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Internet-Sicher AEVITA Tracks Eraser (Security Tools :: File Removers) is a slimware privacy toolkit for anyone who is concerned about their computer privacy. It is designed to protect your computer data from nosy people and accelerate computer performance by erasing all usage tracks in Windows, Internet Explorer, Opera and Microsoft Office. You also have the additional flexibility of adding plug-ins to extend the erasing capabilities to other popular applications installed on your system, for example, ACDSee, Acrobat Reader, WinAmp or PowerDVD among many others. What's more, the program can erase all data of deleted files stored on your hard disks, leaving no chances for their recovery.
AEVITA Tracks Eraser's erasing methods are based on the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M, NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL), VSITR, GOST P50739-95 and Gutmann data clearing and sanitizing directives. By overwriting each deleted file several times, AEVITA Tracks Eraser renders it completely unrecoverable even for the most sophisticated data recovery tools. You can also set your own number of overwriting passes for each specified erasing method. Along with the erasing methods, you can customize the work of the program which can be launched at the system startup and/or shutdown and start erasing the content of pre-defined folders without your interference. You can specify in the appropriate checkboxes what exactly you need to erase: cache, cookies, history, temp files or recycle bin content among dozens of other options.
AEVITA Tracks Eraser key features:
- Erasing usage tracks in Windows, Internet Explorer, Opera and MS Office;
- Over 200 pre-defined plug-ins for extending erasing capabilities to such popular programs as ACDSee, Acrobat Reader, WinAmp, PowerDVD, etc.;
- Cleaning free space;
- Shredding files and folders beyond recovery;
- Emergency key - press it and you are safe;
- Auto-cleaning at system startup/shutdown.
Protect your computer from nosy people and boost computer performance now!
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ID: AEVIT05938

Internet-Sicher CallerIP 1.0 of Visualware. CallerIP makes possible for the user realizing the open internet connections. additional information about IP-Adresse, port and process can realize exact information about the connection partner one with CallerIP, as for exampl
ID: Calle05511

Internet-Sicher CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool enables you to comply with GDPR and TTDSG and is not based on TCF. With CCM19 you can manage the sometimes very complex and challenging technical basics with an easy-to-use interface.
ID: CCM1908901

Internet-Sicher Consentmanager Cookie Banner is available as a suitable plugin for all shop systems and CMS. Easily make your website or shop GDPR compliant Easy integration & automatic cookie blocking With ready-made designs or for individual designs Automatic acceptance measurement & optional A/B testing Daily crawls & automatic GDPR compliance check Comprehensive reports on page views, traffic or the bounce rate
ID: Conse08902

Internet-Sicher Cookiebot GDPR and ePrivacy - still EU compliant today.. Complete GDPR and ePrivacy compliant cookie solution. Easy to implement! Data protection authorities have already imposed fines of up to €50,000,000. Scan website for free. Cookie Scan & Report. 500,000 Cookiebot users.
ID: Cooki08900

Internet-Sicher Cyber Patrol 5.0 of Surfcontrol: secured security software for surfing saying in the internet, child filters with expandable list (hit words), pass.
ID: Cyber02970

Internet-Sicher Dolphin Secure: By Dolphin Secure children can safely explore the Internet to your computer and build social networks with other children in a protected environment, chat, write emails and surf. Without constant control by the parents. Simply kindersicher. Dolphin Secure is available from autumn 2010 in the German market. Also for MAC OS X (10.6 or later)
ID: Dolph08771

Internet-Sicher Get Anonymous 2.0 professionals Edition of this tool provides anonymous surfs. Internet-Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and opuses, supports the browsers with it as well as the Chat-Clients Yahoo-Messenger, MSN-Messenger, the P2p-Client Kaza
ID: Get0A05503

Internet-Sicher Ghost Surf express 3.0: from Tenebril. your on-line connection produces over anonymous Proxy-Server. free on-line registration (necessary) for owners of the COM!-CD. the full version is Update-fähig (Upgrade-Code in the PC-MAGAZIN)
ID: Ghost03850

