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E-Mail Centermail 3.0 Homep@ge-Tool, effective against Spam, generator for email camouflage addresses,
ID: Cente03832

E-Mail Data files per e-mail send with : T-Online, Microsoft Internet-Mail and Netscape Communicator
ID: Datei00158

E-Mail E-Mail-Zenzor 1.1 of Homep@ge-Magazin, deletes unnecessary statements from the outgoing e-mail header, FOR EXAMPLE used e-mail program, computer name,...), statements of konfigurierbar full version against the CD
ID: E0Mai03399

E-Mail Phony Mails: everyone can simply send news in your name, with your Mailadresse as an originator. this entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--precautions--SMTP-Server: holes--Remail-Dienste--digital
ID: Gef0l02615

E-Mail Basic knowledge, alias,...
ID: Grund00169

E-Mail Headers decode
ID: Heade00838

E-Mail HEADERS of e-mails look at:, outlook express: message marks, and < Strg><F3 > presses, outlook 98 u. 2000: message opens, menu [view menu], [options], outlook 97: no possibility, Netscape Communicator: menu [view menu], [document headers, all], Pegasus-Ma
ID: HEADE01321

E-Mail Netscape 3.x for T-Online configure: SMTP: mai, old, however still usable: - POP3:, old, however still usable:, further info in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Netsc00394

E-Mail Outlook & outlook express topi cs of the article:--missing e-mails seeks--PST data files--Autoarchivierung--data backup at Outlook-Express and outlook--compression of the PST data files: manual or automatically?
ID: Outlo03067

E-Mail Outlook 97/98/2000: regional holidays adds adds: file Ou tlook.txt seeks, backup copy produces, Outlook.txt in the editor open and supplement. this file can be edited like an INI-Datei. the file again in the text format stores. in the calendar, you import
ID: Outlo01914

E-Mail Outlook 98 security gap: outlook 9 8 doesn't enable users the access to hidden data files of a NT4-PCs authorized. blame is the Attachement-Funktion: with the selects a file them/her/it per Mail should be sent, also hidden data files and stewards, that pro
ID: dfgdg01792

E-Mail Outlook 98 u. 2000, second time zone in outlook shows: w hether business partners are available exactly for a telephone call abroad, can be determined in normally only after awkward conversion of the time difference. since however, outlook frequently runs
ID: Outlo01711

E-Mail Outlook express: Standard-Client forces: if outlook cannot be furnished e-mail program express over the system control (internet, programs) of standard, as well as if a news of the Standard-Mail-Programm appears with each start of outlook, you give follow
ID: Outlo01996

E-Mail Outlook employs the CPU to capacity. if outlook 2003 on interplay with Exchange employs the PC completely to capacity, other programs run only inertly, the Outlook.ost is responsible on occasion. file simply renames, first outlook closes.

ID: Outlo08659

E-Mail Pegasus Mail 4.7 is available since March 2014 (EN and DE), and fixes current problems with SSL3 encryption (telekom germany, ...)
ID: Pegas08846

E-Mail Pegasus Mail V4.0: Quick Copy. This function, not to sometimes work, seems, however only if several identities exist. Reason:
Enamel this with an identity was produced, doesn't have postponed itself with Quick Copy, if another identity is discontinued momentarily. also no news comes It.... it simply doesn't go. solution:
Identity changes, in which this email sent or was received.
ID: Pegas05953

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 1 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: the quality of the Windows Sockets-Implementierungen, the at the moment available is, varies extremely strongly. you - if you have problems with WinSock-basierten news in Pegasus Mail - should
ID: Pegas01873

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 2 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: the menu entry" network configuration" or one of the other WinSock-Menüeinträge is out of stock: [*] Pegasus Mail could have problems to find the WINSOCK.DLL - you guarantee that itself this f
ID: Pegas01874

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 3 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: Pegasus Mail reports" invalid password", if you make a connection pop 3 Server to one; the password is correct, however. [*] the password could admittedly be right, your user name however not,
ID: Pegas01875

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 4 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: you tries, that Microsoft WINSOCK.DLL of Windows 95 to use, however, connection problems have. these and similar mistakes touch i.d.R. therefore, that you have more WINSOCK.DLL-Dateien than th
ID: Pegas01876

