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Festplatte 4-Diskclean gold 2.0 of R-S of system: hard disk tool, the hard disk frees from ballast, also the cache tables of the installed browsers,
ID: 40Dis02873

Festplatte Acronis - True image 8.0 the complete solution for Disk-Imaging, backup and Desaster-Recovery True image allows you the preparation of exact hard disk images in the current Windows operation. Upgrade of True image 6.0 or 7.0: 30.-EUR work only with valid
ID: Acron05526

Festplatte Active Smart 2.42 SMART-Tool for Windows. Gives informations about the level of the hard disk.
ID: Activ05750

Festplatte Advanced Space Hunter 2.5, optimizes the Fesplattenplatz comfortably, shareware 20 $, English, seeks after überfl. and dopplete data files, good filter attitudes,
ID: Advan01105

Festplatte Ashampoo Magical Defrag 1.11: Defragmentierer
ID: Asham06499

Festplatte Cache masters acc elerates 1.0 computers with adjusted Fesplattencache-Einstellung. the program proposes several configurations, for game-PC, Server-PC, ....), file Cachemaster.ZIP 777KB
ID: Cache02765

Festplatte Cacheman 5.0, cache attitude for hard disk, determines values the ideals and stores her/it/them, also Download under ~~~~~~~~~~ determines the ideals value of Cacheman 3.80, cache attitude for hard disk, and stores her/it/them, also Download
ID: Cache01478

Festplatte Clean disk 2002 4.0: Festplatten-Utility, the hard disk searches for useless data files and deletes these, the list of the expansions can be adapted, file CDISK3.ZIP 2.91MB ~~~~~~~~~~
New Version = Disk washer: Disk Washer is a system optimization and privacy tool. Will help you maintain your system functioning at its peak performance by removing unnecessary files from your computer, such as installation programs left-over, resolving DLLs problems, resolving system registry errors, and any other things that can make your system slower and unstable. Improve your system stability and performance by regularly using Disk Washer.
ID: Clean02409

Festplatte Clever Cleaner 1.2.3 of check the hard disk after data garbage, and deletes this.
ID: Cleve07629

Festplatte Clone Spy 1.3 hard disk managers, the hard disk frees from file duplicate, and this lists. these can also be deleted automatically, recognizes also same data files with different names, file CSPY13.ZIP 286KB,
ID: Clone03024

Festplatte Clonemaster 2.19, seeks doubled data files or with length 0, ship place for the hard disk, shareware 30.-US $Clonemaster 2.14 on CD 98/02 side 72 also under
ID: Clone00306

Festplatte Clusters 3.0 , simulates the plate demand freeware through cluster size alteration, English,
ID: Clust01106

Festplatte Coretest 3.0.2: Festplatten-Benchmark, file 26KB, Download also under
ID: Coret01986

Festplatte Data Advisor 4.10 of Ontrack, hard disk diagnosis program for hard disk problems, freeware, see also PC-Welt 00/03 side 186, articles on home page, file ADV410.EXE, 1.94MB
Data Advisor version 5.0 supports a variety of languages including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and is included for free in our new EasyRecovery™ Professional v6.1 software.
ID: Data001443

Festplatte Data Cleaner 2.2 of Blancco (Finland), deletes reliably whole hard disks through entitling (election against 7, 3 or 1 once-y deletions), polyglot, also German, price for 66.-DM,
ID: Data002536

Festplatte Defrag to schutdown 0.7 launches the Windows Defrag program with three options and with the function to shutdown or reboot the computer after Defrag has finished. There is an additional option for advanced users to optimize system and hidden files and command line parameter function has been added in version 1.5.
Not for use in Windows XP, Windows 2000(Pro) or Windows NT.file Defrag_to_shutdown.ZIP 161KB
ID: Defra02514

Festplatte Disk Analyser 1.1, seeks doubled data files, analyze the place allocation (also diagram) Freeware English
ID: Disk001069

Festplatte Disk Speed 32 2.01: hard disk benchmark, file 98KB, complete instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN 01/08. Download also under also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/07, info side 229,
ID: Disk001985

