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Utility Aida 32 domestic staffs syste m 3.04 shows the components of your system, and helps with Treiber-Upgrades. file aida32ee_304.exe 1.880KB.
New site: ...without Aida
ID: Aida003281

Utility Allway Sync: When you work, even just occasionally, on multiple computers, you usually want your files to be where you are. Although you could always remember to copy all the modified files manually, there is a better way to apply your skills. Let Allway Sync keep track of recent changes in your files. This utility searches for the latest versions of your files in the specified folders, and copies the modified file to the counterpart folder, i.e. it synchronizes your folders. Unlike other directory synchronization software that just copies file with the most recent file modification time, Allway Sync implements a sophisticated algorithm which does not depend on system clock accuracy, and also propagates file and folder deletions properly. If your computers are not connected by a network, use a removable drive to synchronize them. Virtually any type of removable drive is supported: flash keys, card readers, USB drives, MP3 players, digital cameras, CDRWs, SAMBA, removable hard drives and many others. Allway Sync is fast, safe, stable and easy-to-use. All you need to do is to specify the local or network folders (directories) to be synchronized and the program does the rest. Advanced features include automatic synchronization, file filters, one-way and n-way sync option, usage statistics report, multiple jobs and more.
link =
ID: Allwa05916

Utility Another task managers 2.2 by Enrico Del Fante, oversees all processes and Threads in real time. additionally individual tasks can be shot or alter. file 56KB.
Mirrors: & &
Other Download-URL:
ID: Anoth02946

Utility Anticrash pro 4.0: program crashes, file Anticrash4x.EXE 1.490KB, avoids Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
ID: Antic02660

Utility Ashampoo power Up XP optimizes the Windows system. also attitudes for MS-Office. shareware 30 days.
ID: Asham03897

Utility Car Hotkey automated your PC. keystrokes and mouse movements as macros (EXE file) store. Basic similar Scriptsprache. file 1.660 KB
ID: Auto006485

Utility Car Sizer 1.4 w indow sizes adjusts, changes the size of other programs or brings these into the full picture mode. ~~~~~~~~~~ car Sizer 1.04 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/11, info side 47, file ASSETUP.EXE 120KB further URL: /
ID: Auto002953

Utility Auto-It: automate your PC. keystrokes and mouse movements as macros (EXE file) store. Basic similar Scriptsprache. corresponding Recorder: car it recorder under (on MAGAZIN-CD)
ID: Auto006500

Utility Auto start managers 2. 1 of Homep@ge-Magazin, auto starts list and administer, full version on the CD
ID: Autos03400

Utility BCM Diagnostics 1.01.02, hardware tests: processor RAM graphics card, hard disk, Disketten-LW, CD-ROM, modem, many info about system and Bios, file WINDIAG.ZIP, 3,79MB
ID: BCM0D01162

Utility Beee 2.22 of Iopus software: Main tool, any file oversees on the computer, this can refer automatically per Mail, timeshared (or at alteration), supports SMTP and Mapi, can also compress data files and can encode. for privately gratuitously, otherwise 40.
ID: Beee002866

Utility Bigfix 1.7.6, tests on-line whether an Update or bug fix exist in the internet for the installed software, only info about English Updates, according to statement of the manufacturer, the info of the installed software remain file 2.600KB on the local PC,
ID: Bigfi01163

Utility Boot It Next generation 1.23 Betriebssytem-unabhängiger boot managers, administers until 200 primary partitions on one or several hard disks, shareware 30 days,
ID: Boot002939

Utility Boot Up 2000 2.0, Windows start optimizes, the Visual-Basic-Runtime 4.0 required. Several assistants, backup function for system data files, file BOOTUP.ZIP.
Also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/08, info side 47, 243KB
ID: Boot002055

Utility Clean System 1.7 Clean unused DLLs out of your Windows System directory. For experienced users. Only Win 9x
ID: Clean00279

Utility Click Off 1.63 automatic clicks: disturbing dialogue boxings under Windows and in the internet removes, also clicks with the right mouse button simulate, also program window menu can Maxi - and minimizes, file 343KB
Click Off 1.55, file CLICKOFF.EXE 309KB on CD 02/02, Infos page 51
ID: Click03054

Utility Close universe 1.8 finishes all open exertion with a click on the symbol in the Systray, programs can be excluded: marked programs is not finished, Freeware, English, file CL_ALL.ZIP, 33KB, Download also under
ID: Close01952

Utility Comm Check 1.0 tests the serial interfaces, all COM-Ports show, as well as whether these are busy. file COMMCHK.ZIP 1.210KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/01, info side 45,
ID: Comm003013

Utility Commview 2.5 Sniffer, oversees the internet data traffic on your PC: every byte, that < your computer leaves and that he/it receives. the program exists personnel in the version, 49.-US $, Win9x+ME, and professional, 79.-US $, +NT4 and Win2000, reference:
ID: Commv02828

Utility Copypath 1.0 copies the directory and filename into the clipboard, enlarge the context menu of the Explorers, file COPYPATH.ZIP 4KB, Visual-Basic-Runtime-Dateien 6.0 requires, both under available
ID: Copyp02505

Utility Dead link Cleaner seeks and deletes useless connections on the hard disk, the context menu of the Explorer enlarges Dead link of Cleaner' (only at drive) by the entry', the tool tries to repair the link if it possibly doesn't offer 37KB Download t
ID: Dead002176

