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Help Color of the auxiliary links to the WIN.INI alters: [Windows Help], JumpColor=0 255 0, PopupColor =..., IFJumpColor =..., IFPopupColor =..., example values,
ID: Farbe00262

Help Help compilers of Microsoft, version Office 97: the RTF-Datei produced in Word97 makes ready problems when compiling, specifically in the context of BMP-Dateien. solution: Word 6.0 uses as alternative: bitmaps over particular link binds: {bmx bitmap.bmp},
ID: Help001272

Help Windows 9x-Hilfe: undocumented: leaves with the keyboard:--file W in.ini in the text editor opens--section [Windows Help] seeks, produces if out of stock.--line' of SeqTopicKeys=1' adds adds.--Windows again starts. from now, you can *. HLP-Dateien leaf thr
ID: Windo01990

Help Windows NT-Hilfe help: undocumented: leaves with the keyboard:--R egistry starts--keys' of HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows Help' seeks--entry' of SeqTopicKeys' adds adds, value' 1' declares.--new declaring, new start is not necessary, from now
ID: Windo01991