Festplatte Diskdata, the place allocation of data files and tables, with diagram, only gratis for private, Freeware, englich, analyzes problem: with Netz-Laufw. not always attunes the cluster size, file Dosetup.exe Diskdata 2.0 on CD 98/07, page 120 Diskdata 2.2 on
ID: Diskd00997

Festplatte Diskspace Explorer 2000 readings 2.1 of east Technologies, hard disk managers, looks for überfl. data files, memory, FAT16, tests FAT32, NTFS, floppy disks, zip - u. Jaz, Werbefinanzierte version gratuitously, full version 15US $
ID: Disks01407

Festplatte Diskstate 1.13, hard disk place savers, seeks doubled, length 0, unnecessary and temp. - data files, indication with table and diagram.
ID: Disks01107

Festplatte DP-Killer of Niklas Olmes: deletes data files from the hard disk completely in that he/it entitles file 48KB her/its/their content, shareware 20.-DM,
ID: DP0Ki01745

Festplatte Drive Copy 4.0 of Powerquest, copies complete hard disk contents or individual partitions on a new hard disk, bad documentation, also for Linux, OS/2 ~~~~~~~~~~ Drive Copy 3.0 of Powerquest, an image from the Slave copies suppliers ZB EXAMPLE to the maste
ID: Drive01112

Festplatte Drive image aims on mouse click image data files of hard disks or partitions 7.0, from Powerquest, plate copiers, individual data files can be played back from the image, backup of individual data files or tables not possibly, FAT, FAT32, supports NTFS, H
ID: Drive01113

Festplatte Drive pro 3.0, price 170.-DM, hard disk test with manipulation, only for pros,
ID: Drive00145

Festplatte DriveImage XML of Runtime software. Image-Tooling, also for NTFS. can be integrated also in a BartPE-Notfall-CD.
ID: Drive06355

Festplatte FAT32 for Windows NT4.0, Freeware = readings, shareware 39US $= readings and letters of FAT32-Partitionen on NT4.0 PC, English,
ID: Fat3200844

Festplatte Festplattentuning spez. Win95, topics like FAT16, 32, cluster size, partitions, FDISK, DEFRAG, evacuation file in Win95 on permanently places, under system, features, virtual stores, value at 2 x RAM greatness places, VCache MaxFileCache, MinFileCache, DR
ID: Festp00237

Festplatte Fips 2.0, wide primary partition without loss of data positions, file 159KB see also PC-MAGAZIN 99/06 side 154
ID: Fips000893

Festplatte Fosi 2.10 file administration, place waster finds on the hard disk, shows the tables sorted by size in a diagram. file 509KB
ID: Fosi003331

Festplatte Freespace 1.0, hard disk place for compression, shareware 99.-DM, wins German
ID: Frees00374

Festplatte HD Cleaner 2.361: Every installation, Deinstallation however also the quite normal working under Windows and his/its applications leaves tracks on the hard disk. usually that is data files with the Ending BAK, CHK, GID or TMP etc.
that makes broadly in all possible tables. this costs memory, that you possibly lack at other place. HDCleaner deletes useless temporary data files, with what the most important already are vorkonfiguriert.
You can confirm the advance election or can add own data files adds. on mouse click, you then start the Scanvorgang on the selected drives. individual stewards let aimed itself into the search includes or excludes.
After the search, the hits are detailed represented in a list view menu, that one can sort at will. for each file, the qualities can be shown moreover.
Mark all too clearing data files and click on the waste paper basket symbol. on wish, also a backup of the too clearing data files is prepared. the purge also leaves itself automatic, in regular distances performs.
File 924 KB
ID: HD0Cl05804

Festplatte HD Tach 2.61: Festplatten-Benchmark for Windows, use of NT and 2000 only after registration possibly, side 228, shareware, delivers fast exact values, description and use info in the PC-MAGAZIN English, 50US $, file 956KB, Download also under www.pcwelt.d
ID: HD0Ta01983

Festplatte Hdcp 3.1, plate copiers, copies partitions in data files, shareware 48 $, English, not FAT32,
ID: Hdcp001114

Festplatte HDD-Speed 2.00: Festplatten-Benchmark, English, Freeware, file 132KB, Download also under
ID: HDD0S01984

