet-Explorer aufpoppende, works with a filter list, that one can supplement,.. file 894KB
ID: Popwa03299

Internet-Tools Pow 1.57, Internet-Utility, advertising filters, advertising window menu clicks away, attitudes possibly, works English with MS-IExplorer and Netscape, Freeware, file POWI.EXE 214KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/07, info side 138,
ID: POW0101815

Internet-Tools Proxomitron Naoko of 4b good filters for web sites, lets popup window menus and advertisement vanish, can filter also encouraged GIFs and frames, many Einstell-Möglichkeiten, in order to use the software the browser (instruction in help file) must be put
ID: Proxo02062

Internet-Tools Proxy 4.07 of analogously X software: Windows-Proxy, prepares some important internet services, simple service, connect a LAN with the internet, from all the PC in the network on the internet grabs, supports HTTP and HTTPS for this SMTP for Mails, FTP for
ID: Analo02278

Internet-Tools PTB Sync 3.2 nuclear tenses and Systray-Uhr. the nuclear period in the internet gets and synchronizes the PC-Uhr. also automatically. a calendar with memory function contains additionally. file 262KB
ID: PTB0S03289

Internet-Tools Redsoft Nitro 1.3.37 for IE from 4x: faster and more efficiently through the Web surfs, loads several web sites parallel in the background, more comfort offers moreover when surfing and useful additional functions, approximately elaborate info over the he
ID: Redso02352

Internet-Tools Moves 1.7 Download-Hilfe, supports you with the Download of internet data files, supports DTP and HTTP-Server, broken off Downloads picks up again, German, Freeware (advertising-financed), file RGL17.EXE 791KB,
ID: Reget02376

Internet-Tools Right FTP 1.0 FTP-Client, data files per FTP, simple service, transfers Protokollierung of the activities. file 751KB
ID: Right03300

Internet-Tools Server Hound 1.2.4 finds open as well as courts Newsserver, that is accessible to everyone. file 9.81KB. the shareware shows only parts of this list.
ID: Space00310

Internet-Tools own server for 9,99 EUR in the month and an equipment charge of about 30 EUR (stand JAN 2003). a Linux-Server (virtually) stands the customer with own IP-Adresse by disposal, with full Root-Zugriff. one can install software Ftp, for exampl
ID: Serve03280

Internet-Tools Set Time Client 2.1.2 synchronizes the PC-Uhr in nuclear time the course of time as soon as there is contact in the course of time, Freeware for private users English file Settime212.EXE, 1.04MB, Download also under
ID: Setti01967

Internet-Tools Sitesnagger 1.2, complete Web sides down-load, runs fast, simple service, doesn't work with all web sites. file 278 KB
ID: Sites01146

Internet-Tools Smart OnlineController controller: meters, informs you about your online costs, knows approximately 70 pre-defined on-line tariffs, they can be brought on the newest stand on the internet, or over a built-in editor, they can define of same tariffs if the
ID: Smart02377

Internet-Tools Smartsurfer 2.2 internet tool of, Einwahlprogramm for opportunity surfers, proposes a favorable tariff according to weekday and time, Werbefinanziert. ~~~~~~~~~~ Smartsurfer 2.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/05, info side 115 and on MAGAZIN-CD 02/05, info side
ID: Smart02788

Internet-Tools Spam Blocker blocks unwanted advertising messages on the mail server. It is a simple and convenient tool for preliminary analysis, blocking and deleting incoming advertising messages (spam) on the mail server.
Spam Blocker helps to get rid of annoying email advertising by analyzing correspondence before it is loaded from server. Spam Blocker checks all mail and receives the headings of all messages from the user's mailbox (email addresses, addressee names, message subject, etc.) and analyzes the messages for spam content. In addition to the already existing rules and blocking lists of unwanted advertising messages, all the criteria of sorting messages are defined by the user, which allows setting the program according to individual needs. Spam Blocker works with several mailboxes and allows users to configure spam filter settings for each account according to their purposes and needs.
Spam Blocker is a convenient tool for fighting against annoying email advertising that allows to save traffic and get rid of unwanted and useless messages.
ID: Spam005808

