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Abkürzung AAC: Advanced Audio Coding, successors of MP3, part of the MPEG-II-Standards
ID: Abk0r02239

Abkürzung ACCH associated control channel. the ACCHs are canals for the transfer of Signalisierungs and control data in GSM-Netzen.
You/they have as well as over an Uplink - also as over a Downlink-Verbindung and is direct interconnected with an existing canal. one distinguishes between "slow" ACCH, SACCH with 50 Bit/s, and "fast" ACCH, FACCH with 333 Bit/s.
Both transaction rates essentially differ in the block hazard time, that is essentially better with the fast version,
ID: ACCH005989

Abkürzung ACD: Automatic Call Distributon. usually on CTI'S based systemsthat refer detailed telephone calls computer-aided at different workplaces.
ID: ACD0005734

Abkürzung ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. The ACPI specification is an open industry standard first released in December 1996 developed by HP, Intel, Microsoft, Phoenix and Toshiba that defines common interfaces for hardware recognition, motherboard and device configuration and power management. According to its specification[1], "ACPI is the key element in Operating System-directed configuration and Power Management (OSPM)".
Source Wikipedia
ID: ACPI005734

Abkürzung ADOX: Active Data Objects Extension of for DDL at the Security. library for MS-Access
ID: ADOX005734

Abkürzung ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subcriber Line. a procedure developed by Motorola, that should increase the data transfer installments considerably in conventional copper pipes, therefore above all in the normal telephone network, through digital transmission.
ID: ADSL003477

Abkürzung AEE Advanced Email Extractor. This Program is designed to extract e-mail addresses from web-pages on the Internet (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks.
ID: AEE0005937

Abkürzung AES Advanced Encryption standard, with 128 bits,
ID: AES0A05734

Abkürzung AES Attachement Execution services. Introduced with Win-XP SP2, so that Mail-Attachments cannot be executed fully.
ID: AES0A05733

Abkürzung AGCH access Grant channel. the AGCH-Kanal transfers the information over taken place canal assignments or corresponding dismissals in GSM-Netzen
ID: AGCH005985

Abkürzung AIFF: audio Interchange file format. music file format: the counterpart to WAV on APPLE-computer.
ID: AIFF005734

Abkürzung AIIM Association for Information and Image Management.
ID: AIIM006166

Abkürzung AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, or its acronym Ajax, is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the entire Web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. This is meant to increase the Web page's interactivity, speed, and usability
ID: AJAX006080

Abkürzung ALS Alternate line service. A GSM-Service, with which one can assign the communication costs to two different cost places with the Handy, is of AL: commercially and privately or the like whether this GSM-Dienst can be used, depends on the network operator
ID: ALS0005988

Abkürzung AMD: Advanced Micro Devices is manufacturers a computer chip from the USA. K6, that are faster with appearance for the first time, look up excited the business with his/its processor series for the first time as the at the moment available products of Int
ID: AMD0005734

Abkürzung AMR-Slot: Audio Modem Riser Slot. outlet this above all for audio cards is used.
ID: AMR0S03479

Abkürzung ANet Automotive Network
ID: ANet006093

Abkürzung ANSI: American National standard institutes. American standardization institutethat is comparably with the German DIN-Institut. only respects admittedly are being normsis accepted broadlyhowever.
ID: ANSI003480

Abkürzung ANX Advanced Network Exchange.
ID: ANX0006094

Abkürzung API: Application Programing interface: functions this from Windows to the disposal is put. name of a software matching unit, that provides a trouble-free cooperation of the individual modules within an operating system.
ID: Abk0r02433

Abkürzung APN Access point name. the Access Point behalf (APN) is the name of an external network. in GPRS-Netzen, it is the network, to which the Subscriber can make a connection.
The APN becomes use only within the GPRS-Netzes and can for the data transfer, the connection with a portal or for multimedia Messaging services (MMS) used becomes
ID: APN0005986

