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Excel Addition mistakes with monetary format w ith Excel 7.0/8.0: Zusatzl. command ROUNDS (A1-2) uses
ID: Addit00390

Excel It orders of a call word to the opening of a work folder: if you produce a call word, you should write it down and at a sure place should store.
If the call word gets lost, you can neither open the call word-protected work folder, still on the data contained in it grabs.
* click you in the menu file at storages under.
* click you in the menu extras on general options.
* Inputs you in the field Lese-/Schreibkennwort a call word, and then clicks you on O.K..
* eights you on the Groß-/Kleinschreibung.
Give the call word exactly in the notation one, that later should be used, including Groß and lower-case letters.
* gives you to call word input about opening in the field repeats the call word again in one, and then clicks you on O.K..
* Click you at storages.
* click you if necessary on yes, in order to replace the existing work folder with the opened work folder.
Comment if you add a file a call word-protected work folder adds, the call word protection is canceled.
You/they become with the admittedly adds the work folder asked to the file to the input of the call word, however, the protection is canceled if the work folder turns into a section in the file.
ID: Anfor05966

Excel Auto filter with protected spreadsheet: after the password protection for a spreadsheet, the autofilter works no more. Solution only with VBA-Code:

sub blattschutz()
activesheet.EnableAutoFilter= True
activesheet.Protect "passwort", userinterfaceonly:=True
End Sub

tested with Excel2000
ID: Auto005833

Excel Processes, declining in Excel 2000. Excel 2000 lets only 16 actions canceled. over a Registry-Eintrag, the number can be increased.' HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Excel\OPtions' of new DWORD-Wert' UndoHistory' adds adds, as decimal value
ID: Bearb02396

Excel Drop-down list produces validity' over menu': step 1, list of the values produces, FOR EXAMPLE in a hidden area of the table step 2, field of marking, in which the drop-down list should appear, FOR EXAMPLE B2, step 3, menu < Daten><Gültigkeit > selects st
ID: Dropd02979

Excel Excel 2000 and auto correction : problem: all entries beginning with" http" or" www" or"... @..." is altered with the auto correction of hyper link. to avoid about this, a high comma can be placed before the cell content (for example' http://abcde.fg). the
ID: Excel01718

Excel Excel 7.0: example with function ISTTEXT (, ... tests line on text or date or number
ID: Excel00044

Excel Excel 97/2000: individual standard attitude store s: file as model presentation with name" Sheet" in the table \ Microsoft Office\Office\xlstart stores, they then reach this presentation over Datei/neu/sheet. tip: records as macros and a button assigns.
ID: Excel01237

Excel Excel, Office tools: Biorhythmus EPTZoomControl infinite zoomen, Viewer, calendars, passport word input field, date assistant, Speeling, grammar examination, checks X-Bar Add-in, XY Chart Labeln easier Beschriftung/Diagramme
ID: Excel00946

Excel Excel95: replaces from special charac ters: special characters doubly inputs, for example" ~ ~", also for lookups,
ID: Excel00980

Excel Excel97 (8.0): automatic storage must b e after-installed over Add-Ins of the CD.
ID: Excel00597

Excel Excel97: bug with the adds from numbers between 1900 and 9999 with decimal position if is existing already in another field one of the numbers. bug fix = SR1 for Office 97
ID: Excel00614

Excel Excel-Viewer for data files of Excel95
ID: Excel00076

Excel Formulas: all formulas in the table leaf (Excel97,2000) shows: with the touch-tone combination < Strg > < #> is shown the formulas in all cells. if you input the touch-tone combination again, the values appear again.
ID: Forme02845

Excel Released work folders in the networ k (EXCEL from 97): step by step instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Freig03011

Excel Gif-Grafiken insert: GIFIMP 32.FLT from Office 97-CD
ID: Gif0G00332

Excel Border awls, indexes, interpretations with Excel (from Excel 97), different ideas to the accentuates from limiting value numbers: traffic lights,...
ID: Grenz01462

Excel CALENDAR WEEK: this function delivers the week number. however, the statement is not right in agreement, (caution), with the DIN1355
ID: KALEN00439