Internet-Tools Spy Blocker 4.6 of Spy Blocker software: SpyBlocker monitors this type of Web activity and allows users to block Adware and Tracking Systems. But SpyBlocker goes one step further, SpyBlocker Blocks Adware and Spyware modules without preventing the use of any of your Favorite Software. SpyBlocker keeps you protected from more than 30,000 different Internet threats since 1999.
ID: Spy0B02995

Internet-Tools Star Downloader 1.33 Download-Manager, loads data files faster on the plate. file 1.300KB
ID: Star003310

Internet-Tools Stop The pop 1.22 advertising filters, works with the Internet-Explorer and Netscape from version 5 and with opuses from version 6. no surface possesses, runs over DOS-Box. file 204KB
ID: Stop003302

Internet-Tools Superbot 2.4 of Elitesys software, loads web page on the PC down to the off-line reads, Site-Ripper, also for WinME and Win2000
Superbot 2.2 of Elitesys, loads web page on the PC down to the o
ID: Super01804

Internet-Tools Surfsaver 2.1 Plugin for Netscape navigator and MS-Internet Explorer from 4,0x, copies whole web sites gratuitously on the hard disk with all objects, with full text search, (Werbefinanziert), file SURF21.EXE 5.59MB, now also for WinME, NT4 and 2000 +++++
ID: Surfs00966

Internet-Tools SWR3 OnlineCounter 2002 2.0 of SWR3, meters, on-line, telephone, and provider dues grasp. ~~~~~~~~~~ SWR3 OnlineCounter 2000 1.1, shareware 20.-DM, file OC2000.EXE 4.98MB, on MAGAZIN-CD 01/12, info side 146 ~~~~~~~~~~ version 1.01 of MAGAZIN-CD 00/10, inf
ID: SWR3001030

Internet-Tools The pub Cruncher 1.751 of Kinko, advertisement filters, bocks PopUps, comfortable service.
ID: The0P01788

Internet-Tools Timelyweb 3.2 of Eldos oversees web sites and contents of FTP-Verzeichnisse at changes. notification takes place over the monitor alternatively, per Mail or acoustic.
ID: Timel03458

Internet-Tools Traffic monitor 3.01 of Mirko Böer: internet tool, offers functions around the internet access, indication of the throughput with report, the connection can break off after a certain Datenvolume, or through interval queryings a connection upright gets, ca
ID: Traff02741

Internet-Tools TYPO3 is a gratuitously available one of Open Source CM (Content management system), cut on the needs of businesses for the internet, Intranet and Extranet.
TYPO3 offers functions and modules as well as an expansion matching unit for a maximum at usage possibilities. surroundings: * Web servers: Apache, IIS * data bank, Core system: MySQL * data bank, User expansions,:
Support of Oracle, MS-SQL, ODBC, LDAP - virtually every external data source, tapped through PHP * programming language: PHP * OS: * NOTHING, MacOSX, Win32 * browser: Netscape, IE, opuses, Konqueror on Windows, Unix or Mac
ID: TYPO307674

Internet-Tools vPing 1.0 is a small utility which gives you instant, meaningful information about your Internet connection. You can test quality, check for errors, compare various ISPs, and more. Results can be stored, printed, emailed right from the application. User friendly interface and advanced features should make happy both beginners and power users. For more detailed information you are encouraged to read the help file
ID: Vping05734

Internet-Tools Vsocks light 0.20, Proxy-server, bandages computers respect with the internet, over a Windows computer with modem, in a LAN: security gap freeware respect, is only developed as pro version, dh. no more than Freeware, English
ID: Vsock01170

Internet-Tools Weave Copier 3. 0 of Maxim Klimov, efficient Site-Ripper and Offline-Reader, copies whole web sites on the local hard disk, adjusts the links on that occasion, copies also undersides, integrated browser, individual filetyps can be excluded, partially Germa
ID: Webco02276

Internet-Tools Webmon 1.0.9 on-line tool, either oversees Web sides or only areas of Web sides, at change, per mouse click or regularly. file 729KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Webmon 1.0.7 on MAGAZIN-CD 03/01, info side 102,
ID: Webmo03319