Internet-Sicher Internet Guard Dog 3.0 of Mc Afee, extensive protection program for the internet, also as private Firewall and advertisement filters employable, simple service, few attitudes possibly, no port filter, no sand box, English, price 90.-DM Guard Dog Deluxe, p
ID: Guard00378

Internet-Sicher Internet incognito 1.4.1 of BHV. Privacy-Manager. surfs anonymous in the internet.
ID: Inter05603

Internet-Sicher KidSafe package from Kidsafe Software LTD consists of a unique USB key (a bit like a flash or pen drive) and a special piece of software. In a few clicks the package will be installed, after which it requires no setup or configuration on your behalf. Thereafter when the key is in your pocket you can be sure your kids' are not online. If your children are on the computer and you want them off just remove the key.
ID: Famil01408

Internet-Sicher Net-PopUp-Exorzist 1.0: Homep@ge-Tool. Stops Message-Popups from the internet. these becomes send with NET SEND
ID: Net0P03845

Internet-Sicher Outpost Free 1.0 Firewall with additional functions, also Web and Mailinhalte filters, good alternative to' zone alarm'. file 2.720KB
ID: Das0H01544

Internet-Sicher Plague Patrol 4 Spyware-Blocker, efficient program, that tracks down potentially dangerous programs. the Daten/Merkmale become with the scans gotten from the internet online. ~~~~~~~~~~ plague Patrol Home 3.2 on MAGAZIN-CD 03/08, info side 109. fil
ID: Pest003437

Internet-Sicher Pop Down 2.01 Pop-Up-Blocker, aufpopende window menu closes, only for MS-Internet-Explorer. file 80KB
ID: Pop0D03733

Internet-Sicher Port list: who uses which port?: compl ete list of all TCP and UDP-Ports
ID: Port005512

Internet-Sicher Spy stoppers 2.01 of Infoworks Technology Company: protection against surfing against Cookies, Spyware, Web bug, worms, Scripts and advertisement. still lacks.
ID: Spy0S03338

Internet-Sicher Super Spam killers standard 1.20 : filters tiresome Spams from your post office box before you call your Mails. the post office box tests into regular distances and marks Spam-Mails. these can then be deleted over filters in the Mail-Client. a pro reading
ID: Super03877

Internet-Sicher Superscan 3.0 of port-check, oversees the ports, finds and reports open ports. file 156KB
ID: Super03734

Internet-Sicher Superstealther 3.0 of BHV software: anonymous surfing, helps the user to move unobserved through the internet.
ID: Super03337

Internet-Sicher Sygate personnel Firewall 4.2 : protect against hackers, this prevents programs unseen data, Freeware, sends for private, however free registration necessarily, now also for XP, file SPF.EXE 3.750KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Sygate personnel Firewall 2.1 on MAGAZIN-CD 01
ID: Sygat02414

Internet-Sicher System Security suite 1.01 trace annihilators, off Cookies, course, temporary data files (cache), ETC..... file 900KB
ID: Syste03735

Internet-Sicher URL finders 1.0 : When you browse the Internet, your computer watches your activity and keeps tracks to the hard drive.
The purpose of this program is teach people what is really going on with your hard drive when you are surfing the Web and how to take control of their privacy.
How it works: The program scans the selected disk and searches for files, which contain Internet addresses.
* search for addresses containing specified substring.
* scan predefined groups of files.
* create and modify such predefined groups of files.
File 444KB
ID: URL0F03308

Internet-Sicher Visual zone 5.7 aggressors tracks down, useful Add-on for zone alarm, alarm offers additional information from the log data files of zone. file 2.590KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Visual zone 5 see PC-MAGAZIN 02/03 pages 48
ID: Visua03126

Internet-Sicher Weave Eradicator 3. 0 of Spytech: trace annihilators of the surfer in the internet (Cookies) cache,...). possesses 3 steps, with which the data files are entitled 1 to 35 marks.
ID: Web0E03901

Internet-Sicher Win Settings 3.3 of Filestream, Privacy-Tool for Web surfers, drains, the Cookies (respect) deletes the course steward (History), the list of the tapped URLs, all Cookies become distant, without inquiry, internet cache cleans up him/it, the list of the do
ID: Win0S02997