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Excel Her/its/their daily working tim es, Excel from version 97, grasp working time proof 2000 1.32, freelancers and Selbstständige comfortably with the' working time proof' in the demo, the hour sentence (100.-DM), German, can 101KB are not altered file AZNW-SV
ID: Arbei01516

Excel Automatic storage, bug with Excel 2000: Exce l forgets the manual time alteration after a new start, and value comes back to the standard 10 minutes. the English bug fix (711KB) cannot be installed, however, see the intructions of the microsoft site.
Old URL:
ID: Autom01907

Excel Damaged Excel file repair from Excel 2003 according to degree of the damage, you have a good chance access again to attain on your data. in the open dialogue by Excel, you can as option' of opening and repair' boasts.
The formattings get lost to the deep slice, but the values or formulas can be rescued. step by step instruction on the home page
ID: Besch06071

Excel Das MS-EXCEL-2000-Lexikon: topics: Home * * lookups * * Downloads * * formula collection * * functions * * cell formatting * * date & time * * Shortcuts * * tips & tricks * * Workshop * * training * * VBA-Codes * * AddIns * * xlviewer * * start parameters * * forum
ID: Das0M05957

Excel Excel 2000 opens your system for hackers: Georgi Guninski, known specialist in the tracking down of security gap in Excel, beats alarm again: through opening an accordingly prepared XLS-Datei can execute any functions from Windows-DLLs a malicious hacker
ID: Excel01867

Excel Excel 2002 and XML in the practice u sage: co Office XP implemented Microsoft an inclusive support of XML (Extensible Markup Language) of Office-Anwendungen. even more simply shapes contents and publishes, stores directly work folders, tables and diagrams
ID: Excel02187

Excel Excel 97 and 2000: additional functions as end: Excel-Add-Ins, new menu ASAP-Utilities with innumerable submenus. compensates for a lot of weak places of Excel, unpack you the content of the record after the Download into an any table. you open the menu f
ID: Excel02185

Excel Excel 97+2000 Patch: under certain circumstances doesn't show any macro warning this Excel-Versionen. Patch FQ00-022.ASP, 3MB,
ID: Excel01373

Excel Excel97 (8.0): if calculation, Patch (see Hyperlink), d oesn't work new however only goes if the set was installed Release 1 for Office 97 previously.
ID: Excel00598

Excel web site: FAQ, practices, tools, Freeware-Bereich with Patches, Updates, macroses, Add-Ins
ID: Excel02710

Excel ExcelFIX 5.13 software with him/it corrupt M'S Excel-Dateien can be repaired. available: a gratuitous things - demo - Download - Edition. last Release on February 7 2006.
ID: Excel06072

Excel File dialogue from Excel 2002. Office XP was equipped dialogues with new opening and storage. the necessary objects, methods, qualities and constants, are contained in the Office 10.0 Object Library.
ID: FileD08027

Excel Formulas in commentaries (Excel 97/2 000) insert: the macros' of Formel_einfügen.BAS' inserts formulas for commentaries (yellow note papers), so that these can be checked faster, and visible is if you move the mouse over the cell. configuration in the PC-M
ID: Forme02202

Excel Herbers Excel forum the Excel-Beispiele is the heart of the Excel-Lehr and Lernmaterialien. in over 2.400 example work folders is shown, how problem solutions can be found with Excel and VBA.
The call surface in the Windows auxiliary format offers a comfortable full text search. content of the home page: * products: Excel-Beispiele, Excel-Tutorial, Excel-Dialoge, Excel-Archiv, * on-line forum:
Online-FAQ, on-line record, on-line investigation, Downloads, Newsletter, Excel near Amazon, Excel-Links
ID: Herbe06917

Excel Commentaries faster in cells inserts, Excel 9 7 u. 2000,: the macros COMMENT.XLS frequently is a help for all this with commentary works: the macros, that previously into the table'... \ Office\Xlstart' copied, a dialogue (cell context menu) puts mouse but
ID: Komme02156

Excel Length of the file name of an Excel-Arbeitsmappe: in an error message of Microsoft Excel stands, that the file name cannot be longer than 218 signs. this statement is deceptive.
At the reading of this specification, one is inclined to the assumption that a file name can be long until 218 signs. however, this is not correct. It doesn't stand longer than 218 signs" which so much is called like" 219 signs and more is not allowed.
However, it doesn't stand explicitly that a length of 218 signs or less allowed is. in most cases, 218 signs can be used not at all. * Excel 97: 56 Zeichen/53 signs (with Microsoft Office 97 SR-2):
255 signs, * Excel 2000: 255 signs * Excel 2002: 255 signs * Excel 2003: 255 signs the reason for the maximum length of 56 signs as well as 53 signs for the standard work steward as well as the additional start steward lies at an Excel-Bug.
If a longer path name is used, Excel 97 crashes when opening the Optionen-Dialoges with a side mistake or a protection injury. this problem was fixed 97 sets Release 2 in the Microsoft Office.
It is not quite unambiguous whether the border lies with 56 or with 53 signs. in the Microsoft gives knowledge to base to this problem, with what the two articles contain contradictory statements, it two different articles.
ID: Länge06435

Excel Length of paths, table and file name together, from joined work folders
* Excel 97: 255 signs
* Excel 2000: 255 signs
* Excel 2002: 255 signs
* Excel 2003: 255 signs
ID: Maxim06436

Excel Marked cells clearly (Excel 97/2000) print out: if Zellen/Zeilen marked you prints out, a new side is printed out for each marked area. co the macros' of Auswahl_Drucken' is produced a temporary Excel-Datei, that contains only the marked cells. configurat
ID: MArki02203

Excel Presentations for Excel 2000 ease the preparation of folders should be produced they with the same attitudes. examples deliver the file TEMPLATE.EXE in 90KB
ID: Vorla02651