Utility Dietrich 0.96 of M.Schierl: open Windows back doors: shows processes and shoots, passwords show that keyboard impacts store. Requires the Visual-Basic-Runtime- Files 6.0, under available. File SM-DIET.ZIP 33KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/11
ID: Dietr02954

Utility Direct Drive 2.01 assigns drive letters tables, for example C:\Sicherung" becomes" as drive" M :\" gemapt, Subst", Freeware, works English with the DOS command", file DDRV.EXE 1.560KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/05, info side 49,
ID: Direc01811

Utility DirPrinter 5.01 of Aborange. as however, it was so simple under DOS to print out the content of a table or the table structure! - in Windows seeks in vain unfortunately one a such function helpful. the DirPrinter closes this gap and offers an uncomplicate
ID: DirPr03748

Utility Disk Cleaner deletes this internet cache, Cookies, of History per button pressure in 1.4.0a and the temporary file of the Internet-Explorers, the document list of the start menu and the list of the started programs, also for Win-NT, 2000 and XP. this < to
ID: Disk003014

Utility DLL records 1.0 of analogously X, no more required DLLs list C:\windows\dllarchive in the table, the DLLs of the program, Freeware, English, file DLLARCHI.EXE, part themselves from there 229KB Download back-copy also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under www.pcwe
ID: Analo02175

Utility DLL show 2000, DLL Show is a small system utility that displays a list of all running processes and their DLL dependencies. Click your mouse on a listed task or process to see the DLLs that process uses.
DLL show 3.8: on CD 99/02
DLL show 2.7: on CD 98/02
ID: DLL0S00294

Utility Enabler allows you to enable and disable specific buttons and Windows controls. You simply right-click and drag the target cursor over the Windows control. The disabled object is grayed, and when you select the target, you can enable or disable that control.
Enabler also lets you reveal any hidden controls. If the mouse cursor changes when searching for a target, it means that a hidden Windows control is present.
In addition, you can resize your control windows, hide the Windows taskbar, and disable the access to your desktop.
ID: Enabl01950

Utility EVEREST Ultimate Edition 4.00 Industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. Exhaustive details of system information on 100 pages including CPU, FPU, disk and memory benchmarks, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities
Everest Home Edition 1.10 Tuningshelp. information about the contents of the PC (RAM) gives CPU, graphics card,...). file 2.640KB, Freeware, on CD PCWelt 05/03, Infos Page 97
ID: Evere05407

Utility Exescope 6.0 little Pat of program: writing, measurement of window menu and fields, order of control element changes
ID: Exesc02940

Utility Faber Toys 2.3 system tools, shows all processes and their priority and can finish these, shows the used DLLs. file Fabertoys_fullsetup.EXE 2.190KB. also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/01, info side 126 also of MAGAZIN-CD 01/11, info side 47,
ID: Faber02955

Utility File vivacious 3.2 file alterations shows, produces a Snapshot (moment reception) of the hard disk and shows all alterations at a later time, statuses: new, altered, ungeändert, the data files at, file FALERT.ZIP 24KB, Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepag
ID: File002583

Utility File shredders 3.02 : file splinters, divides big data files in at will small data files, for example 1,44MB = diskette size, a Batchdatei with her/it generates the parts again on the target computer has linked, on the target computer, no program installation
ID: File001955

Utility File Washer 1.0: By deleting files with this program you can switch between 8 different erasing methods, and all of them overwrite your old file and rename it before removing so the only thing that could ever be recovered with an undeleting too will be senseless data. As a special feature you can overwrite files you want to delete with another file too, so whenever someone tries to reverse the wiping, he only gets the things you want him recover. Easy and secure!
ID: File006312

Utility FileMon for Windows v7.04 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, Published: November 1, 2006.
FileMon monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time. Its advanced capabilities make it a powerful tool for exploring the way Windows works, seeing how applications use the files and DLLs, or tracking down problems in system or application file configurations. Filemon's timestamping feature will show you precisely when every open, read, write or delete, happens, and its status column tells you the outcome. FileMon is so easy to use that you'll be an expert within minutes. It begins monitoring when you start it, and its output window can be saved to a file for off-line viewing. It has full search capability, and if you find that you're getting information overload, simply set up one or more filters.
FileMon works on NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 64-bit Edition, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME.
Note: Filemon and Regmon have been replaced by Process Monitor on versions of Windows starting with Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, and Windows Vista. Filemon and Regmon remain for legacy operating system support, including Windows 9x.
Filemon 4.34, System-Utility, file accesses pursue, records all activities of the PC, leaves itself so understands which program used which file, a VXD-Treiber uses, filters after program or stewards. now also for Win-XP. file 79KB
Also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/03, infos page 128
ID: Filem01479

Utility Firestorm of CH-Soft, computer optimizers, off temporary data files, orphaned Registry-data, cache tables remains of installations. The Freeware first lists the results, these can become distant after it at button pressure, also for Win-XP
ID: Fires02892

Utility First Aid 97, with Antivirus Dr. Salomon's, PC.Config, hardware conflicts, good for bugs, DLL-tester, system help
ID: First00148

Utility Fite-EX98 and Fite-EX 2.11, the dialogue box "save under" with new functions, for exemple "create directory, delete file, etc...
Old URL: Download-URL unknow.
ID: Fite000804

Utility Fix-it Utilities 4.0 of Ontrack: Utilites for the system care: Undelete, Defrag., virus scanners, HD and Registry-Tools, good handbook, also for Win-XP
ID: Fix0i01674