Festplatte Jdiskreport 1.2.1 tracks down storage gluttons. the stewards are shown by size in diagrams, and lists the 100 biggest data files under Top100. file 785KB
ID: Jdisk05620

Festplatte More Space 3.3, analyzes the hard disk, looks for old, TMP, 0 byte data files, wasted hard disk place, hard disk statistics, discovers Freeware advertising-financed or shareware 20.-US $, English, file MORS32.ZIP 1180KB ~~~~~~~~~~ More Space 99 3.1 on CD
ID: More000304

Festplatte Norton Ghost 2003 of Symantec, hard disk image secures and restores, for private or small companies, now also for Win-XP ~~~~~~~~~~ Norton Ghost 2002 see PC-MAGAZIN 02/02 pages 86 ~~~~~~~~~~ Symantec Ghost 6.5 hard disk images, however still ripened diffi
ID: Syman02628

Festplatte Norton Speeddisk 5.0 for Win NT servers of S ymantec, price 578.-DM,
ID: Norto01341

Festplatte Notebooks-Festplatten (2,5-give), to which IDE-Schnittstel le connect,: with low address gives it the corresponding adapter unit with power supply.
ID: Noteb02328

Festplatte O&O Defrag 6 of O &O software. Defragmentierungs-Tool, now also for Win-XP. not been suitable for server operating systems. ~~~~~~~~~~ O&O Defrag 2000 Defragmentier-Tool for Win-NT and 2000, Freeware, German, file for NT 3.92MB, for 2000 1.87MB. on MAGAZIN
ID: O&O0D02346

Festplatte Data Eraser of Ontrack, formats as well as finally deletes data (individual partitions, whole Festplatenn), a pro version supports IDE and SCSI hard disks and all operating systems
ID: Data001801

Festplatte Partition Magic 8.0 of Powerquest, Partitionieren, reducing, increases, is converted from partitions, FAT16 FAT32 NTFS, Ext2 and Swap, also NTFS is converted in FAT16 ~~~~~~~~~~ partition Magic 7.0, now also for Win-XP, see PC-MAGAZIN 01/03 pages 74 +++++
ID: Parti01083

Festplatte Partition managers 2001 7.0 of CDV software, Partitionierer, allows to produce partitions in simple way and to administer, NTFS, Linux Ext2, now supports the file systems FAT16, FAT32, Linux Swap, HPFS, also for Win-ME ~~~~~~~~~~ PTS partition managers 20
ID: Pts0P00377

Festplatte Partition Resizer 1.3.4: The popular freeware partitioning program is back! The first free program to resize and move partitions without data loss, is now more complete, with support for disks up to 2TB of size.
Operating System: DOS, Windows 95/98/Me (DOS mode)
ID: Parti02252

Festplatte Partition star 1.41 of start tools, partitions produce and change, the service of the Windows version necessitates a break-in period, file Partition-star.ZIP 743KB, shareware 30 days, also for Win-XP. ~~~~~~~~~~ partition star 1.38 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/08, in
ID: Parti02664

Festplatte Perfect disk 7.0 hard disks Defragmentierer PerfectDisk 7.0 hurl them/her/it and thorough solution to the Defragmentieren of drives under Windows 2000 / XP and Windows servers 2003. PerfectDisk 7.
in 0, it was developed in order to increase the capability of your computer. the access to data files is improved in that the number of the fragments is reduced per file.
Renewed Fragmentierung is slowed down what leads to an improved capability of the system and to the faster Defragmentierung. features:
* Faster start up of the PC * prevent frequent crashes * faster surfing in the internet * games runs faster * more liquid playback of works of music * liquid prestige Ih
rer pictures as well as more liquid video playback * private users and small entrepreneurs can reach a longer lifespan for your PC * for beginners and pros been suitable * reduce the Neufr
agmentierung * run in the background, system prerequisites work during you: * Windows® 2000, XP, 2003 * 64 MB RAM * an older version for Windows 98 / M / NT4 is included. delivery capacity: * CD-ROM * handbook
ID: Perfe06483

Festplatte Briskly, Clean 1. 01 of McAfee, hard disk tool, cleans up the hard disk, multiple entitling, deletes temporary data files, tracks down old data files, etc....
ID: Quick02630

