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Homepage Banners: some standard dimensionses : 468x60, 234x60, 88x31 and 100x120
ID: Banne01865

Homepage CSS: tips and tricks to CSS: a rticles" new paint". content:--buttons without graphics, with Rollover-Effekt--text river steers--distance between pictures holds--air for long texts: sign distance puts in--initials accentuates--several classes assigns--info
ID: CSS0003840

Homepage Error Document 404 in the PC-MAGAZIN is expounded how an individual error indicator can be inserted if a clicked file is not found. respect: not with all the provider possibly.
ID: Error03806

Homepage Form content per e-mail: fo rm entries of the proper HP into e-mail has conveyed: in the form day following instruction installs: < molds action ="" method=post enctype =" text/plain" >
ID: Formu01390

Homepage Home page in search engines declares , for example with" Submit It" or" entry Fritz"
ID: Homep00170

Homepage Home page layout : working with tables with example of Netscape gold 3.0
ID: Homep00472

Homepage Home page optimizatio n, Ranking with search engines (, Robots.txt (, Web design (, Meta-Tag-Anweisungen (, promotion and further tips and li
ID: Vokab01657

Homepage Home page relocation: automatic relegation: inserts you following instruction in the Index.htm (start side) after the HEAD-Tag:' < META HTTP-EQUIV =" Refresh" CONTENT =" 10; URL=http://<Ihre new address >" >' the value 10 stands for a latency of 10 second
ID: Homep02527

Homepage Music and sounds in home page bind s, examples for entspr. HTLM-Befehle, auxiliary program SOX,
ID: Musik00135

Homepage Tips for formation of home page
ID: Tips000366

Homepage Unicode benefits you the university code signs, about for example your email address, to camouflage on your home page. every sign can be replaced with an university code sign:
--a = & amp;#97
--b = & amp;#98
so writes you' webmaster':
ID: Unico05812

Homepage WAP (Last modified: Friday, May 21, 2004): Short for the Wireless Application Protocol, a secure specification that allows users to access information instantly via handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radios, smartphones and communicators.
WAP supports most wireless networks. These include CDPD, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, TDMA, FLEX, ReFLEX, iDEN, TETRA, DECT, DataTAC, and Mobitex.
WAP is supported by all operating systems. Ones specifically engineered for handheld devices include PalmOS, EPOC, Windows CE, FLEXOS, OS/9, and JavaOS.
WAPs that use displays and access the Internet run what are called microbrowsers--browsers with small file sizes that can accommodate the low memory constraints of handheld devices and the low-bandwidth constraints of a wireless-handheld network.
Although WAP supports HTML and XML, the WML language (an XML application) is specifically devised for small screens and one-hand navigation without a keyboard. WML is scalable from two-line text displays up through graphic screens found on items such as smart phones and communicators. WAP also supports WMLScript. It is similar to JavaScript, but makes minimal demands on memory and CPU power because it does not contain many of the unnecessary functions found in other scripting languages.
Because WAP is fairly new, it is not a formal standard yet. It is still an initiative that was started by Unwired Planet, Motorola, Nokia, and Ericsson.
ID: WAP0006008

Homepage WAP-Adressen: some examples. news: /, Austria Press agency, information:, (branch directory),
wml (zip codes and places) services:,, DB timetable information, search engines:, WAP Meta search engine, (search engine for museums)
ID: WAP0A06364

Homepage Workshop part 3: own Web sides builds
ID: Worsh00126