Utility Flexy 1.20 by Flexy Computing. Windows-Tuning, optimizes the system as well over 100 attitudes, for example Harddisk Cache, RAM, can close the access to the system control, file FLEXY120.ZIP 374KB
ID: Flexy02412

Utility folder Jump 1.5 jumps to the stated directory for the selected drive. several exist subdirectory with this statement, FOR EXAMPLE' \ DOCS', a list is inserted. the tool is also dedicates the seeks from directories.
Jump To A Folder 1.0 beta, freeware, file JUMPTO.ZIP 760KB, on pcwelt CD 01/01, Info page 120
ID: Jump002508

Utility Folder Size Shell Extension 3.2 by BERGER Laurent, storage areas for stewards determines, place finds out which tables the most covers, a new register card puts in' quality' in the context menu of tables. file 167KB
ID: Folde03134

Utility Free meter 2.4.1: system tool, the system utilization ratio shows: CPU, RAM, evacuation file, indication also of the Systray, updating each second, file Freemetersetup.EXE 529KB, for Win95 only from 95B Download also under ~~~~~~~~~~ Free me
ID: Free002057

Utility Fresh diagnosis 2.25 : Windows system under the magnifying glass. the software investigates which Hard and software your computer works, shows the processes and the utilization ratio, Benchmark for CPU, RAM, hard disk, 10 days of test, after it gratuitous
ID: Fresh03135

Utility Fun Go 1.0 programs against Shortcut starts, cover alternatively the function keys F2 of F12, the original function gets lost on that occasion, file Fungosetup.EXE 1.110KB.
Old URL:
ID: Fun0G03056

Utility Get IP 1.52 shows your IP-Adress and computer name, Icon in the Systray, you are with the mouse beyond the Icon, the IP-Adresse shows it. Visual-Basic-Runtime files 5.0 required, both under available. file 311KB
ID: Get0I03313

Utility Hackers 2.0 : programs against mouse click, menus, changes toolbars inserts, fades out. however, the alterations are not before duration: with the latest Art is again off the alterations. file HACKER.ZIP 2.550KB
ID: Hacke02893

Utility Hackers Utilities 1.1 of Dirk Burghardtmanipulates hidden functions of Windowspersonalizes the systemfile 460KBshareware also PC-MAGAZIN COM 30 days of see! 00/09 pages 141.<BR>Hyperlink and Support-Page no more exist.<i><br>System: Win95 Win98 </i>
ID: Hacke01780

Utility Hidewin hides current applications. in the DOS box hindewin / hide < window titles > inputs to hide about the corresponding application. further options:--hidewin / cunning-all: lists all applications as well as window titles.--hidewin /?: shows all optio
ID: Hidew01988

Utility Hotkey detective 2.7 administers Hotkeys. if you forgive a Shortcut for every application, and you start these applications per keyboard as well as touch-tone combination.
ID: Hotke07600

Utility Hotkeycontrol XP 4.1 Hotkey-Utility, programs activate system functions per keystroke, also the PC shutdown of the computer, and the volume leaves steer itself so.
ID: Hotke03699

Utility iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER release. Version 1.0.1 Wealthtech Co. announced the release of the iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER, integrated with a powerful online database of Windows' processes. iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER is a free effective tool for getting information on running processes that you can encounter in Windows. With it's intuitive interface, user can get the information about almost any process with just a couple mouse clicks.
It's not a secret that today even the best antivirus software cannot find 100% of harmful programs. About 20% of such programs remain undetected. Even a single virus may be enough to corrupt some of your important files. So, is there any hope for an average Joe User, when even the biggest giants of antivirus industry can not cope with the rate of the problem? There certainly is! You should simply stay alert and know what's going on inside your PC!
With the help of iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER you will always be aware of what's going on in your system! iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER was made with a security in mind. It allows to automatically search for suspicious processes. Just by a single mouse click user can get a list of processes with everything suspicious or dangerous clearly marked. A great feature is a process launch history. If there is a new process in your system and you are absolutely sure that you did not install any new software recently, there is a high probability that you've got some sort of spyware running. And you will be able to detect it in just a second. The process database is updated daily and the program is absolutely free for use!
Detailed information about iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER can be found on the official site
If you have any questions or suggestions please don`t hesitate to contact
link =
ID: iKNOW05970

Utility Install Rite 2.5c installation managers, file Installrite25.EXE records all alterations German during a software installation, transfer of software installations of a PC to the other, 4.88MB, Freeware. Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under www.pcwel
ID: Insta02226

Utility JD-Tricks of JD-Tools, Windows-Tuning, freeware, German, over 100 tips and attitudes,, PC-MAGAZIN 99/12 side 150 JD-Tricks 3.271, German, shareware, 30.-DM,
ID: JD0Tr01039

Utility JV16 power tools 1.4.1 of Marecraft-Software. System-Tuning, same manufacturer holds your PC in shot, successors of Regcleaner. additional to the Regclean-Funktion still a small backup program, and a function to the removes from temporary data files. howe
ID: JV16003215

Utility Keyboard express 3.0 Makrorecorder for keyboard impacts and text modules, globally or for individual application.
Keyboard express 2.0c (Win 3.1x), 2.2a (Win95), on PCWelt CD 97/10, Info page 128
ID: Keybo00205

Utility Keycounter 2.00: records keystrokes. Graphic and tabular interpretations. file 26 KB. no installation necessary.
ID: Keyco06488