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 5 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: you, to use Microsoft's WINSOCK.DLL 32 bits of Windows 95, tries, but doesn't get any automatic Anwahl at the store for Pegasus Mail. that seems a general problem in the 32 bits WINSOCK.DLL th
ID: Pegas01877

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 6 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: like can hinder Pegasus Mail one at loading the WINSOCK.DLL automatically? Pegasus Mail has over a built-in support of many e-mail protocols, that runs over TCP/IP., to prepare about this supp
ID: Pegas01878

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL tip 7 from the PMail 3.12c-Hilfe: some people tries, answers from your pop 3 server directions to send, that are invalid from outside. however, you wrote down a correct address in the advanced configuration - why does Pegasus
ID: Pegas01879

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and Windows 95: mistakes in NWCALLS.DL L: It gives a mistake in the NetWare-Emulation under Windows 95, that leads, that it reports a server connection, where is not any existing. they can remove this situation easily in that you force Pegasus
ID: Pegas01881

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and Mercury: mistakes: this can send Windows 95 users no news about Mercury - she/it gets the reference" missing $$signature". It seems a heavy mistake to be available in the NetWare-Warteschlangenemulator of Windows 95 that leads that the on
ID: Pegas01882

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL: tip 8 from the Pmail 3.12c-Hilfe. you try the WINSOCK.DLL or WSOCK32.DLL delivered with Windows 95 to use, however, connection problems have. this mistake and variations of it therefore touch in normally that you have another
ID: Pegas01883

E-Mail Pegasus Mail and SMTP-Zeitzonen: this field becomes use only in surroundings without NetWare. you should write down the world time zone valid with you here, either as deviation of the" universal Coordinated Time" or as time zone name, more final is not re
ID: Pegas01884

E-Mail Pegasus Mail, filetyp for appendixes: tip for advanced: Pegasus Mail uses a file for the establishing of filetyps by the name of FILETYPE.PM, that is in the mailbox table. they can process this file in order to alter existing filetyps or, to add new. the
ID: Outlo01714

E-Mail Pegasus Mail, tip: appendixes deletes: appendi xes can now be deleted also from Multipart-MIME-Message. It is now possible to delete each section from a Multipart-MIME-Message, but only in the folder "Incoming"!
ID: Pegas01888

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: updating interval for new mail: this option b oasts, how frequently Pegasus Mail should search the system for new news, if the window menu is in the foreground for new news. the standard attitude is here all three seconds. you should increase
ID: Pegas01885

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: command line options: ca n run 3.12c. Pegasus Mail departure from the German PMail-Hilfe version in a large series of different surroundings and supports a multiplicity of news formats and transport protocols. this versatility also means that
ID: Pegas01871

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: einwählen: depa rture from the PMail 3.12c help. PMail corresponds to the Windows Sockets - specification, that represents a standard communication protocol for the access to internet-drawees., to handle about the deficiencies of the Microsof
ID: Pegas01872

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: advanced configuration of the WinSock Mail, opti ons for outgoing, SMTP)-Mail: - this" Von"-Feld in the SMTP-Umschlag uses. an internet message is essentially composed from two parts - the message itself and the cover. the cover is in approxi
ID: Pegas01886

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: advanced configuration of the WinSock Mail, opti ons for incoming, POP3)-Mails: connection with pop 3 server on port: the TCP/IP-Port, to which the server listened on your connections'. the default for this field is 110 which is the port numb
ID: Pegas01887

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: configuration of the Windows Socke ts: with it you the support of sending and receiving built-in in Pegasus Mail of news of TCP/IP can use, you must own a properly installed Implementation of the Windows Sockets on your system.. sub a 16 bit
ID: Pegas01880