Abkürzung ARM: Advanced RISC Machines.
ID: ARM0008839

Abkürzung ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network: The precursor to the Internet, ARPANET was a large wide-area network created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Established in 1969, ARPANET served as a testbed for new networking technologies, linking many universities and research centers. The first two nodes that formed the ARPANET were UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute, followed shortly thereafter by the University of Utah.
ID: ARPAN05934

Abkürzung ASCI advanced speech call item. With the particular ones for authorities and organizations as well as for the track of conceived GSM-Dienste, GSM-BOS and GSM-R, it is about services, that are not supported directly by GSM, that is necessary for these usage areas, however.
Is fitting the ortsabhängige addressing technique, the so named Location Dependent Adressing (LDA), to it the functional addressing technique (FA), the group reputation for the language communications (VGCS) and the Sammelrufdienst (VBS).
The ortsabhängige addressing technique necessarily is a participant in order to put the Leitzentrale into the position from her/its/their position independently too kontaktieren.
The functional signal number, with which the network is in the situation, forms the participant too kontaktieren to it on the basis of the implemented function, an essential prerequisite. this signal number is known as MSISDN and marks a function
ID: ASCI005987

Abkürzung ASCII American standard code of for piece of information Interchange. the ASCII-code fixes the dual coding of all numeric characters and signs of the Latin alphabet. by the standardization of the ASCII-code, the communication between different programs a
ID: ASCII03481

Abkürzung ASP Active Server Page
ID: ASP0006095

Abkürzung ASP: Application services providers. ASP serve the customers as a software supplier, who makes applications available for Abonnement-Basis, she/it applications and program functionalities rent. ASP prepare marketable standard software or software, that we
ID: ASP0005734

Abkürzung AT: Advanced Technology.
1. older name for PCs with a 80286er processor.
2. older building point standard for motherboards and casings. The keyboard connection is executed as DIN-Stecker (like audio plugs).
ID: AT00A05734

Abkürzung ATA: AT-Attachment. a specification for the connection at an AT bus, that was defined by the ANSI. you are above all for hard disks of importance and construct elements of the IDE - and OATHS - agreements. ATA becomes so on the occasion of as synonym for
ID: ATA0005734

Abkürzung AT-Bus: old name for the ISA-Bus, in fact in his/its extended form with a width of 16 bits.
ID: AT0Bu03484

Abkürzung ATM: Asynchronous transfer fashion, the at present most efficient transport protocol. co this asynchronous transfer method is transported data in maximum speed over the internet. the maximum performance of AT directions amounts to 155 megabits. an ISDN-Le
ID: ATM0005734

Abkürzung ATX: Advanced Technology Extended: The ATX format is a standard for cases, power supplies, motherboards and plug-in cards of microcomputers. The ATX form factor was introduced in 1996 by Intel as a successor for up to that time prevailing AT form factor. The actual ATX format and the smaller version Micro-ATX (also uATX) are currently the dominant formats for PCs and desktop computers.
ID: ATX0008776

Abkürzung AUC Authentification Center. the Authentification Center (AUC) generates the security parameters relevant for the GSM-Netz.
Is fitting the storage of the secret user key (Ki) to it, the session key (Kc) that is generated from the user key and a random number and the authentication over the Challenge-Response-Verfahren.
The Authentification Center sends the coincidence number (EDGE) to the mobile station, receives their answer and compares these with an even generated value. the Authentification Center works together functionally with the location table (HLR).
ID: AUC0005992

Abkürzung AVI: audio video integration. a technology of the company Microsoft, with which the common storage of picture and sound possibly is in a file. pre is stored all video sequences in this standard and then can look at easily in the internet and belongs, beco
ID: AVI0005734

Abkürzung B2B Business-to-business. Describes relations of commercial partners, without serving the end consumer.
See also:
* B2C business-to-consumer
* C2B consumer-to-business
* B2A business-to-administration
* B2E business-to-employee
* C2C consumer-to-consumer
ID: B2B0006096