Utility Keylogger Actual Spy 2.7 is a computer activity monitor and keylogger, that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. Actual Spy includes a keylogger, screen capture, program log, clipboard monitor, printer monitor, websites monitor and records all changes in file system. It can control all user actions and allows you to monitor system events. It runs hidden in the background, and automatically logs all keystrokes, and can also take snapfshots of the desktop. The interface can be password protected and the log files are encrypted. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text, and also have them emailed to you automatically. Actual Spy is a must for any computer user. It helps system administrators keep an eye on their systems. Helps managers to have complete control over their company's computer usage. Helps parents to know and control the programs run and web sites visited by their children. Helps any computer user see what activities took place in their computer.
link =
ID: Actua05921

Utility Keyspy 6.2 KeySpy is a state-of-the art, invisible spy software that operates as a keyboard logger and a PC remote controller.
Alternative Downloadlinks:
ID: Keysp02827

Utility Keystroke Spy is an extremely easy to use computer monitoring product. Keystroke Spy, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also be set to log keystrokes typed only in specific applications. While allowing you to see who users are talking to, what websites they visit, emails they send, and more, Keystroke Spy can also be configured to email you when certain words are typed - like names or addresses.
Built around an easy to use graphical user interface, Keystroke Spy only takes a few moments to install and use.
Key Features:
Logs all Keystrokes Typed
Logs Website Visits
Logs Applications Opened and Closed
Logs Chat Messages Sent
Logs Email Sent
Logs Passwords
Logs Typed Documents
Sends Activity Logs via Email
Can Log Specific Applications
Typed Keyword Alerts
Powerful Graphical Interface
Disables Spyware Detectors
link =
ID: Keyst07741

Utility Kill Win 2.1, finishing or new-starting of Windows, also reboots, also with timer, Freeware,
ID: Kill000530

Utility Kira 1.0.0: Utility-Paket, CMOS content shows, piece of information about internet connection shows, keyboard, mouse and graphics mode in many different ways manipulate, doesn't run very solidly, Freeware, English
ID: Kira002338

Utility Kontext menü editor 1.3: from CS Developments: File-Utility, produces, processes or deletes entries in the context menu of the Windows-Explorer and other applications. constructed entries leave themselves as *. reg file exports and transfers on other computer
ID: Konte02833

Utility KPK file 4.1 hides tables as well as data files as binary - or bitmap data files, can encode data files, the Visual-Basic-Runtime-Dateien 6.0 requires, both under available, file 81KB, Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under www.pcwelt.d
ID: KPK0F02661

Utility Macro express 2000, Makrorekorder for Windows, keyboard, mouse input, shareware
ID: Macro01090

Utility Macro Magic of Iolo, Makrorekorder, of the frequently required command consequences automates, Wizard helps, file 871KB see also PC-Pannenhelfer article T78
ID: Macro01786

Utility Macro Maker processes under Windows automates, records keyboard impacts and mouse clicks and can execute these again. alternative leaves itself input the commands also over the software. this < tool requires the Microsoft Installer (under www.micr
ID: Macro02956

Utility Magic action 2001 readings 1. 04 of Baqsoft Technologies: optimization software for Windows. scope: boot process, desktop, system, Registry, utilization ratio, computer provision, data backup, Undo-Funktion. shareware 3 weeks
ID: Magic02962

Utility MBR-Tool 1.10 masters boot Record stores, and in the emergency again back-secures, partition table deletes or edits, file 56KB
ID: MBR0T02937

Utility McAfee Utilities 3.0 of Network Associates, tool collection with: disk less, (Scandisk), Virus-Scan, image to the secures from system info (Registry)...), disk action (Defrag), Discover pro (survey), Crash Protector, not convincingly, Fortress (verschlüss
ID: McAfe01212

Utility Megaload 2.0: The program generates under windows a number of independent loads (programs). The loads mainly allocate, test and free memory (adjustable). The aim is to test the system stability. File
ID: Megal00220

Utility More Properties 2.03, expansion to the system control u. Registry, options of accelerating v. boot process, for example over Startup/Boot/Delay = 0 instead of 2 Sec., freeware, English also on CD 99/12, side 164,
ID: More000592

Utility Motherboard monitor motherboard and processor at the desktop, (temperature), oversees volt indication, fans alarm options System-Tray High/Low interval log,...), file 1.300KB
ID: Mothe02843

Utility Mouse trap 3.0, secures the PC, the mouse clings in a window menu, places touch-tone combinations besides by virtue of, shareware 20 $, English
ID: Mouse01068

Utility MSD 2.13, hard disks, no Benchmark, storage interrupt TSR operating system identification... in the delivery capacity of DOS or Windows
ID: MSD0200192

Utility Norton Crashguard 3.0, a CD 99.-DM, crashes avoid and data store, PC-MAGAZIN 98/04 side doesn't help 270 Norton Crashguard 4.0, price 50.-DM, of Win9x with every type of Abstürtze, Win95, + NT, German,
ID: Norto00463

Utility Norton Utilities 2002 of Symantec, inclusive diagnosis and Tuning-Möglichkeiten: cleans the Registry, Speedisk arranges data files on the hard disk, Space Wizard doesn't seek required and doubled data files, optimization assistant analyzes the evacuation
ID: Norto00938

