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FotoDigital Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 4.1 Images of broken or accidentally formatted disks restitue.
Version 2.3 on CD for free.
ID: Art0P08761

FotoDigital Digital photography: articles' property in the picture', the entire article can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF are down-loaded. topics: dissolution, new Technicken, lens, storage, data transfer, mirror reflex cameras, printouts.
ID: Digit02148

FotoDigital web site of media north: informative over digital cameras, good search function, new models however also discontinued lines
ID: Digit02688

FotoDigital Group Shot 1.0: from Microsoft. MSR Group Shot helps you create a perfect group photo out of a series of group photos. With Group Shot you can select your favorite parts in each shot of the series and Group Shot will automatically build a composite image.
ID: Group06511

FotoDigital Kontaktabzug 1.0: produce and print previews. until 100 pictures per side. also Diashow
ID: Konta06513

FotoDigital Neat image: software to the removes from digital cameras from color flush at photos. basis version is free. defiance name DEMO is the software fully able to function.
ID: Neat003935

FotoDigital Photorecovery of Microbasic: cleared pictures restores, even if the storage mediums were formatted. backed Compact Flash, XD-Picture, Secure-Digital and Smartmedia-Karten, also Memory-Sticks, Micro Drives and floppy disks.
ID: Photo03690

FotoDigital SharpControl: software for sharpness corrections of photos digital cameras.
ID: Sharp03936

FotoDigital Storage cards for digital cameras lend: with S can be lent Smart-Media-Karten and Compact-Flash-Karten for about 1,30 to 1,50 DM per day, plus 12,50 DM forwarding expenses.
ID: Speic02395