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Dateimanager Midnight Commander 4.0, record MC4_0.exe on CD, better than Norton Commander, supports long file names
ID: Midni00340

Dateimanager MS-Explorer: additional functions as programs like Swshell 1.1.005, Expprint 0.3, Changext 1.6, in the internet available,
ID: MS0Ex00179

Dateimanager Penta suite of Pentaware. file managers. in the new version, PDF-Dateien can be produced. a graficviewer, a zip packer and an encoding module contain.
ID: Penta05465

Dateimanager Total Copy 1.10 improves the copy function of the Windows-Explorer, copies with right mouse button (pull), Copy-Action can be broken off and can be repeated, for example if place doesn't exist sufficiently on the goal drive, Freeware, English, file
ID: Total02275