Utility Optionizer 2.02 of Martin Hoffmann, Windows tool as well as system tool, otherwise only allows much attitude available they over the Registry is: boot options, start menu, desktop, closes access to system parts, dissolution and color depths of the desktop
ID: Optio02740

Utility O'Reilly Utilities 1.0, System-Tuning, files of and Folders, Kontexmenü expansions, Compare files,... 30 days of demo on CD, 40.-US $,
ID: Sandr00971

Utility Ownerfix 1.2 Windows user info (name and company), that you declared at the Windows installation, try on file 602KB
ID: Owner03130

Utility Partitions genius 2002 suppliers Data-Becker, Partionierer, supports FAT16,32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, Reiser-FS and Linux-Swap
ID: Parti03432

Utility Patcher of 1. 10 manual Hex-Patcher, data files change and differences store. file PATCHER.ZIP 260KB, no installation requires
ID: Patch03221

Utility PC Accelerator 2007 by DefendDate. PC Accelerator is our powerful all-in-one PC performance and Internet acceleration solution designed to help increase your system and online performance and security.<BR>Old Version: See German translation.<i><br>System: Win95 Win98 WinME Win2000 WinXP WinNT WinVista </i>
ID: PC0Ac01480

Utility PC Medic 97 1.0, price 70.-DM, Win95-Diagnose, with hardware little help, however Experten-Datenbank, protection injuries intercept
ID: PC0Me00151

Utility PC on/off Time stores the log-in times of your PC and shows these graphically. the Free-Version stores only the 3 last weeks. also computer can grasp in the network. the pro version costs 9 EUR. file 277KB
ID: PC0on05412

Utility PC-AUS by Philipp Winterberg, shutdown Windows with one click. File InstallPC-AUS.exe 88KB
ID: Shutd01779

Utility PC-Doctor 2.0, price 230.-DM, CPU, cache,..., installation over 2 floppy disks, analysis, no comparison!
ID: PC0Do00195

Utility PC-Handyman, price 100.-DM, typical problems and solutions, with hardware problem useless, protection injuries intercept
ID: PC0Ha00150

Utility PC-Inspector, tests PC and Netz-Einbindung, computer configuration documents and tests.
ID: PC0In00247

Utility PC-Welt-Artikel < Windows radical cure >: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF for PC-Welt-Premium-Mitglieder. * pcwCleaner 2.0: miscellaneous * pcwDocLnkCheck:
dead links in the Recent-Ordner * pcwKill: shoots processes * pcwKompost: Windows accessories * pcwNoassist: Explorer-Protokoll * pcwProtStorage: IE-Formulardaten, call words * pcwUserAssist: Explorer-Protokoll
ID: PC0We06498

Utility Pcwpatcher 1.0 PC-Welt-Tool to the Little Pat, the comfortable manipulation of any data files about the command line allows that the difference of 2 data files stores into one *. DIF-Datei, file PCWPATCH.EXE 70KB,
ID: Pcwpa03220

Utility PDF to text 1.0: extracts texts from PDF-Dateien and writes these in ASCII files, service over DOS-Box, or DOS from 6.0, file PDFTXT1.ZIP 402KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/04, info side 45,
ID: PDF0t02713

Utility Perfect system Edit 3.5, Win-configuration manipulater
ID: Perfe00920

Utility Pits Win Toy Step 6 of Peter Pietzk, Windows tool, adaptation attitudes for Win95+98, without restriction, animation turns off, hard disk cache puts in, monitor puts in, INF-Dateien for monitor even produces, menu" Monitor-Assistent". file 2.7MB, see also
ID: Pits005734

Utility Power Menu 1.5.0 PowerMenu is a small application that some extra menu items to the windows control menu in addition to the standard "Close", "Maximize", etc options. The extra menus are: Always On Top, Transparency and Minimize To Tray.
ID: Power03136

Utility Power Off P oweroff is a small program to schedule a shutdown / reboot / logoff / poweroff / Standby / Hibernate / Lock / Wake-On-LAN at a certain time. It also support command line options that allows poweroff to be used in batch scripts. It has a built-in scheduler, it allows you to run a program before doing the action, you can give a warning message to the user, wait for a process to finish before doing the action and full remote control is supported.
ID: Power03125

Utility Power Top 1.00 processes kill or accelerate, shows all processes, these can be accelerated Freeware by award of priorities, English, file PTOP10.ZIP 2.2MB
Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/10, info side 44,
ID: Power02229

Utility Prcview shows all the current Windows program and decides the processes on which DLLs grabs. ~~~~~~~~~~ Prcview 3.2 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/06, info page 54 Prcview on CD 99/12, side 156 ~~~~~~~~~~ Prcview, shows all the current Windows
ID: Prcvi00548

Utility Process Explorer 8.31: task managers, info about the table of the data files behind the tasks stands. file 231KB
ID: Proce03884

Utility QVIEW 2.69, hexadecimal editor, Freeware, English, file QVIEW.ZIP, 177KB, Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
ID: QVIEW02254

Utility Realhelp Deluxe, prevents Abstürtze, doesn't reactivate responding programs, off viruses, vernessert the configuration, 1 CDS for 99.-DM,
ID: Realh00621

Utility Recentdelete 1.2 document list from' start, documents' for double-click on the Systray-Icon delete, file CJFRD12.ZIP 174KB
ID: Recen02509

Utility RJH Extensions 1.3, the context menu of the Windows-Explorer enlarges by following functions: path of a file in clipboard copies, DOS box opens, data files definitely delete, data files in the same table duplicate, a file list of a steward (with or withou
ID: RJH0E01817

