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Euro "This Euro" , Euro calculation with changeable courses, Freeware, 12.-DM forwarding expenses
ID: 0Der000617

Euro Euro Office navigator Add-In of Complice, office document searches for monetary fields and changes these in Euro about, price for Excel 59.-DM, Word 44.-DM, all Office-Anwendungen 149.-DM
ID: Euro002225

Euro Euro calculator of Hentrich software: Devisen-Umrechner for 19 currencies in this Euro and back, polyglot, Freeware, file 2302KB
ID: Euro001758

Euro Euro-Patch: file w95_euro.exe with Euro fonts, + tips for Word and Excel
ID: Euro000576

Euro Euro computer s: (1Eur=1,95583.-DM)
ID: Euro000512

Euro SmartTools Euro-Ass for Access (AC97 ,2000,2002): converts your access-databases on the Eurocurrency, assistant existing, is converted or add splits adds, info about
ID: Smart02557

Euro Conversion boot: no rounding errors, tested, gratuitous
ID: Umrec00933

Euro ValueScan 1.3 for Microsoft Excel of CE GS, Euro tool for Excel from version 97: search, analysis and documentation of all Euro-relevant Excel-Dateien of PC and network drives. ValueScan tests whether Euro-relevant Excel-Dateien exist on your drives and ta
ID: Value02077

Euro X2E 2.3 for Microsoft Word of CE GS, Scant Ihre Word data files after monetary fields, and changes these in Euro about. further info on the home page.
ID: X2E0202556

Euro X2E 5.7 for Microsoft Excel of CE GS, Euro tool for Excel from version 97: automatic Euro conversion of M'S Excel-Daten from the principles data security, completeness, receipt of the data structure, mistake avoidance, high speed, simple and user-friendly
ID: X2E0402078