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Hardware ATX-Netzteil test: in power adapter can like follows is tested:
Simply a wire bridge over contact 4 and mass (6) and already the fan of the power adapter should start moving at least! co one volt meter, the individual tensions can be controlled.
pin allocation: 1... 3,3V 2...
-12V 3,5,6,7.... GND 4... Power On 8... -5V 9-10... 5V 11,12... 3,3V 13,15,17.... GND 14,16... 5V 18.... PW-OK 19... 5V Standby 20... 12V
ID: ATX0N07799

Hardware ATX-PCs from outside switch on: condenser between Mainboard and in calipers functions as on help.<BR>If of BIOS this no function like ` Power-Up on modem Activity“ or ` AC power Loss Restart“ (automatic switching on after tension return) possessesa small condenser (approximately 1 µF) helps parallel with many Main boards to the in caliper.<BR>If it doesn't work out with itone can try also higher values47 µF or 10 µF.<BR>With an Elko is to be kept an eye on the correct Polung (deficits of the Elkos at the mass) and to check with a multi meter previously if necessaryat which lies mass of the two pins of the in caliper.found 20/98S. 186in c't:<BR>Hotline
alternative: little one circuit: simply at the 5V standby suspense of the power adapter goesshe/it immediately has stream if the power adapter is connected to the electricity and possibly he/it at the power adapter existing counters at is.<BR>Following shares is required:<BR>* 1 relays 5V * 1 electrolyte condensers between 200µF and 2000µF /10V / capacity is dependent on the used relay (try) * 1 resisted 2Kohm - 10Kohm / everyone dear of the area is brews<BR>chbar / definitely the span until to the renewed switches on interruption after electricitya too small worthhoweverthe relay could at the falls hinders. * 1 diodes 1N4148 /1N400x. type is uncritical.<BR>* 4 scraps of wire as first determines one with turned off computerin 230V must be to be doneon which connection of the power adapter the 5V (that become green) lie flat.<BR>Suffices to it already a LED with Vorwiderstandthe cathode at the casing of the PC“sminusand with the other sideone simply tests on the Main board in the power adapter plugin the turned off one was entitled only a pin 5V has. Zum setup:<BR>The closing relay contact (therefore this)which is open without tensionusually stands on the casinga' caliper is connected parallel to him/it'this function should want deactivate once<BR>nthe inserting a counter still recommends that nowone determines him/it + connection of the Relaiswiklungin which one positions the 5V directly oncethe computer already should react to itvi<BR>elen relay is admittedly no matter thisbut there are also others. one solders the diode directly in block over the relay spool. - from the relay comes at mass somewherethat always is the black wire of the power adapter or if necessary this PC casings.<BR>At this + pole of the relay comes the deficit pole of the condenserthe resistance bridges + and - the condenser. nowone only must from the + pole of the condenser a connection with the 5V Standby tension leads. ready. Zur function:<BR>If the power adapter gets of the PC“s tensionalmost is existing in the same moment the 5V Standby suspense in the PC.<BR>nowthe condenser is loaded over the Wicklungswiderstand of the relayin the initial momentthe drawer stream is restricted only through the height of the Wicklungswiderstandes how long this condition stops<BR>and whether the Aufladezeit of the condenser is sufficiently longdepends only on the capacityis valid on that occasionthe bigger the capacity the the relay remains attracted longer.<BR>with too small capacityone usually still admittedly hear close a click the contacthowever. the diode only serves to the prevents from Überspannungen.<BR>The resistance is used the main voltage only for the discharge of the condenser after the shutdown at the power adapter.sources
ID: ATX0P07801

Hardware Billig-PCs tune s o, you do more from PCs of Aldi & Co. the entire article" Billig-PCs can tune on the PCWelt-Homepage (" as PDF are down-loaded
ID: Billi02736