Utility SCSI ProLite, 99US $, test SCSI appliances, serial number, Biosversion, manufacturers,
ID: SCSI000138

Utility SD managers 4.1.8e NTFS- Rights, a simplified graphic surface offers for the NTFS-System to the award of access authorization. file sdmgr418e.EXE 848KB.
This application was designed for Windows NT 4.0. All ACLs are created fully compatible to the tools coming with this system (explorer, regedt32, sacl). It works on Windows 2K/XP as well, however, you cannot control all settings and features then (e.g. propagation of inheritable permissions).
Note: SDManager is no longer updated and supported. The latest version may be used under the freeware license terms.
ID: SD0Ma03229

Utility Shellgem 1.36: , mouse button argues, widens the context menu of the workplace and allows it, all data files on the hard disk and, to open in the network, without detour over the Explorer. additionally Shellgem contains a favorite list and a History-Liste,
ID: Shell01956

Utility Shortcuts 1.10, shareware 55DM, demo 30 days, PC-Tastatur about until 42 functions, with Makrorecorder, widens and printout of the touch-tone allocation with count. surface.
ID: Short00429

Utility 2000 store Smartkey profess ional from Combit, keyboard macroses, text modules and contents of the clipboard and administer, per keyboard combination into any application inserts, Java and VB-Scripts let themselves into the macroses, control of recurrent c
ID: Combi01833

Utility Start Ed 3.85 of Outer Technologies, administers as well as tests and fixes which programs with the Windows start (auto start, Win.ini, Registry) is loaded...), now also for WinME and Win2000, shareware 30 days ~~~~~~~~~~ start Ed 3.80: on MAGAZIN-CD 99/1
ID: Start01043

Utility Start Menu Cleaner 1.51 removes unneeded shortcuts and folders added during installation. These folders and shortcuts often remain in the Start menu after removal of their corresponding programs, leaving a messy buildup of orphaned shortcuts. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in this menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts that point to files that no longer exist. The result is a smaller, cleaner, more efficient Start menu.
ID: Start02510

Utility Start stop 1.0 clearances for take-off for software, tracks down all car start actions and asks the user (dialogue) to start the software, file STRTST10.EXE 118KB, about permission also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/09, info side 46,
ID: Start02905

Utility Startup Control Panel 2.7 of Utimaco, info administer all auto starts side 84 further URL besides Win.ini, Icon in the system attitudes, for privately gratuitously, now also for Win-ME and Win2000 Auch on MAGAZIN-CD 01/03, ~~~~~~~~~~ S
ID: Start01047

Utility Startup Delayer 2.0.54 by r2 Studios: fast and controls boats, starts the programs (that Windows starts automatically) in adjustable time intervals, so that the CPU and HD are not incriminated, and the computer doesn't freeze over. file 1.360KB, now also for Win-XP
ID: Start03019

Utility Startup-Spy XP 2003 pros 3.22a : Startup-Manager, Win.ini, services, administers entries AutoExec the auto opening from Registry, car start stewards. file 771KB
ID: Start03885

Utility Stay Alive 2.1 of TFI-Technology, abgestürtze applications, affordable alternative to Norton Crash Guard however more inferior function scope, revive shareware 20US $, English
ID: Stay001201

Utility Surfinguard 5.0, sand box for EXE files, protect the PC before damaging EXE files, you find the new entry" Finjan-RunSave" after the installation in the Explorer-Kontextmenü. you start to test a marked EXE file with it about you in a protected surrounding
ID: Surfi02191

Utility Swapper 2.9, info about the Swapp-Datei of Windows 9x give: size, writing - u. reading accesses, how much Windows of those, gratuitous, English, file SWPPER.ZIP, 325KB, uses
ID: Swapp01182

Utility Syso 2.01: system tuning, Windows accelerates between 5 and 8 percent through Dateimanagement and graphics optimization, doesn't alter the system attitudes, runs in the background, under Win2000, all options, Freeware, don't work German, Sysi201Setup.EXE
ID: Syso002342

Utility System Info 2.0b gives information about the computer, FOR EXAMPLE Betriebsystem, RAM, computer name system variables partitions, screen dissolution. the statements can be copied into the clipboard and consequently store. file Systeminfo.ZIP 10KB also on
ID: Syste02984

Utility System Mechanic finds useless data files, invalid connections, 3.0b, tools to the system care, remains of Deinstallationen, record system alterations, please remove system data files previously secures, shareware 30 days
ID: Syste01076

Utility System Notebook by Kelly Schrock. The author says: "System Notebook allows for the configuration and maintenance of many options otherwise inaccessible in Windows 95. You can optimize your Dial-Up Networking configuration, edit context menus for the various file types on your system, check your Registry for consistency, Back up your Registry, view and edit OEM information, change the icons for various objects on your desktop, edit your Run history, Document History, boot settings, startup and shutdown logos, and much more."
ID: Syste00922

Utility System studio 3.0.133 Syteminformationen over hardware and operating system, for example RAM, Direct-X-Version, graphics system drives etc....), that of report stores as text or HTML-Datei, file Systemstudio.EXE 733KB ~~~~~~~~~~ system studio 3.0 on MAGAZ
ID: Syste02415