Excel KGRÖSSTE: this function delivers B2 the K-grössten value of a data series (FB KGRÖSSTER); Q2; 2 = 2.-biggest. co = sum (Kgrösster) B2; Q2; 1,; KGRÖSSTER, B2; Q2; 2, the 2 pointed values of a data series are added.
ID: KGR0S00432

Excel Commentaries (Excel 97/ 2000) format: commentaries has formatted itself like normal text fields!
ID: Komme01465

Excel Commentaries: grabs Excel-Commentaries and show the commentary at other place. The function with the call, for example, =Kommentar(Tabelle1!A3):
Public Function Kommentar(Bezug As Range) As String
Kommentar = Bezug.Comment.Text
End Function

ID: Komme05958

Excel Pictures in Excel-commentaries, (EXCEL 97-2003), shows a little known possibility to show pictures in the commentary field:
--commentary aims.
--rights Maustaste, with it exactly on the marked edge clicks.
--' Commentary formats' selects
--sub' color and lines' picks you color
--then' filling effects',' graphics, graphics selects' It unlike graphics format is admitted.
ID: Komme07589

Excel Commentaries: texts in commentaries (1) changes: simple macros, is valid only for cell A1 and the content of the cell is deleted:
Sub Test()
Dim Kommentar$
Cells(1, 1).Select
Kommentar = Cells(1, 1).text
Cells(1, 1).ClearComments
Cells(1, 1).AddComment.text Kommentar
End Sub

With a loop you could write the cell content from other cells in the commentary field one.
ID: Komme05954

Excel Commentaries: texts in commentaries (2) changes: Sub Makro1()
ActiveCell.Comment.Visible = False
ActiveCell.Comment.Text Text:=ActiveCell & Chr(10) & ""
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-9
End Sub

ID: Komme05955

Excel Model presentations for folders and tables: in the steward XLSTART, MAPPE.XCT and TABELLE.XLT
ID: Muste00479

Excel pcwBreaker.bas from PC-Welt. these macros deactivates the password protection of an Excel-Mappe. for Excel 2000 and XP
ID: pcwBr05509

Excel Per touch-tone combination (all versions) jumps. goal: if a certain cell is marked, one should jump with a touch-tone combination into another table. a work (filling of an Excelliste) should enable this without mouse. example:
* * Code start * * Public Sub SKUeb_Berechnen (,' * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Select Case ActiveSheet.Name Case" Tabelle1" Select Case ActiveCell.Address Case" $B$9": Worksheets (" Berech. B1". Activate:
Worksheets (" Tabelle10". Cells(9 4. Select Case" $B$10": Worksheets (" Berech. B1". Activate: Worksheets (" Tabelle10". Cells(19 4.
Select End of Select End Select End sub * * code end * * this routine another touch-tone combination assigns., extra, macros, macros (options)
ID: Per0T08753

Excel Problem: connections updates, although non e exist in the spreadsheet. solution: inclusion names fixes, corresponding entries delete
ID: Probl00284

Excel Rounds with function OBERGRENZE , for example 13,76 on 13,75: = HEAD BORDER, A1-0,025; 0,05, 13,76 on 13,80: = HEAD BORDER, A1-0,05; 0,01, 13,76 on 15,00: = HEAD BORDER, A1-2,5; 5,
ID: Runde00373

Excel Side numbers with offset: if your printout should begin with side 20you input following in the head or footer: & [Seite]+19 important to it that exists before and after 2 blank characters each is.
1 blank characters each function as invisible clamp.
ID: Seite07802

Excel Table data departure : in Excel area copies on desktop with right mouse click, context" inserts". this entry or table area per Drag And Drop into another application or Excel-sheet insert, goes also with WORD,
ID: Tabel00438

Excel Values joined worth through static replaces: if a part of an Excel folder will pass on, there is the problem on occasion, that values won't show, since these connections are to the rest of the folder. solution:
* Marks you the area of the connections contains * [Strg][C] (copying) * menu" of processing, contents insert" *" values" selects * [OK] instead of the connections is statically the values in the Excel-sheet contained now.
ID: Verkn08754

Excel Cells size: number of the signs in a cell is restricted on 255 signs, in commentaries, however, 4096 signs are possible
ID: Zelle05956

Excel Cells with certain background colors add up, 2 mod ules to the types out in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Zelle00243