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Win-NT NT 4.0 setup can be outwitted with key 040-7777777: goes version the NT original with old CDs
ID: NT04000244

Win-NT NT in the n etwork: with respect to advantage of NTFS from FAT, network installation,...
ID: NT0im00055

Win-NT Numloc near WinNT switch on with the start": Hkey-Current, User \ Control Panel\Keyboard", dear of Initial Keyboard Indicators" on 2 places
ID: Numlo00827

Win-NT Perfmon.exe records the utilization ratio of the volumes over Eingabeauforderung releases with: diskperf, y, with diskperf, n turns off again and NT again starts
ID: Perfm00872

Win-NT Keys: 3 first F OR EXAMPLE 041, 7 restl, for example 1111111 with new NTVersion: 4 only 0401 for full version; 0502 for Update
ID: Schl000360

Win-NT Fast latest type: r equires a fast possibility to the reboots, then, you widen the entry" in the Registry: HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" about the sign value" EnableQuickReboot" with value 1. after it gets along t
ID: Schne02262

Win-NT Environment variables in NT produce: Arbeitsplatz/Eigenschaft Registrierkarte" surroundings", variable defines, value fixes
ID: Umgeb00841

Win-NT Updates for Win-NT 4 altho ugh Microsoft stopped the support of NT in December 2004, 2 Patches were still prepared in January 2005. the Updates MS05-001 and 002 stuff gaps in the Internet-Explorer 6.0 SP1 and with the indication of graphics data files.
ID: Updat05668

Win-NT Verzeichniss-Freigabe, access for all users on NT computers
ID: Verze00820

Win-NT WinNT 4.0, emergency floppy disks, repair Install-Disketten activates, NT restores, automatic shutdown of the PC's of the PC shutdown (Seite162)
ID: WinNT00894