Utility Task pro 2.0, is a full-featured highly configurable utility that allows you to manipulate and obtain information on windows, modules, and tasks. The new interface, which
incorporates Windows 95 styling, also provides system information, several application-launching facilities including the scrollable Quick Launch Button Bar, and the Quick Launch Key Search, plus many more features. Using the new Configuration Wizard makes configuring Task Pro for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT a snap.
ID: Task000208

Utility 2000 2.10, Prozess- Utility, show all system processes task info system supervision, CPU burden, and administers her/it/them, finishes, priority alters, shows opened data files, shareware 12.-US $, English, file TASKINFO.ZIP 374KB +++++++++ task info 2000
ID: Taski00985

Utility Techfacts 95 1.30, shareware 20.-US $, info about current programs, hard disk, makes file allocation, CPU utilization ratio, Snapshot momentary reception of the system data files, CMOS content in file writes
ID: Techf00222

Utility Tiny Hexer 1,7 HEX-Editor for all Windows versions
ID: Tiny007593

Utility Title Time inser ts the date and the time on each active title bar in 1.95, many configuration possibilities only date only time both short or long date, week number, seconds, second time from other time zone, alarm function until 3 times, at alarm, a text
ID: Title01951

Utility Toplogger 1.0 PC-Überwachung, records all computer activities, opens and finishes programs, or the closing of window menu prevents, does in the background Screenshots, with password protection. file 693KB
ID: Toplo03306

Utility Tray Icon 3.0b, shareware price 22.-US $, fast program start over the task strip, places desktop connections into a context menu
ID: Tray000209

Utility Tray tool 2000 2.2 softwares from the Systray starts, can put until 24 programs in the Systray, file TRAYTOOL.ZIP 136KB, Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
ID: Tray002662

Utility Action Up Utilities 200 3 of S.A.D.: Windows-Tuning, many attitudes. shareware on MAGAZIN-CD 04/05, info side 144 full version of MAGAZIN-CD 05/03, info side 44, serial number in the PC-MAGAZIN ~~~~~~~~~~ Tune-up 97 version 1.1, faster Windows start, boot
ID: Tune000618

Utility Tuning masters 1.1b of Astragon software: Windows-Tuning, optimization tool for installations, beside known attitudes also such this, not to find otherwise, is: alternative desktop, orphaned entries in the Registry tracks down, system data files archive a
ID: Tunin02742

Utility Tweak universe 1 .2.3 of Abtons Shed software: Windows-Tuning, Steward Senden accelerates system start, auto start for CD, at processes, 3D-Beschleinigung for graphics cards puts in, alternative start logo puts in, hard disks and CD-ROM cache adjusts, uvm.
ID: Tweak02279

Utility Tweak M gold 1.2: the gold version contains particular tools file 3.270KB for hardware attitudes, acceleration of the internet connection (MTU-Wert),
ID: Tweak02887

Utility Tweaki for Power Users 4.0: Windows-Tuning, system, - boot process -, Registry -, MS-Office, 2000 and XP)-Einstellungen, drives hide, starting of program prevent, context menu drain browser cache, PC PC shutdown, for the Explorer produces, drivers, file 3
ID: TWEAK01029

Utility USBDLMV 4.1.0 - USB Drive character Manager drive letter Laufwerksbuchstaben-Manager for Windows. tool about for USB-Sticks one or several set turntable, to assign. simply copies table in c:\programme and adjusts the LW-Buchstaben in usbdlm.ini then if necessary.
< i><br>System: Win2000 WinXP WinVista < / i >
ID: USBDL07834

Utility VGA-Copy by Thomas Mönkemeier, now as Freeware, file 233KB
VGA Copy 6.23 shareware DOS-copy-Klassiker, also 2,88MB-Disketten, now with virus scanner for Bootsektor, on MAGAZIN-CD 97/10, info side 132 of further links: ht
ID: VGA0C00210

Utility Watchcat 2.0 hides other program window menus, that active or all window menus, per touch-tone abbreviations, an additional function can do the Desktop-Icons transparently. file WCATSI.ZIP 143KB
ID: Watch02985

Utility Win 9x/ME tasks managers of 1 .0.7 efficient task managers, imitates the TM of Win-NT with register Application, Processes and performance. can finish processes and applications. file TSK-MGR.EXE 119KB
ID: Win0902986

Utility Win Control 99, system administration, shareware 39.-DM, German, Verändrungen through users oversees, drives u. tables fades out, desktop attitudes oversee, feasible programs, better than the Policy-Editor of Windows, administer
ID: Win0C01081

Utility WIN IN BLACK 99 2.1, much Windows and Registry-Einstellungen, only for pros, previously system data files, shareware, optimize secures 19.-DM, German, / action & Clean 5.0 is the development of Win of Black, price 99.-DM,
ID: WIN0I00551

Utility Win Shade 2.11, shareware price 10.-US $, with the activates all window menus shrink on the title bar (ship overview), with double-click, individual window menus becomes restore on normally size.
ID: Win0S00212

Utility Win Taskman 1.31 of Mirko Böer: system tool to the system supervision, shows all current applications and processes, as well as the processor utilization ratio at. processes can finish, or further-processes, priority declares. if also a RAM booster contai
ID: Win0T03441

Utility Win95 tuners pro 1.2 , shareware price 20.-DM Tuning for boot process deactivates superfluous drivers, optimize autoexec.bat and config.sys. according to registration 30 days or 100 starts necessary
ID: Win9500211

Utility Wincon 5.0 by Hartmut Beck, system maintenance tools, alteration supervision, program distance, packers, securing of system data files, Install-Routine still on beta level
ID: Winco01685