Abkürzung BASIC beginner's universe Purpose Symbolic Instruction code, a programming language, that was developed in the 60er years. it is necessary to program as easily and therefore becomes use gladly from beginners in the programming.
ID: BASIC03488

Abkürzung BBS: bulletin board system, what translates so much like information system is called. BBS are used as information and discussion forums, that are accessible to all User like a bulletin board, in the internet. in the German, one calls BBS also mailbox.
ID: BBS0005734

Abkürzung BCC: Blind Carbon Copy. the concept appears in the context of e-mails and marks copy a" blind" one e-mail. the receiver doesn't find out on that occasion whoever got another such a copy besides him/it. the opposite is the Carbon Copy.
ID: BCC0005734

Abkürzung BDE: Borland Database Engine or also operation's data acquisition
ID: BDE0005734

Abkürzung BeOs: operating system, that was developed by the US-Firma Be. It was conceived specifically for multimedia applications and was had a graphic user interface at its disposal, similarly like with Windows 95 / 98 / ME.
ID: BeOs003491

Abkürzung B-ISDN see also ISDN (german telefon standard)
ID: B0ISD06097

Abkürzung Bit: composed from "Binary" (binary) and "digit" (numeric character). one bit is the smallest information and storage unit in the electronic data processing.
8 bits = 1 bytes
1024 bytes = 1 Kbyte (1KB)
1024 KB = 1 megabytes (1MB)
1024 MB = 1 gigabyte (1GB)
ID: Bit0005734

Abkürzung BSSAP Base Station System Application Part. The BSSAP is a protocol specified by the ETSI for GSM, also radio subsystem Application part named, this "base Sta
tion system management Application part" (BSSMAP) exists. the DTAP-Protokoll supports the news exchange between the mobile radio intercession system, MSC, and the mobile station.
Hereby, the connection information (CC) and the mobile management news (MM) of and to the mobile station is transferred station subsystem" transparently "base for this.
The BSSMAP is the actual protocol between the subsystem and the mobile radio exchange. the BSSMAP-Nachrichten serve the administration of the canal resources predominantly.
ID: BSSAP05993

Abkürzung BSSGP Base Station System GPRS Protocol. The data sent by a mobile station are converted into GPRS-Systemen in the basis station, sodass the LLC-Schicht directly on this base station system GPRS Protocol (BSSGP) lands.
BSSGP processes the data packets regarding the Routing-Informationen and the statements of the service kindliness (QoS).
ID: BSSGP05994

Abkürzung Byte: name for an information unit of data. one byte consists of 8 bits. the concepts Kbyte (1024 byte), megabyte (1024 Kbyte), gigabyte (1024 megabyte) and Terabyte (1024 Gigbyte) mark the volume of the bytes, that a file proves on the hard disk of the computer.
ID: Byte003493

Abkürzung C: Programing language, that was developed beginning of the 70 years in the context of UNIX. C is relatively hardware-independent. some elements, which contribute, are machine-oriented that written programs fast in C is executed. command and syntax are n
ID: C00Pr05734

Abkürzung C++: spoken: C plus plus. an expansion of the programming language C, that was developed in 1980. it is compatible to C, differs through the object bearings from this language, however.
ID: C000005734

Abkürzung CAD: computer Aided design. technical drawing and constructing with help on it specialized programs (CAD programs for construction) architecture etc.. the representation can two-dimensional or also three-dimensional is, then for example as wire fence mod
ID: CAD0005734

Abkürzung CAE: computers Aided Engineering, computer translates backed engineering" approximately". head concept for applications cut on the engineering, summarizes CAD, CAM and CAP.
ID: CAE0005734

Abkürzung CALDEL Call of Delivery. Edifact-message
ID: CALDE06098

Abkürzung CALS Computer Aided Logistics
ID: CALS006099

Abkürzung CAM: computers Aided Manufacturing. usage of computers, about the production course - from the preparation of the raw materials until the storage of the final product - to effektivieren and, to steer. at the base also information, that comes from CAD prog
ID: CAM0005734