Internet-Tools Webposition gold 1.50 standards Edition of Firstplace software USA: Web side optimizers, the' reporter' tests the position with search engines', page generator' helps key-words to improve the actual state, (Meta-Tag),...) that' helps of Upload-Manager' at
ID: Webpo02284

Internet-Tools Webreaper 6.4: Site-Ripper, loads complete web sites on the PC down, maximum number of the data files and type of the data files (pictures)...) has put in itself, Freeware, English, file webreaper.EXE 1100KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Webreaper 6.4: on MAGAZIN-CD 00/05,
ID: Webre01818

Internet-Tools Web site Extractor 9.3 Web site Extractor program is conveniently designed to download Internet websites exactly the way you want them, including or excluding any parts you need or don't need (such as directory, domain and file names, types of files, their size or any other properties). The Extractor can download up to 100 files simultaneously, which saves you a huge amount of time compared to ordinary browsers. All data retrieved are stored in the directory you select and contain only the files and directories matching your filter instructions. A broad range of customized settings for downloading web pages will enable you to limit the scope of files retrieved to such types as jpg or html files. The Web Site Extractor automatically allows you to download any files that were not copied due to transfer errors or bad connections. The program is equipped to run through a proxy server and download only revised or new files, bypassing documents that have already been copied. The Extractor is essentially a search robot and is designed for fast-track navigation through the hyperlinks of cyber space, downloading web pages at the user's request. It offers numerous settings and options to facilitate this task. You can also limit your search by domain types (such as com, net, uk, etc.) by using sophisticated filtering options based on a list of key words and other auxiliary options.
ID: Websi02416

Internet-Tools Webspider 2.7 Site-Ripper. now also for Win-XP. ~~~~~~~~~~ Webspider 2.6 Site-Ripper, loads the wished web site on your hard disk, the web site tries on the links with it off-line can be searched, file Webspider26setup.exe stores 1410KB the connected pain
ID: Websp02924

Internet-Tools Webstripper 1.34, WebStripper makes it easy to copy websites to your hard disk. You can then browse them offline without having to connect to the internet. Adding a site is as easy as clicking a couple of mouse buttons. If you want to be more specific you can tell WebStripper where to look for files and what types of file to download.
File WBS.EXE, 1.44MB
ID: Webst02192

Internet-Tools Webtacho 1.20 of Internolix: Tools-Sammlung for the internet access and the data transmission network with graphic surface: Ping, Traceroute, can process Whois, Nslookup, Win-Ping and Win-Traceroute, no IP-Adresse, PC-Uhrzeit Abgleich into definable dista
ID: Webta02282

Internet-Tools Web text stripper extrakt plain text from HTML-files, shareware 7 days,
So you want to grab lots of text from the web and print it out to read at you leisure ! Problem - if you print from your browser, you get tied up for hours printing the graphics and if you do a normal copy and paste into your word processor you still get all the colors and font sizes. Solution - Just run Web-Text-Stripper in the background. Copy the web page then paste it into your word processor. All you get is the plain text. You can copy as many pages as you like then paste them all at once.
ID: Web0T03198

Internet-Tools Webwasher 3.2 of INC. (originally from Siemens), advertising bans filter when surfing in the internet, file WASH30.EXE 1MB, also for Linux. also on magazin-CD 01/10, info side 14, now also for Win-XP version 3.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/03, info sid
ID: Web0W00889

Internet-Tools Wget1.5: internet sides automatically down-loads. the tool can be served only over the command line.
ID: Wget106503

Internet-Tools Whois-Abfragesoftware 1.4: Find domain information.
ID: Whois03895

