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Fax DSL-Fragen: can I over ADSL also faxes sends? no, you still must transfer fax news per Faxgerät or Faxmodem. an own one becomes with DSL, compatible frequency range started not with fax.
ID: DSL0F03355

Fax Exchange v. Win95: complete description of the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Excha00036

Fax F3: fooleries with W in95, modem installation, Faxzubehör: external storage, Troubleshooting,...
ID: F300F00094

Fax Fax&Fon with T-Online fooleries without Faxgerät, as simply as email. many T-Online-Kunden, that this function possibly is, know not at all.
Therefore before they buy a Faxgerät, maybe shortly on the T-Online-Homepage, in which Kundencenter look!!! favorable and practical:
T-Online Fax&Fon assumes the clock around fax and telephone call for you. without Faxgerät, answering machines or constantly switched on computers. also Faxversand is possible. all quite simply.
With Fax&Fon, you get a personal telephone number and an answering machine functionality additionally. fooleries as simply as email co the current version the T-Online email software as simply as enamel sends you to fax.
You/they need to put in nothing extra. your individual Faxformular: the enamel of Center offers you several Faxköpfe to the drawing selection. and over the button < attitudes > can high-load you own presentations for head and Faxsignatur there and can store.
Fax with each Internet-PC: fax reception and - peters out even then is possible, if you use DSL and your computer doesn't have Fax-Modem or ISDN-Karte at his disposal.
ID: Fax&F06266

Fax Fax+AB+E-Mail under Windows: ISDN, modem, pro solutions
ID: Fax+A06344

Fax Fax-to-Mail-Solution: on the basis of an official prohibition disposal through the federal network agency can be allotted no more ortsnetzfremd fax and phone numbers.
Many services become as consequence of this regulation, as FOR EXAMPLE Fax2Mail-Dienst, at the end of the coming year 2006 put in.
Only Germany involves.!!!
ID: Fax0t06000

Fax LG-Fax Client/Server Professionel 3.0d, servers 230.-DM, Client 138.-DM
ID: RVS0C00817

Fax Addition for" Microsoft fax": fa xes process and administer.
ID: Zusat00101