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Netz Boot floppy disk with network access:--- trick: sub Windows 95 and 98 can you during the installation or later in the system control over' software, start floppy disk' an emergency floppy disk produces. this Windows 98 emergency disks doesn't enable, howe
ID: Bootd02604

Netz File HOSTS, register for computers:, in or der to be able to communicate with other computers over the protocol TCP/IP, requires you a list of the IP-Adressen of the other computers from this network on each computer. you must position this list manually.
ID: Datei02530

Netz Data transmission network: ideal MTU-Wert dete rmines:--MS-DOS-Eingabebeaufforderung starts--winipcfg--IP-Adresse lists--ping f l 600 IP-Adresse--the Ping-Befehl is exported, you increase the value 600--is spent an error message on the other hand, you redu
ID: DF00N02753

Netz INTERLINK: joining v. 2 PCs over zero modem cables. the file Interlink.exe is on the Win95-CD under Ohter/OldMSDOS. no version limitation (Win 3.1x) 95, 98,...), however only FAT16
ID: INTER00532

Netz Internet in the network uses : internet connection release adjusts, hacker attacks prevent, the most important Hacks to the internet release in the Registry, tips to ICS,
ID: Inter01837

Netz Mac-Adresse determine: gives you arp the command' in the prompt (DOS box), a' one. you get following statements: matching unit:, 0x2 internet address Physikal. address type 00-30-f1-b6-5d-e0 dynamically with what 00-30-f1-b6-5d
ID: Mac0A05681

Netz Several IP-Adressen under Win9x and M f or a computer furnish: with it necessarily is an intervention in the Registry. It can be forgiven as far as to 5 IP-Adressen, separated comma. but only the last is release bound for services like' file and printers.
ID: Mehre03128

Netz N32: network problems for Win 3 .11
ID: N320000095

Netz News service with the command' net sends < computer name > example text' that you can input over Start/Ausführen or in the DOS box, you can send news of dialogue box at other computers in the network. other solution (only Win2000 and XP): Start/Ausführen,
ID: Nachr03448

Netz net config servers / hidden:ye s co this command makes you the computer invisible in the Microsoft network. they input this command in the prompt with administrator right.
ID: net0c05614

Netz net sends : with the command' net sends users you send message' under Win-NT, 2000 and XP news within the network. tip: if you instead of' users' a star' *' inputs, the message appears to the same team on all the computer in the network. tip: instead of us
ID: net0s03844

Netz Moisten in the DOS mode activ ates: at the start up F8," only input demand" chooses, command NET USE inputs," J" confirms, password inputs.
ID: Netz000259

Netz Moisten before the PC shutdown separ ates: the command' net use * / d' separates all network connections. if you have problems with the PC shutdown, computer sticks, you try following: produces you a Batchdatei with 2 lines, you start this Batch about the
ID: Netz002532

Netz Network - your Windows network finally works problemless (Win-XP): elaborate description and possible breakdowns under XP
ID: Netzw05822

Netz Network: like you 2 PCs connects:, benögtigte components, costs, recommendation: 100BaseTX-fast-Ethernet, installation in 8 stages to the network, Verkabeln: strings pulls without breakdowns, network software: network attitudes - test, use, Tuning, Netzwe
ID: Netzw01838

Netz Novell for small networks, ve rsion 4.11,
ID: Novel00086

Netz Novell-Client: wished protocol out of stock: should the pro tocol IPX not in the Client-Eigenschaften selectable is, only IP is offered FOR EXAMPLE it, the Client-Installation must become repeatedly. in this case, you' choose user-defined. then, the protoc
ID: Novel05662

Netz PC nonstop service w ith Win 95/98/NT, zero modem cables, Directcc.exe, Netbeui, Dfü-Adapter,..., installation configuration of bug, info,
ID: PC0Di00502

Netz PC-Welt-Artikel < so connects you your compu ters > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--nonstop service--infrared connection--USB-Link--USB-Netz
ID: PC0We02999

Netz PC-Welt-Artikel < networks with future > advisers' private networks'. the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--Wireless Lan (WLAN): fast network without cables--Bluetooth: for short distances--DE
ID: PC0We03001