Hardware Chip sent ence: info, function,
ID: Chips00461

Hardware CPU and outlets right cho ose: slot 1, slot 2, slot A, sockets 7, sockets super 7 sockets 8, sockets 370 and 370 FC-PGA and 370S sockets 417, 423, 603, sockets A. extensive documentation of the PC-MAGAZIN or under, articles" CPU and outlet r
ID: CPU0u01706

Hardware Ctrl + break on keyboard that have no pause button solution:
Fn+B= break
Fn+P= pause
Fn+S= sysrq
Fn+C= ScrLK
Fn+I= insert
ID: Ctrl008848

Hardware Discount-PCs: where is saved? a nalysis about weaknesses of Discount-PCs, tips to the arms.
ID: Disco02466

Hardware Motherboard: advisers of Umrüstung or PC homemade (chip sentence) RAM, cache, outlets,
ID: Haupt00431

Hardware Notebook: the optimal configuration p urchase advice, tips over accumulators, hard disks, Proz., Decking-starten, data communications with Handy, all info on CeBit-Sonderablage in the PC-MAGAZIN, approximately 30 suppliers with Hotline number, web site,...
ID: Noteb00875

Hardware Notebooks optimally put in to pics of the article:--All-in-one: which components in a Notebook useful is--expansion slot: something must be heeded--configuration for on the way--balance of the data between Notebook and Desktop-PC--typical Notebook-Pannen a
ID: Noteb03066

Hardware PC in the homem ade: Bauanleitung
ID: PC0im00176

Hardware PC in the self construction: progres s report: tips
ID: PC0im05514

Hardware PC-Welt-Artikel < Conrad: in custom PC > the enti re article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topic: tips for composing of PCs, and how you should proceed, if there are problems.
ID: PC0We03684

Hardware PC-Welt-Artikel < into 6 steps to the quie t PC > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. see also manufacturer addresses under [Hardware][Tipps]
ID: PC0We05458

Hardware PC-Welt-Artikel < hardware fit don e > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF for PC-Welt-Premium-Mitglieder. topics:
* System * processor * graphics card * hard disk * burners description and tips too following tools:
3D marks 06, AVI2MPEG, Cinebench, Discjuggler pro Edition Fraps HDD Health HD action Kprobe, Nero 7, PC mark 05 Basic, power striptease, Rightmark memory Analyser, Sandra Lite 2007, Seatools Online 2.00, Silent Drive 2.3, SPEC CPU 2000 1.3, Speedfan 4.
28, Winrar 3.60 beta 4.
ID: PC0We06504

Hardware Care and maintenance of the PC: keyboard (FOR EXAMPLE first aid with flooded keyboards), mouse cleaning monitor casings drive cleaning
ID: Pfleg03114

Hardware Stream counters at the computer casing: the counter at the frontal side of the casings is a caliper, that delivers a signal at the Main board, that the network appliance starts as a result.
If at the 10 poligen ATX - plugs the blue one with the white cable is bridged, the computer gets Dauerstrom.
This method is used for computers, that are built-in in switch wardrobes and should start, if the switch wardrobe is provided with tension.
Alternatively one can help oneself a caliper and can connect this with the contacts of the Main board, see Power-On contacts with the handbook of the MB,
ID: Strom07798

Hardware Tuning-Tricks for Grafikkarte, hard disk and Co: topic s:--Geforce-Karte: rebuilding to a pro version (Quadro-Karte)--graphics card: acceleration; with Slot-A-PCs goes it per drivers--graphics card: acceleration; with Slot-A-PCs also per Registry possibly-
ID: Tunin02625

Hardware USB also for Windows 95 B and C, for version A possibly is no USB,: procedure:, controllers remove: Geräte-Manager, USB-Controller remove if marked with yellow question mark., drivers on CD seek: Win95-CD, file" usbsupp.exe" seeks (... \ Other\USB or... \
ID: WIN3H01663

Hardware USB-Sticks - increase capacity: l ike you more data files on a memory-does embroidery gets: through zip compression under FAT32, or through formatting in the NTFS-Format, with format < E: > / fs:ntfs. further info in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: USB0S05472