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Winword Letter and fax managers 2001 of SmartTools Publishing:, AC97, 2000, address takeover from Access, use you directly your existing data inventories in Access, outlook or Exchange-Server from Word 97 and 2000, the producing of letter and fax reduces sharewar
ID: Brief02432

Winword Doc Scrubber 1.1 for Word97 until XP. off old and hidden data from Word document. file 821KB
ID: Doc0S05612

Winword A disruptive bow in Word 97/2000 e ndangers PCs: the weak place is the backup files, that Word positions with the auto backup. Word loads such data files regardless of the chosen security attitudes. even macroses become on that occasion and also potentiall
ID: Ein0b01705

Winword Markup Kit 2.0, convertibility tool as PlugIn for Word, Word-Doks in HTML, XML or SGML-Seiten, converts also tables u - graphics, special characters, university code support, 350.-DM
ID: Marku01192

Winword PROTBARS.MAK toolbars in Word97/2000 protect: the PC-Wel t-Makro protects toolbars before changes. attitudes to the PC-MAGAZIN in the article' 30 Scripts and Utilities of the PC-Welt'. the entire article as well as the macros can on the PCWelt-Homepage (ww
ID: Symbo02200

Winword Word 2.0: file WRD6CONV.DOC 763KB Converter for Word 6.0 data files
ID: Word000033

Winword Word 2000-Update, Web-Archive-Converter, file WARCHCNV.EXE, 162KB,
ID: Word001187

Winword Word 2000-Update: HYPHENUP.EXE helps the hyphenation with faulty function with long documents, still supports 18 further languages, file 172KB, beside German
ID: Word002224

Winword Word 2000-Update: security patch for problem in connection with access-databases as data source, file WRDACC.EXE, 3MB
ID: Word002572

Winword Word 97/2000 sheds: who in Word even constructed car text entries, format presentations, toolbars or macroses uses, knows the disturbing effect - the start of the program lasts longer through it. also when finishing sometimes takes place first numerous ha
ID: Word001449

Winword Word97-Update WRDAC97.EXE closes a security gap with series letter with Access, Download 3.1MB,
ID: Word902756

Winword Word-Viewer for Word97+2000, Win9x + NT, file WD97VWR32.EXE 4.3MB Word-Viewer for Word 6 data files (Win 3.x) also printout possibly, on CD 97/07, PC-MAGAZIN side 96,
ID: Word000075

Winword WTRANS97.MAK translations in Word97/2000 with the Leo server: the PC-Welt-Makro puts a connection to the Leo server, hands over the marked word and opens the Leo side with the translation. internet connection must be put upright. tip: if you configure the
ID: 0bers02201