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Sound Audio copies CDs o f Crusher 1.2 on your hard disk as WAV-Dateien and converts music data files. Zur conversion from MP3 is required however additionally a MP3-Codec, approximately the Gratis-DLL of Lame Enc (DLL_370.ZIP 93KB)
ID: Audio03023

Sound Audio Tester measures the frequency response of a sound card for a certain application case (reception and playback in combination).
With the help of a high quality soundcard your PC will be an audio lab. You measure frequency responses of loudspeakers crossovers, distortion of any audio equipment and impulse responses of loudspeaker systems.
ID: Audio01825

Sound CD'n'Go 2.00 Audio-CD-Ripper: Kopier-Tool for Audio-CDs, sound tracks extract and change these in MP3-Dateien. title info are moved in the internet over a data bank. formats WAV, MP3 and OGG
ID: CD0n005734

Sound Ejay FreePlayer 2.2 is an excellent music player with a modern interface that has been created by the same creators of the excellent programs Ejay Hiphop ( Here), Ejay Dance ( Here) o Ejay DJ Mixstation
ID: Ejay002240

Sound Ejay MP3 station, MP3-Spieler, also CD-ROM-burning, price 50.-DM (+ zuzätzlich 25.-DM registration of 50 MP3-Konvertierungen, alternative is Freeware" Winamp", see separated entry,
ID: Ejay001287

Sound Flac Installer 1.1.1a OpenSource Codecs as PlugIn for Winamp, to the support of the format FLAC, loss-outside compression format.
ID: Flac005770

Sound Germanix-Encoder 1.25 Musik-Extraktor, music data files change. the polyglot audio encoder can handle source file format: RAW, actually audio, OGG-Vorbis, WMA and WAV. is converted between individual formats and can align the volume, as well as ID3-Tags u
ID: Germa03716

Sound Jukebox 5.0 of MusicMatch, MP3-Player, MP3-Encoder, also MP3s picks up and administers her/it/them, music search function, Visualisierungen, shareware 30.-US $, English.
ID: Music01379

Sound KMP3 of Linux User Group Isrelohn, MP3-Player, hears playback of Zufallsreihenfolge, Freeware, to the delivery capacity about KDE, preparation of Playlisten,
ID: KMP3001378

Sound Media Player 7.1 of Microsoft, file 10MB supports all the current multimedia format, with Radio-Guide and tuners, ~~~~~~~~~~ media Player 7, Update: the Patch Wmsu28412.EXE (261KB) remedies a security gap in connection with outlook, outlook express. www.m
ID: Windo01775

Sound Melody 1.4, Player of WAV, MDI MPEG and MP3 data files, also several one after another.
ID: Melod00809

Sound MP3 cutters 4.0 music data files (slice tool) right-cut, also MP3 with several songs can dismantle into individual.
ID: MP30C03721

Sound MP3 Fiend 6.22 of Eternal software, MP3-Datei-Sucher, binds several MP3-Suchmaschinen, with" Verify Results" tests whether these also are available as Download, executes the Download, Freeware, English, advertising-finances file FIEND62.EXE in 1380KB ++++
ID: MP30F01075

Sound MP3 Jukebox of Duerkop software design, Party-Player this the PC to a Jukebox does, with DJ-Modus, Freeware, file 2103KB
ID: MP30J01774

Sound, web site, good info portal around the topic MP3, left to tools, tips to Plug-Ins for Winamp, links to MP3-Online-Radios, MP3-Hardware
ID: Mp3de02540

Sound MP3-Wolf 1.05 of Trellian: Such-Utility for music data files in the Web
ID: MP30W02992

Sound My MP3 3.0 music softwares, MP3-Dateien from the internet get and process, again in this version: MP3-Schnitt-Editor, a pro version is available for 50.-EUR.
ID: My0MP03041

Sound Napigator 2.03 exchange stock exchange for music data files, works with the Napster-Software 2.0, and the joining with the free Napster-Server, file 2.240KB, still allows
ID: Napig02886

Sound Napster 2.0 beta 7, MP3-Suchmaschine for the internet, binds several search engines, the Downloadzeit shows, broken off Downloads picks up again, she/it actually looks for only data files for itself has down-loaded, Freeware, English, file NAPV2B7.EXE, 16
ID: Napst01165

Sound OSS 3D of Subband, MP3-Player, very good at Equalizer controllable sound quality, few Playlisten-Functions, virtual light organ, for Mac OS
ID: AMP0R01377

Sound Real JukeBox, music software, respect: sends identifying information unseen at the manufacturer.
(25.09.2001) (COMPUTERWOCHE) now integrated in Real Player
ID: Real001365

Sound Actually Player 7 Ba sic of actually Networks, efficient Multimediaplayer for audio, video and radio per Web, Freeware, also for Mac, file 4MB,
ID: Real001777

Sound RealJukebox 38 "of real, MP3-Player in the Windows design, different music formats, veränderbare surface data bank shareware 65.-DM readings Basic as Freeware available Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
ID: Real001380

Sound Sonique of team Sonique (now Lycos), MP3-Player, needs few resources, all great feature, Equalizer.
ID: Soniq01381

Sound Sound Control 2.6 offers music to functions. for important functions, you can furnish a Hotkey. can consequently all audio functions of Windows fast is reached.
ID: Sound07601

Sound Sound servers 3. 1: MP3-Player with good file administration, file 4.5 MB uses same skinheads and Plug-Ins like Winamp, shareware 53.-DM,
ID: Soniq01050

Sound Write Aloud MP3 of Next Up Technologies: reads English texts, Mails and contents of web sites (storage function, WAV or MP3), on the web page, several voices, 15 Tage-Version, can be down-loaded gratuitously, full function, price 20.-US can be down-loaded
ID: Text002046

Sound Towav 2000 of Abamsoft, an any number of MP3-Dateien changes into a process in WAV-Dateien, file 2340KB, price 20.-DM
ID: Towav01773

Sound Unreal Player MP3-Player with car radio design, simple service, 4-Band-Equalizer, Playlist-Funktion, internet radio, Freeware, English, problems with Win98, file 1.3MB
ID: Disk000996

Sound Win MX 2.6 of frontal code picks up Technologies, Filesharing-Tool with extensive drawing selection, Client for Open Napster, fast Client, also of broken off Downloads again, Werbefrei, file WINMX260.EXE 1.600KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/09, info side 46,
See also
ID: Win0M02906

Sound Winamp 5.04 free classics under this pass programs as well as Audioplayer, Musik-CDs, also MP3, VOC MOD WAV-Dateien, Playlisten, Equalizer, produces further accessories on the home page. see also PC-MAGAZIN 04/05 side 42 since November 2004 is version 5.0
ID: Winam00810

Sound Xing MP3-Player of Xing, plays MP3s and Wav as well as current Viseo-Formate (AVI, MPEG), Playlisten, Freeware, produces
ID: Xing001382

Sound Yamp 3.3, MP3 player for MIDI, WAV and Audio-CDs
Yamp 2.2, Multimediaplayer, all the great music format, WAV, MID, RMI, MOD, S3X, XM, IT, MPA, MP1, MP2, MP3
ID: Yamp000499