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Win-Vista February-CTP of Windows Vista: Equip or intent? Resourceful internet surfers found out that Microsoft offers the February-CTP of Windows Vista for everyone to the Download quasi. The version actually intended for the Tester can be covered over a Download-Server of Microsoft. More info on the PC-Welt homepage.
ID: Febru06302

Win-Vista Hardware requests for Windows Vista: Microsoft names hardware requests:
Efficient graphics cards especially important Dual-Core-Prozessor, 1 Gbytes of storage, a graphics card with 256 MByte RAM and SATA2-Festplatte - Microsoft looks loudly the ideal system for Windows Vista so. piquant:
Present-day PC monitor will return HD-DVDs under Vista only in minderer quality.
ID: Hardw05858

Win-Vista Under, Microsoft put a new web site online, on which some of the new functions of Windows Vista are demonstrated. mainly however it is about which new possibilities the operating system will offer.
Under categories like" Connecting, with People" and" Turning piece of information of into Action" find users miscellaneous short videos.
ID: Unter06437

Win-Vista Windows Vista (formerly code named Longhorn) Beta 1 for developers and IT professionals has begun. Check this site regularly to find the most up to date information and links to other sites at Microsoft related to Windows Vista.
ID: Windo05860

Win-Vista Windows Vista Beta 1 Available to MSDN Subscribers
MSDN subscribers now have access to Windows Vista (fomerly Windows code name "Longhorn"). Download Beta 1 and start testing your applications today!
ID: Windo05887

Win-Vista Windows Vista beta 2 per Bittorrent to the Download. Microsoft offers the CPP of Windows Vista beta for everyone to the Download since end of last week in 2 in one.
The Download-Server are overburdened however in a way that many users could still down-load the operating system not at all to the testing until now. the Download is offered also over Bittorrent,, further info under http://www. /
ID: Windo06444

Win-Vista Windows Vista protects no-save-data with automatic latest Art:
A Freeze Dry of baptized ability of the next Windows edition of Vista should protect ungespeicherte application data with automatic latest Art, who induces Windows when playing in from Sicherheitsupdates. increase on the home page of Heise Online.......
ID: Windo05861