Festplatte Ranish partition managers 2.37.11 last Freeware, alternative to FDISK, last Freeware version, further than shareware is driven, FAT16, FAT32, on CD Deutsch+Englisch
ID: Parti00805

Festplatte Ranish partition managers 2.40 , good Partitionierer, aims, deletes, activates from partitions, with FAT also size shareware alters 10 years freely for private users!, German version 2.37.11 see separated entry
ID: Ranis01166

Festplatte Santools Smart disk monitor tool for Smart-Festplatten, oversees and report over the condition of the hard disk, must in Autostart it is actively put with it at every Windows session is, file 4MB, shareware 30 days.
ID: Santo02496

Festplatte Seatools Online2.00.18 on-line hard disk diagnotor of Seagate. also IDE-(PATA checks, SATA and USB plates of other manufacturer.
ID: Seato07627

Festplatte Smart Cleaner 2.2, hard disk tool, frees the hard disk English from backup files, shareware,
ID: Smart01915

Festplatte Space Hound 32 3.0, Festplatten-Utilty, finds also version doubled data files, with Viewer, for Win 3x on CD. ~~~~~~~~~~ Space Hound 32 2.0, on MAGAZIN-CD 98/02, info side 73,
ID: Space01058

Festplatte Space Monger 1.4.0 shows how much place graphically the lone directory covers, with a double-click on a main table is represented the subdirectories, place wasters discover, file SPCMN140.ZIP 103KB
ID: Space02517

Festplatte internet side, info and tests, News, rumors, test reports, forum, data bank with specifications,
ID: Stora02855

Festplatte Sweeper 2.0 of Pagedown software, Festplatten-Utility, duplicates search, installation supervisors (Uninstall), recovery possibly, entspr. protocol, 69.-DM
ID: Sweep01416

Festplatte System Cleaner makes 9 8 2.0, hard disk place savers, thoroughly clean, temp, doubled, in waste paper basket or Backuo-Verzeichnis postpones, deletes or packs, shareware 35 $, 35 days
ID: Syste01109

Festplatte Temp Cleaner 2.0 hard disk tools, the hard disk cleans up, data garbage removes, that < tool either can immediately delete the data files, or into a separated table postpones. file 875KB
ID: Temp003303

Festplatte Threadmark 2.0: Festplatten-Benchmark, test lasts 1 hours, Freeware, about English, file 1.23MB, Download also under
ID: Threa01987

Festplatte Tidyman97, data garbage, price 30.-DM, removes
ID: Tidym00899

Festplatte Treesize 1.73 of Jam-Software. respect, exists also as pro version, see separated entry. the tool lists the Ordner/Dateien sorted by size. you recognize fast through it where the storage gluttons lie. file 688KB
ID: Trees05546

Festplatte Treesize professional 3.03 of Jam-Software, hard disk managers and place savers, shows how much place to data files, filters, in the diagram data files prove as TXT or XLS exports. ~~~~~~~~~~ Treesize professional 2.31 on MAGAZIN-CD 00/08, info side 38 ++
ID: Trees00807

Festplatte Ultra ATA/66 management of western-digital: allows the connection of an Ultra-DMA/66 western digital plate at an Ultra-DMA/33-Controller, file 131KB,
ID: Ultra02494

Festplatte Virtual Drive 6.2 produces virtual drives of CDs. the program VCD copies the CD and produces the drive. the demo version on the MAGAZIN-CD can be registered gratuitously as full version (see low URL).
ID: Virtu03692

Festplatte Wash and go 3.3a hard disk tool, removes data garbage, finds temporary data files, dispensable backup copies, data files with 0 bytes, shareware 30 days, file 2.17MB,
ID: Wash002345

Festplatte XFDISK I 1.09 betas partitions produces, deletes and hides, Freeware, German, file XFD1090.ZIP, 69KB cautions: beta phase, data should be secured previously. Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
Currently nobody maintains XFDisk development. The original author Florian Painke and the later developer Ulrich Müller have dropped development.
There is a public mailinglist. You can subscribe by sending a mail to
ID: XFDIS02253