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Grafik 3D-Effects-Fonts, each installed Font with 3D-Effects and textures, price a CD 25.-DM, alters a calling card printing work additionally on the CD.
2009: URL not know
ID: 3D0Ef01160

Grafik Aros fractal V1.0: fractal.Generator
ID: Aros000102

Grafik Picture data files compre ss: tips over formats, color depths, color palettes, JPEG - options,...
ID: Bildd00497

Grafik Display Doctor 6.53, brings older graphics cards on tours, above all for DOS games, prepares a particular driver, 25 percent of profit, shareware 21-meets, 45.-US $
ID: Displ00918

Grafik Fastvid 1.03,, optimal graphics card for Pentium-ll/Pro-PCs, Tempo+ 30 percent, Freeware,
ID: Fastv00314

Grafik Graphics with 3D-Hardwa re:DirectX, OpenGL, VRML
ID: Grafi00299

Grafik Graphics car d: Einbau-Anleitung
ID: Grafi00241

Grafik Grafikkarten-Tuning software and driver-updates:--without drivers runs nothing--for the original gives it to substitute: which alternative drivers more from your graphics card gets--increase speed through BIOS attitudes--Tweak-Programme--coolers and fans
ID: Grafi03188

Grafik Grafik-Plug-Ins: simple installation: P lug-In-Dateien has Endung 8BF mostly. these data files copy you picture processing into the Plug-In-Verzeichnis Ihrer. case's no one existing produces you a corresponding steward. with some program, this table is fix
ID: Grafi02309

Grafik Image Magick 3.8.5, 50 picture formats show and process
ID: Image00070

Grafik Irfan View as miniature observers in the Explorer integrate: instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Irfan03348

Grafik Irfan View: PlugIns: How to install: a) Download PlugIns, b) Click on the PlugIn file, c) PlugIns will be installed into IrfanView "PlugIns" directory.
1) MP3 - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play MP3 files.
2) VIDEO - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play video/sound files (AVI, MPG, WAV, MIDI, ASF, AIF, SND)
3) IV_PLAYER - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play video/sound/audio-cd files (AVI, MPG, WAV, MIDI, CDA, WMA, ASF, AIF, SND etc.)
4) FPX - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read FlashPix files.
5) LWF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read/write LuraWave LWF files.
6) LDF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read/write LuraDocument LDF files.
7) EMAIL - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to send images as emails.
8) PCD - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Kodak PhotoCD files (high resolutions).
9) JPG Transformation - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to process lossless JPG transformations.
10) QUICKTIME - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play Apple Quicktime movies.
11) KDC - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Kodak Digital Camera files.
12) Filter Factory - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to use Filter Factory 8BF files (Photoshop PlugIns).
13) FORMATS - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read some rare image formats (G3, RAS, BioRAD, Dicom/ACR, Mosaic, XBM, XPM, GEM-IMG, SGI/RGB, WBMP).
14) FLASH - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Macromedia's Flash/Shockwave files.
15) DJVU - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read AT&T DJVU files.
16) RA-Player - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play Real Audio RA files.
17) Filters Unlimited - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to use Filters Unlimited files (Photoshop PlugIns and filters).Check for full info.
18) NCC - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to display NCC information from JPG, GIF and PNG files. Please read this site for some informations about nCC or visit for full info.
19) SFF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Structured Fax Files.
20) MED - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play MED/OctaMED audio files.
21) EXIF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to display EXIF-Information from EXIF-JPEGs.
ID: Irfan07690

Grafik Keyview pro 6,0, supports more than 200 graphics formats, is converted + pocker,... blue CD
ID: Keyvi00520

Grafik KWIKDRAW 3.02: small vector sign program
ID: KWIKD00067

Grafik Loupe 2.2: sections of screen looks at, in clipboard copies
ID: Loupe00106

Grafik Microangelo Librarian, processes from Win95-Symbole
ID: Micro00434

Grafik Paint Shop pro 6x: Workshop: file formats, photos, edges, turn retouch, contrast middle sounds sharp drawing picture optimization color course, text, GIF-Animation, lign* ups... in PC-MAGAZIN PC-Welt 00/05 from side 144 Paint Shop pro 5x: Workshop: file f
ID: Paint01364

Grafik Paint Shop pro 7, filetyp at the storage: standard is the filetyp at storage under *. PSP. It doesn't give any option seemingly to alter about the filetyp. tip: here is a registry modification necessary:' HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Jasc\Paint Shop pro 7\S
ID: Paint02825

Grafik PC-Welt-Artikel < Exif header s > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF.--Exif-Header and the programs this these information can finish reading.--DCF-Standard--GPS-Daten in the Exif-Header
ID: PC0We05764

Grafik POVRAY 3.0: photo-realistic pictures (Rayrtracer)
ID: POVRA00068

Grafik Show Magic 2.0, Powerful presentations - in realtime. Easy and fast making of Screensavers and AVIs. Create great DiaShows or title your own AVIs using nice (3d) screeneffects and graphic-fonts. Show Magic includes lots of pictures, sounds, 3d-objects and effect-avis...
show Magic 1.33, on CD PCWelt 99/07, page 174
Old URL:
ID: Show000862