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Homebanking Amaris Homebanking 97, 32-Bit-Decorder, supports PPP-Internet-Zugang, 79,-DM, Update 49,-DM as well as from side 22 all" Finanz"-Web-Adressen, as well as Workshop Quicken part 5 of side 28
ID: Amari00467

Homebanking Money addresses in the inte rnet: listed 100 addresses
ID: Geld000604

Homebanking Kontokon 99 4.10, password protection, deutch, administers the bookings of your checking account, Euro-capable, shareware 39.-DM, file KK99.ZIP, in 1.1MB
ID: Konto01587

Homebanking Money 99 version 2000 Update GerUpdate.EXE, on-line updating of the' finance strategists', file 504KB
ID: Money01493

Homebanking Lively 2002 Deluxe o f Lexware: finance software for private and small companies, Euro-capable as well as changeover function, with Win95 only 95C. ~~~~~~~~~~ lively 2000, small Workshop, price 99.-DM (standard), 149.-DM, Deluxe, Update 79.-DM only Win9x s
ID: Quick00931

Homebanking Stash: So what is Stash and what does it do: Schedule your income and expenses: Stash has an inbuilt scheduling engine that can help you prepare for what's coming in each financial period. You can schedule for any possible combination (any combination of: yearly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily) for your expenses and income. It takes a short time to set up a budget and begin setting up a meaningful schedule for tracking your income and expenses. The point of this is so you can work out what is coming in and going out on a very flexible basis. Budgeting on a period by period basis: Once you have set up a schedule for all your incomings and outgoings (no matter how often they occur) you can see what's happening on the Budget screen. Stash has a common sense approach to budgeting that allows you to see all the information on one page. You can see the schedule for next month, the next 12 months and see what kind of effect that will have on your income and expenses. You can also fill a column yourself and calculate what you need to on a month by month basis. This is ideal for those times when things are tight. Your budget can be printed for carrying around in your wallet/purse so you don't overspend. Track what you actually spend: The Cash flow section allows you to enter the money as it is spent and as it comes in. Most people think that the heart of a good financial plan lies in the budget. This is a half-truth. You can only budget with the money you have. XE believes that a heart of a good plan is based on what you spend...plain and simple. A budget is a template that works out what you will spend based on what money you will get. Couple these features with charts to help you understand where the money goes, tools for loans and you have an inexpensive approach to managing your money how can you go wrong?
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ID: Stash05922

Homebanking Remittance printers 99 1.0, remit tance forms of banks print, shareware 19.-DM stores BLZ and account number, German, file UEBERW!. EXES, 368KB,
ID: 0berw01649

Homebanking Wiso Homebanking 1.10.08 of Buhl-Data: Update (file HB011008.EXE, 3 MB), German bank and Bank24 added
ID: Wiso001153

Homebanking Wiso Homebanking 2.0 of Buhl-Data, price 79.-DM,
ID: Wiso001159