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DVD Clone DVD 2.9 from Elaborate byte. DVD-Copy-Tool. copies of DVD uncoded.
ID: Clone05609

DVD DaViDeo ultimate DVD copy Tool
ID: David05773

DVD Drive region info, tests whether DVD drives support the regional code, Freeware, English, file 8KB. on the home page, one finds also info as well as lists of drive of their Reginalcode-Eigenschaften
ID: Drive01821

DVD DVD It 5 of Sonic. DVD-Authoring-Software.
ID: DVD0I05608

DVD, web site, information about DVD
ID: DVD0I01710

DVD DVD-Patcher 1.06 DVD of manipulating, MPEG-Informationen like bit installment, aspect ratio as well as dissolution changes. after burning can be put back on the original values. reference: in accordance with the new copyright law is strictly the handling
ID: DVD0P03712

DVD Elsa Movie of Elsa, DVD decoder software, supports price 30.-DM also MP3 and the sound of Audio-CDs, automatic recognition of land-Codes,
ID: Elsa002168

DVD Ifoedit 0.95 DVD-Ripper, DVD contents extract and on the hard disk copy. can leave out some tracks (extra) aimed soundtrack (subtitles). the result can further-process and on DVD is burned. reference: in accordance with the new copyright law is strictly t
ID: Ifoed03717

DVD Img tool Burn 1.004 DVD-Brenn-Tool, burns DVD film data on DVD+R(W)-Medien reference: in accordance with the new copyright law is strictly the handling of copy protection systems of all type prohibited. this software is allowed only for private utilizatio
ID: Img0T03718

DVD Movie Jack 3.0 of S.A.D., DVD-Kopier-Tool, DVD-Ripper, ideal for beginners, who want to prepare backup copies of her/its/their DVD for itself without much training. no more for Win95 and NT respect: it appeared versions 3.0 short-term, without CSS-Entschl
ID: Movie03026

DVD Nero Recode 2.1 DVD-Kopierprogramm, Nero-Add-on. Nero 6.0 belongs to the full version. Film-DVDs evaporates on DVD-Rohlingsgröße. works fast and offers all fundamental function. file 24.000KB
ID: Nero005592

DVD Nero vision express 2.1 DVD-Authoring, Nero-Add-on. Nero 6.0 belongs to the full version. constructed Film-DVDs and changes AVI-Dateien for it like MPEG1 and other video material as well. file 24.000KB
ID: Nero005593

DVD Get things mov ing DVD 5.0 of Cyberlink: DVD-Player-Software. no more for Win95 and NT. ~~~~~~~~~~ Power-DVD 3.0, supports NTSC and PAL, all current picture formats (for example 4:3 and 16:9), MPEG-II and VCD-MPEG-I and MP3-CDs can be played, in 2 versions
ID: Power01800

DVD Win DVD 6 Platinum DVD-Player-Software of Intervideo. co numerous additional functions. ~~~~~~~~~~ Win DVD 3.1 English DVD-Player-Software, good performance, for which DTS-Surround-Fähigkeit becomes, an extra charge demands. see PC-MAGAZIN 02/04 pages 149
ID: Win0D03239