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Uninstall Deinstallieren, Uninstall, tips + info over - CleanSweep 3.0 v. quarter-deck, price about 150.-DM, see also 98/02 pages 81 + CD, UnInstaller v. cyber media, price about 100. DM, Deinstaller95 v. Boeder, price about 30.-DM
ID: Deins00115

Uninstall Installation remains, cause and solution topi cs of the article:--the installation doesn't have completed itself neatly, the causes and solutions--proper Deinstallation - it goes so--extant data files and tables: something can become off?--Registry-Müll: s
ID: Insta03065

Uninstall PTS Uninstaller, Fa Hilchner/Neuss, Tel 02131/34940, only programs administer them/her/it been installed after PTS, 40.-DM
ID: PTS0U00273

Uninstall Start Clean 1.2, Win95-Verz. searches, off references on cleared programs
ID: Start00274