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INI Definition INI-file: an INI-file is a type configuration file, in which program and user discontinuances of an application are stored, for example. INI-files were put in above all under Windows 3.x. since introduction of the 32 bits of operatin....
ID: Defin05720

INI SYSTEM.INI, protection injuries : section [386Enh], value MaxBPs=800 (number Breakpoints) adds adds.
ID: Schut00028

INI SYSTEM.INI: car start variation : Windows offers the possibility to start another program in the Shell-Anweisung, FOR EXAMPLE: shell=explorer.exe c:\progra~1\start.vbs file names only of the 8+3 quality possibly, also connections are accepted. the entire a
ID: SYSTE02595

INI SYSTEM.INI: with frequent BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death) as well as Abstürtze, can is tried minimally the value" stack to increase Pages". to it in the section [386Enh] the entry" MinSPs=4", standard is 2, can also be increased further, andern, becomes acti
ID: SYSTE01335

INI SYSTEM.INI: entry MinFile Cache=x and MaxFile Cache=y to it, with 32MB RAM for example x=8192 and y=16384, with 16 MB for example x=4096 and y=8192, the hard disk (buffer memory) accelerates, doesn't work with Win98.
ID: Syste00427

INI SYSTEM.INI: faster Windows and DOS box through entry AllVMsExclusive=True WinExclusive=True
ID: SYSTE00062

INI SYSTEM.INI: Swap-Datei transfers with for example PagingDrive=D: and PagingFile=D:\Test\Swap.123
ID: SYSTE00415

INI SYSTEM.INI: Swap-Datei under Windows 98, section [386Enh] entry" conservativeSwapfileUsage=1" induces Win98 the Swap-Datei to use like under Win95, dh. first this RAM scoops out and then first auslasgern. according to RAM and hard disk, this alteration ca
ID: SYSTE01724

INI SYSTEM.INI: under [386 Enh] entry" Localloadhigh =1" adds adds: enables with LH in the DosBox the high chest of program.
ID: SYSTE00403

INI WININIT.INI system updating in the unending loop. this INI-Datei is worked off by the DOS program WININT.EXE at start up, and deletes or renames data files, that were blocked in the current Windows. this program become update the configuration data files
ID: WININ05549