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Modem Arowana 56000Ti, price 159.-DM (stand 02/99), 4MB-Plash-Rom, no one, V 90 and X2, 43-faxes
ID: Arowa00514

Modem Modem boosters 2.1 of Inkline Global, that tests Utility, the accomplishment data and provides for higher speed, 10 to 50 percent), simple service, shareware 20.-US $21 days of see also PCWelt 00/03 side 53
ID: Modem01250

Modem Modem Doctor 1.0, shareware price 25.-US $, serial interface, modem tests, tests demo only until 2.400 bps, full version of 115.200 bps,
ID: Modem00221

Modem Modem puts monitor graph 3.5 the modem and CPU performance during a connection graphically there, Freeware, English, file 278KB
ID: Modem02344

Modem Modem tool , modem initialization and AT strings adjust, writes the alterations into the Registry automatically, file MDM-TOOL.ZIP 290KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 99/12, info side 92,
ID: Modem01091

Modem Stomper: modem / ISDN-Sharring benefit before modems in Lan-Netzwerk (demo)
ID: Stomp00524

Modem U.S.Robotics 56k, price 219.-DM (stand 02/99), V90 and X2, no G3-Fax, only 9,6 kbps,
ID: U0S0R00515