Internet-Tools Willing Webcam is a simple, yet fully-featured software tool designed to help you capture streaming video and snapshots and publish them on your website. To make your video production shine, you can enhance it with comments, date and time stamps, watermarks, and various live video effects. You can also create a digital album where images and videos are organized for fast retrieval and viewing.
The program uses a motion control detection sensor that wakes up your web camera at the slightest motion in the room. The sensor can trigger a variety of actions, including email sending, movie saving, FTP uploading, sound alarm, or a launch of any specified application. In addition to the motion sensor, the program has a time-lapse option. It allows you to record video at specified time intervals.
Using a web camera with our software, you can unleash your creativity and come up with a compelling website that will attract many visitors. You can also discover a multitude of ways how to make your everyday life more secure and comfortable.
Live Video Streaming on the Web. With Willing Webcam, you can record your day as live streaming video and share it with your family or friends in real time over the Internet. No matter how far you might be, they can always visit your personal website and see what you are doing. If you are a researcher, you can also add video to your landscape, weather, or astronomy web pages.
Surveillance Device. People who are often out of home can use Willing Webcam to turn a web camera into a digital surveillance device that can detect the slightest motion in your apartment and instantly let you know about an intruder. By watching this video live, you can see what’s going on in your house, call the police, and provide them with the taped evidence of the crime.
Willing Webcam is compatible with most USB-based or FireWire (IEEE 1394) video devices, including capture cards, webcams, camcorders. It can also work with IP Network cameras.
ID: Willi05810

Internet-Tools Winsweep 1.3.72 internet tool, Surfspuren (course) removes Cookies, cache,...), contact with anonymous Proxy-Server takes. file 2.310KB
ID: Passw00441

Internet-Tools Work Examiner: Controlling employees' computer work efficiency has become the major problem for managerial staff inside the modern IT company. Managers do not exactly know what their workers doing at computers during the working day. The best way to control them and to start innovative management strategy is to track employees' computer activities using specialized software tools. Work Examiner is widely used as employee monitoring tool and it is perfect for gathering accurate stats on application usage and web sites viewed by your employees. Work Examiner has powerful tools for analyzing how working time spent at the computer was used. Program gathers information from all company PC's into a unified database and provides managers with computer usage stats grouped by categories (applications: games, office, system, multimedia, Internet applications, etc.; web sites: porno, chats, news, media, etc.). With Work Examiner manager can effectively control PCs' usage inside the com!
pany LAN. You can set up restrictions for specific applications (games, media, etc.) during the working time and allow running them during the break. Moreover, you can totally control all Internet resources and websites visited by a worker. So employee can visit only permitted websites during the certain time period. The both application and Internet restrictions can be applied to applications, application groups, users, computers and IP addresses. Work Examiner can automatically notify you every time your employees are trying to launch forbidden application or visit a web site. Due to its ease of deployment Work Examiner can be automatically spread inside the company local area network in a moment. Handy installation wizard will help to install server and clients' applications after the few mouse clicks. Furthermore, Work Examiner keeps your employees' privacy. All the gathered information is unified; program does not collect any personal information, intercept no keystrokes and creates no screen captures.
link =
ID: Work005909

Internet-Tools WS-FTP LE 5.08, efficient FTP-Client (file transfer), for privately gratuitously, simple service, file WS_FTPLE.EXE 690KB, now also for Win 2000 also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/12, info side 56 also of MAGAZIN-CD 01/01, info side 134 (version 5.06) also of MAGAZIN-
ID: WS0FT00460

Internet-Tools WS-FTP Pro 2007 of Ipswitch, efficient FTP-Client (file transfer), simple service, SSL-Verbindung possibly secures, 50 connections defaulted.
ID: WS0FT02998

Internet-Tools WSOCKUPD.EXE accelerates internet connections, PINGUPD.EXE avoids network hillsides, SECUPD.EXE and VRDUPD.EXE for more security with passwords, all data files under,
ID: WSOCK00401

Internet-Tools WT-Rate 2.31, Online-Kostenerfasser, oversees the COM, Tapi, Capi-2.0-Schnittstelle and the data transmission network, DATA TRANSMISSION and provider tariffs can be updated over the internet, shareware, German, price 25.-DM file WT-RATESW.ZIP 1.32MB
ID: WT0Ra01272

Internet-Tools Xampp 1.5.2 beta: Webserver to the testing. the Apache is quintessential the Webserver. however, everyone is not being installation and basic configuration matter. exactly here Xampp begins: the program collection should ease the touchdown of an Apacheservers.
From Xampp is ready a late beta since short to the testing. also for MacOS.
ID: Xampp06361

Internet-Tools Xitami 2.5b4, www-Server from Imatix, for raised claim, for Webmaster, to the testing of the home page before the high store, supports CGI, FTP, Java, Plug-Ins offers Pages or SSL-Verschlüsselung to the usage of Active server, source code available, compl
ID: Xitam01148