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Utility AsciiTab 2.01: Ascii-Tabelle.
ID: Ascii00109

Utility Blocker.exe: individual programs deactivates, only *.exe and *. dll, the first byte is altered, consequently the file is useless. the file list is led in Blocker.ini
ID: Block00961

Utility Diskbuf, Freeware, determines best worth for Buffers = in the config.sys
ID: Diskb00308

Utility Substitute Patcher with Qb asic and Patcher.bas, Listing in the notebook, replaces a disk editor.
ID: Ersat00368

Utility Hidden 1.1: programs invisibly in the background starts
ID: Hidde00108

Utility Kdrive 2.55 (DOS), 2.40, Win3.1x, /, shareware price 30.-DM, keyboard umbelegen, and touch-tone combinations store
ID: Kdriv00204

Utility MS-Resource-Kit-Tool, Utility-Sammlung with Icon -, cursor editor, and help of printer problem
ID: MS0Re00591

Utility Paranoia.bat, start v. programs records with PARANOIA.BAT, calls run Runonce (= > Registry, run (= > win.ini, Load, Autoexec.bat, config-sys, win.ini tracks down Listing of the BatchDatei in the notebook, also CPL and VXDs,
ID: Start00372

Utility Powertoy Findex.dll, furnishes Suchen-Menü in the Verzeichniss Windows\Startmenü\Find, search storage, more individually as of FND-Datei in the desktop, this file in the o. g. Verzeichniss postpones
ID: Power00849

Utility Powerup 98 1.13, Windows makes phone 02131/34940, price 50.-DM, more comfortable
ID: Power00921

Utility Process of 20 00 practical process managers, shows all processes, also this this, not to see in the Windows task manager, is, processes can finish, for privately gratuitously. file Process2000.ZIP 159KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/06, info side 43,
ID: Proce02860

Utility Scanreg and Eru: tips to the use
ID: Scanr00828

Utility Shoot App 2.0 Windows processes and tasks shoot, shows all Windows processes, with directory (FOR EXAMPLE c:\windows\system\spool32.exe), file SAPP.ZIP 1.970KB.
Info also in PC-MAGAZIN 01/02
Old URL:
ID: Shoot02592

Utility Shutdown monitor 2.02, programs against the PC shutdown, shareware, execute in 20U $, English with date planner, daily, weekly,...), Windows at a particular time PC shutdown, user profiles, Logdatei, 30 Tage-Shareware,
ID: Shutd00806

Utility SW-Taskbar 1.1: Icons in Taslbar below right
ID: SW0Ta00111

Utility Trayscavr.exe: screensavers Utility, activates the Bilsch. - schooners over Icon in the task strip
ID: Trays00400

Utility Trouble Shooter 5.02, price 700DM, supplier Allmicro/Singenbach, hardware, storage, CPU, Second-Level-Cache, trouble shooting,...
ID: Troub00141

Utility Tuning Guide 99 1.0 of Sven Kühne, Tuning-Tool for Windows attitudes, easy service, shareware 30 days on MAGAZIN-CD
ID: Tunin02667

Utility W95 optimally 1.0 a, Win95 on speed, shareware 20.-DM, trim
ID: W950o00275

Utility WinConfig 1.0, start picture switches off, Win, Freeware, accelerate
ID: WinCo00277

Utility Wintop, MS-Kerneltoy, shows all CPU programs as well as resource gluttons. also on CD99/12, side 130, as well as further Kerneltoys
ID: Winto00959