Utility Window Washer 4.1 Wash away all traces of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance.
ID: Windo02821

Utility Windows administrator, allows to change hidden Windows setting like:
* change caption of Menu Start button
* change display speed of Menu Start submenus
* Memphis Effects
* d isable Windows logon
* Windows loading delay
* edit Start Menu items
(languages : english, polish, dutch, swedish, spanish, french, italian, czech, russian, portuguese, german, estonian, hungarian)
ID: Windo00550

Utility Windows Enabler 1.0 switches clamped functions freely, specifically menu points, possibly also control elements. by a click in the symbol in the Systray is activated by the live product line all inactive menu entry. file 180KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/08, i
ID: Windo02945

Utility Windows tools, collectio n for and
ID: Windo01092

Utility Winfingerprint 0.5.7 IP-Scanner, shows all IP-Verbindungen and info over the found PCs (operation system) service of pack, file and printed releases, installed existing drives, System-ID, user, domain or team (services). file 1.010KB
ID: Winfi03737

Utility Winhex 10.3 of Stefan Fleischmann: Hexeditor, disk editor, reconstructs data files on defective CDs, on hard disks, floppy disks of DVD, that Windows can read no more. over 250KB rescue from data files only in the full version. now also for Win-XP good in
ID: Winhe02147

Utility Winkey 2.8, applications of keyboard abbreviations start, Windows keyboard necessary, additionally task managers in the NT style, Freeware, English
ID: Winke01077

Utility Winmaster 1.02 of Ingo Grallert, PC-Überwachung, runs timeshared commands at applications (for example clasps (maximizing)) in the background, record program starts and opening of document, Screenshots send produces, menu points close, desktop closes, ...
New Name: TopLogger
ID: Winma02281

Utility WinOptimizer now for Win-Vista.
Winoptimizer 2000 of Ashampoo: system optimizers, Regsitry-Tool, hard disk optimizers, doubled DLLs seeks, Undo-Dateien administer. the program is interesting particularly for Win9x since WinME and 2000 own tools possess. See PCWelt 01/06 page 73
ID: Winop02868

Utility Winpatrol 4.0 system tool, shows all tasks on your computer, she/it shows the programs Windows mitbootet, the Cookies shows. for 9,95 EUR, you get access to a data bank the info about the tasks delivers. also for Win95, however wide data files necessary,
ID: Winpa03307

Utility Winpulse 1.0 system info of Windows, beam view menu, show plate place, size of the Swap-Datei CPU burden GDI-Ressourcen. directly after the unpack run-capable.
Winpulse 0.4.5 Freeware, file WINPULSE.ZIP 768KB
ID: Winpu02957

Utility Winsystem 98 3.4.7a, shows exactly freely at how much RAM is, utilization ratio of the CPU, temperature indication, only of connection with Chipsatz-LM178, didn't require data and software into the Swap-Datei, hard disk access
ID: Winsy01183

Utility Win-Top, information about CPU-Ressucsen, Microsoft-Kerneltoy
ID: Win0T00448

Utility Wintune 98, find out which Hardware or software make your PC slowly.
Wintune 98 1.0.40 on CD 99/12, side 123
ID: Wintu00542

Utility X-Setup 6.5 of Xteq s ystem: universal tool for the Windows-Tuning (now more than 1.500 attitudes)
X-Setup 6.2 expandable through Plugins in VB-Script, IE4 or MS-Scripting Host necessary, possibly. develops with Alchemy 1.1 even, also Sperr-Funk
ID: X0Set00790

Utility XStarter: We, advanced computer users, spend all day in front of our monitors doing repetitive tasks again and again. Our fingers remember many key combinations to use in various Windows applications. Our brains work in an almost automatic mode and sometimes we feel just like another part of our PC. We forget that computers were invented to help us do our work and not to make us their slaves.
It's time to break the vicious circle. When you notice a certain operation that needs to be repeated every few days, automate it. Spend a few minutes now to create a macro that will save you much time in the future.
Don't waste your time trying to adopt simple schedulers and macro recorders to your needs. They require more work to automate advanced operations than it would take to do these operations manually. Fortunately, there is a great product that provides unparalleled functionality for the price of a simple scheduler. xStarter will help you automate each and every process in your computer. Nothing is impossible with this extraordinary utility...made by professionals and for professionals. Automate operations on schedule, on a keypress or via various events (windows event log changes, file/folder modifications, signals from an RS232 port, etc.)
Here are just a few examples of what xStarter can do for you: The program can start/stop processes and services, send keys to applications or play pre-recorded macros imitating a real user. It can manage your files automatically, analyze file lists and synchronize directories. xStarter can work with archives. xStarter can download webpages and analyze their contents in order to select proper actions. xStarter can synchronize files via FTP and work with your e-mail. Try it and you will find many more useful options.
Don't let computers enslave you! Let xStarter do your daily work.
link =
ID: XStar05915

Utility Ymark 2000, PC tests for year 2000 efficiency., starts not in Dos-Box,
ID: Ymark00449

Utility Z-Cron of IMU Hard and software service, a central switch place in the automation of software is.
Beside him/it timeshared start of applications, the program contains numerous tools they to ease the automatic system administration helps. co the Z-Cron-Tool leaves itself under WIN2000/XP/NT (with SP6), similarly the Unix Cron, programs (*.exes, *. com, *.bat), timeshared executes or finishes.
ID: Z0Cro06017