Netz PC-Welt-Artikel < cable lot happily &# 62; the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--WLAN-Router
ID: PC0We05610

Netz PC-Welt-Artikel < VPN, the sure network in the interne t > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF for PC-Welt-Premium-Mitglieder. topics: * VPN bases * necessary:
fast connection * this must be able your router * VPN on the router * network prerequisites * for players: Hamachi * full control: Open VPN * VPN with Windows shelf means (instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN)
ID: PC0We06516

Netz PC-Welt-Artikel [WLAN topsicher]: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF for PC-Welt-Premium-Mitglieder. many tips to the topic security with WLAN. these ports should be open:
20, 21, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443 these ports should be closed: 23, 135, 137, 138, 139, 445
ID: PC0We07611

Netz Router configuration start the page is in the browser: Speedport Telekom: http: //speedport.ip
Congstar router: http: //
D-Link, Linksys and Netgear router: or http: //192.168. 1.1
3Com-, Arcor and Asus router: http: //
Siemens Gigaset and Belkin router: http: //
Buffalo-Router: http: //
AVM FRITZ! Box router: http: // or http: //
Apple wireless router: http: //
Other IPs:
Username and PasswortIn most cases a user name and password before access to this menu. By default, there is no combination that always works in any case, but you have to try something (if not specified on the sign down or back of the router) .You should just try it, to let the user name and password blank. Does not work, you can following combinations test.
Username: (attention to upper and lower case!) Admin, admin, root, superuser
Other passwords: (attention to upper and lower case!) 0000, 1234, 123456, admin, password, public
Also combinations of empty username or an empty password are possible.
ID: Route08853

Netz SMB 1.0 With Windows 2000 there was no need for the additional NetBIOS layer, SMB could be operated directly over TCP/IP and was therefore somewhat more efficient.
ID: SMB0108896

Netz SMB 2.0 This first major revision of the SMB protocol improved performance by reducing to fewer commands and optionally chaining them, which increases speed, especially in wide area networks (WANs). Version 1 continued to be included in Windows for reasons of compatibility
ID: SMB0208897

Netz SMB 3.0 With version 3, SMB was expanded to include the SMB Direct Protocol (SMB via RDMA), failover mechanisms and multichannel SMB (multiple connections per session).[5] In addition, end-to-end encryption was introduced.[6] This means that SMB can also be used as the basis for virtualization platforms.
ID: SMB0308898

Netz Software over the network installs: in the system control under software an additional option, to install over the network about software, furnishes. following steps are necessary to it:--1: an INI-Datei cast off in the network produces, that an entry fir
ID: Softw03075

Netz Under DOS, Net view\\<Rechennamen gi ves" > the list of the freigeg. tables in the Peer-To-Peer network
ID: Unter00419

Netz Connection release: IP-Adressbereich alters: with the internet connection release (from Win98 SE) gets the IP-Adresse automatically the gateway computer. universe other computers in the network must have a number also the area 192.168.0.x. it
ID: Verbi03129

Netz Windows users in the DOS mode determine: Net.exe, net config, Username,...
ID: Windo00826

Netz Winjpcfg.exe gives the IP-Adresse in the TCP/IP network, in Win95 + 98, see also side 152: Ping.exe and side 154: free IP-Adressen after Norm RFC 1918
ID: Winjp00962

Netz Win-ME/2000 in the network: exponential lags: if you make network connections over the network surroundings to Win9x-Rechner, the linkage lasts relatively long. alternative: start menu, executing, and address inputs (\ \ < Rechnername>\<Freigabename >. fu
ID: Win0M02881

Netz Wireless LAN, so the PC works without breakdowns at the wireless netw ork: topics:, the small WLAN-Einmaleins, Funktnetze in the neighborhood: tests, problems with the XP-Konfigurationsdienst, tests connection with PING, WLAN-Access-Point furnish, with WLA
ID: Wirel03928

Netz Access authorizations of scanning: Explorer Öffnen, network surroundings, numeric character block < x > presses = the entire network surroundings is searched
ID: Zugri00978