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: stewards secures problem: would like to postpone bigger steward structures, as backup. possible solution: second users (FOR EXAMPLE' backup') positions the too verschiebende/kopierende stewards with the HauptUser over the file HIERARCH.
PM seek, file name of the steward stands after the second colon. corresponding data files (always 2) beispiel.PMM and beispiel.PMI over the Explorer of an user table into the other Kopieren/Verschieben.
The stewards then appear to backup' in the most upper plane with user', and can be postponed structure in the proportionate binder with demand like usual in PMail then. over a connection with / I has backup one access at this backup then.
In order to then get back the one or Mail to the HauptUser, maybe one still can then use HP the national binder, somebody has desire once to write a small VB-Progi, that automates this work, selections of the HIERARCH.
PM, selecting of the wished stewards, origin entry from the HIERARCH.PM (Undo) notices, User table for backup interrogates, data files kopieren/verschieben,... and this in both directions,
ID: Pegas07728

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: tip to the generates from address book entries: if you have a message from the person, whom you would like to pick up into the address book, you can simply open the address book and can pull the message out of her/its/their steward per Drag
ID: Pegas01889

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: tip for big dispatcher lists: heeds y ou, that the internal editor for the dispatcher lists can process at most 32000 signs. bigger lists can produce you, in that you they. PML-Datei directly with an external text editor processes.
ID: Pegas01890

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: tip to the dictionary: problem: I has an incorrectly written word from mistakes into the dictionary with inserted. like can delete it again I? solution: personal user dictionary (USRDICT3).
PMD, simply with a text editor opens and the word dissolves little (with closed Pegasus).
ID: Pegas06535

E-Mail Pegasus Mail: tip to the layout: problem: since long time has a problem I if I use the trisected" in window menu mode" with preview.
The Iconleiste is cut off at the low edge - therefore is not sufficiently high to show about the Icons. it is included no matter whether I of only Icons" the attitude"," only text" or" Icons+Text" uses. solution: Pegasus Mail closes and the file STATE.PMJ from your mailbox table with a text editor open and delete the lines, that begin with" V4FP",: with the next start should be again all on the initial state reduced.
ID: Pegas06536

E-Mail Pegasus: Mails as texts exports Ordner/Exportieren in the menu... also increases Mails together
ID: Pegas00064

E-Mail Pegasus-Mail, address book produces : to the imports from address books in PMail the steward Adressbuch first must be opened. then, a menu' gets along address book / imports' to disposal. the text file must have following format, with what #blank character
ID: Pegas01997

E-Mail Pegasus-Mail, dispatcher lists produce: the text file must have following format: \ TITLE model list \ NOSIG Y (Name1 Vorname1) (Name2 Vorname2)... etc..... if you want to prepare data from a data bank, this could look in V
ID: Pegas01998

E-Mail Pegasus-Mail: installation on other computer transfers: step by step instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN. the kernel is the program PCONFIG.EXE
ID: Pegas02919

E-Mail Pegasus-Mail TOOLBAR: It is also possible to customize the toolbar layout using a simple text file called TOOLBAR.PM in your home mail directory. For more information on customizing your toolbar, please see the file BPANEL.TXT in the RESOURCE subdirectory of the directory where you installed Pegasus Mail. Different identities can have different toolbars selected
ID: Pegas08752

E-Mail Pegasus-Mail: no connection with the Winsoc k tip of T-Online-Berater: question: I works for Windows with the Trumpet Winsock and Pegasus-Mail. my Winsock could configure right I - the connection with the Internet-Host works. however I cannot access my Mai
ID: 0Pega01864

E-Mail Telnet: if an e-mail blocks the mailbox can become you with Telnet (in the delivery capacity of Windows) cleared:, DOS box starts," Telnet Ihr_PopServer 110" inputs' of Ihr_PopServer' through the correct name (for example replaces, Telnet-Fen
ID: Telne01316

E-Mail Umlauts: mime provides for flawless transfer: if your Mail s have success with the receiver with incorrectly displayed umlauts, it is presumably that your Mailprogramm is not configured correctly:--outlook express: under' extra, options, dispatch', only on
ID: Umlau02471

E-Mail Winpopup and Win-NT: Winpopup is element of Win3.x and 9x, is missing, however, with Win-NT and 2000., to send about nevertheless Mail,: to the prompt following commands shift and use": net sends users to message", with what users the user" users" or comp
ID: Winpo01720

E-Mail www4mail search results of enamel: this enamel address enables it, FOR EXAMPLE with Yahoo and Altavista, to get search results per e-mail,: sends one enamel you at upper address, without reference, with following text: SEARCH YAHO
ID: www4m02917