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PPS AvERP HK-Software shows the Open Source merchandise economy and ERP software to AvERP on the Cebit, a completely new software concept for KMU and middle class with 1-300 co-workers. the software of AvERP was produced in cooperation with different business
ID: AvERP05576

PPS BenchPark list of ERP-Softwareanbieter of evaluations. definition ERP-Softwareanbieter for the Ranking: ERP-Softwareanbieter in the sense of Benchpark is suppliers of software solutions.
ID: Bench05574

PPS BrainGuide here you find ERP / ERM specialized experts and advice suppliers, as well as relevant publications and events.
ID: Brain05575

PPS CW-PPS, (Componentware-PPS), PPS-System with Office97 (from university Nuremberg) already of 4 industry partners tested, Professor Peter Mertens, uses outlook, Access, Excel, Project and Word.
ID: CW0PP00799

PPS INFOR:COM ERP-System for following industries:, auto motives, Chemie/Pharma, consumer items, a global supplier of business solutions for selected production and wholesale industries is discreet production, wholesale, food & beverage industry Infor. throug
ID: INFOR05572

PPS INNEO Solutions, Project management. The successful realization of projects necessitates an optimal control of the dates and costs. The solutions to this, the company division offers Project management.
The technological possibilities of Microsoft Project professional, Microsoft Project servers and the INNEO Project TOOLS supported you at the handling of your projects. We shape a project management surroundings been suitable for your business and arrange the necessary know-how for a professional project management organization.
* Integration of Project management into the business processes and business goals
* Project standards in reference at project computer run and documents
* Integration of all relevant processes and applications
* Reporting/Controlling on different detail levels
* Project Reviews online in the current project
* Transparency in projects and through it essentially higher effectiveness.
ID: INNEO06273

PPS Mirakon Software kit that enables you to assemble business-specific applications in a fast, flexible and integrated manner.
Without having to be a software developer you can build and link knowledge based applications, such as cost estimation of new products, automatic configuration of products or production planning, without redundancies and with interfaces to other systems.
The Mirakon system is particularly suitable for complex applications that require much technical specialized knowledge. You can store and structure company specific know-how in a knowledge base in a way that it can be used in different situations and applications.
Heterogeneous and dynamic data structures can be easily handled. Complex products such as machines or fabrication plants can be modelled in different structures (functional structure, constructional structure, production process, cost structure...) and be stored as only one data record in the Mirakon data base system.
One speciality of the Mirakon-System is the early cost estimation for technical designers and product planners (earlier called the HKB program), equally the Mirakon Sytem is frequently used as configuration system for complex customer dependent products, production planning/simulation and FMEA systems. However, you can also develop simpler applications such as customer administration, financial plan, stock management, etc
ID: Mirak05943

PPS Navision is a software for ERP-Systeme. in 2002Microsoft took over the Danish commercial house and integrated it Microsoft into his/its company division business Solutions. since thenNavision is brought together by Microsoft step-by-step with the ERP-Lösungen.<BR>The current version 5.0 from the year 2007 therefore carries no more the name Navision but now names itself Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
ID: Navis08023

PPS PSI. custom software for your operation In the our software, and servive shop offer the access to our product and service know-how created in more than three decades to you we hundred successfully realized IT-Projects.
ID: PSI0005522

PPS PSIPENTA software of system Ltd .: software for individual competition advantages. the product portfolio of 7 is composed modular from the application areas classic PPS, MES, SCM (EDI), Finance & HR as well as Product Life management and CRM.
ID: PSIPE05571

PPS SAP is leading supplier of business solutions world-wide and covers also your quite particular requests with a broadly diversified software and service spectrum.
ID: SAP0i05734