Abkürzung CAP: 1. computer Aided Planning. production preparation for computers (production and work planning).
2. computer Aided Publishing. sentence and pressure of publications per computers.
3. Carrierless amplitude phase modulation, transfer procedures for ADSL.
ID: CAP0005734

Abkürzung CAPI Common-ISDN-Application-Pogramming-Interface
ID: CAPI006100

Abkürzung CAQ uter Aided Quality Assurance
ID: CAQ0006101

Abkürzung CAS: Column Address Strobe, the access to column addresses of the storage.
2. abbreviation for" Communication Application Specification". name for a not very widespread protocol for Faxkarten and Faxmodems, that from Intel and DCA, digital Communication As
ID: CAS0005734

Abkürzung CAS: Column Address Strobe: over this signal direction tells the memory chip the chip sentence, that a column address (RAM) is to be done
ID: Fine000482

Abkürzung CC: Carbon Copy. concept from the e-mail form. stands under the address line and is abbreviation for" Carbon Copy" - to German so much as well as coal paper crash with the meaning": copy at...". the CC-line picks up one or several additional e-mail address
ID: CC00C05734

Abkürzung CCC Chaos Computer Club
ID: CCC0007818

Abkürzung CCD-Ship/CCD-Sensor: hip/CCD-Sensor:hip/CCD-Sensor:hip/CCD-Sensor:hip/CCD-Sensor: rank Coupled Device: light conversion from digitally cameras
ID: Abk0r02149

Abkürzung CCITT Comité Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telefonique
ID: CCITT06102

Abkürzung CDDB: CD-Database, a internet data bank, in which 620.000 CDs are about charted momentarily, = >
ID: Shutd00928

Abkürzung CDO Colloboration Data Objects. CDO is an object model, whom developers can use for her/its/their user-defined solutions. the CDO-Objektmodell makes possible doing an user-defined solution following:
--Generates from program-controlled dispatch of news.--on address book information grabs.--on other data, that are stored in Microsoft Exchange servers 5.5, Microsoft Exchange 2000 and outlook, grabs.
The CDO objects are not installed at a standard installation of Office as well and must later (approximately 1MB and approximately 2 min of expenditure) is installed.
ID: CDO0005940

Abkürzung CD-R: also brute named. a volume in the CD formatthat is described only oncebut can at will often be read. the CD-ROM brute is described with data only once whatever can happen through several sessionsuntil he/it fully is. after it can the dataas
ID: CD0R003502

Abkürzung CD-ROM: Compact disk - Read Only memory. a CD volume, on which can be stored up to 700 MByte of digitized data. however, these data cannot be changed and can be read only from one CD-ROM drive. CD-ROMs are read in the principle like Audio-CDs.
ID: CD0RO03503

Abkürzung CDS Construction Drawing Subset
ID: CDS0005826

Abkürzung CGI: Common Gateway Interface. the standard programming matching unit on WWW-Server for this is CGI. some WWW-Server - according to installed HTTP-Software - have also more programming matching units. the usually use programming language for CGI-Scripts
ID: CGI0005734

Abkürzung CIB Computer Integrated Business
ID: CIB0006103

Abkürzung CIM Computer Integrated Management
ID: CIM0006104

Abkürzung CIR committed information rate, a specified amount of guaranteed bandwidth (measured in bits per second) on a Frame Relay service. Typically, when purchasing a Frame Relay service, a company can specify the CIR level they wish. The Frame Relay network vendor guarantees that frames not exceeding this level will be delivered. It's possible that additional traffic may also be delivered, but it's not guaranteed.
ID: CIR0006105

Abkürzung CMS Card-Management-System
ID: CMS0006583

Abkürzung CMS Color-Management-System:
ID: CMS0006584

Abkürzung CMS: Content management system
ID: CMS0005734

Abkürzung COM: Communication port. the serial interfaces COM1 and COM2 are meant by it etc. the PC. to the matching units, external devices like mice or modems are connected mostly.
ID: COM0005734

Abkürzung COM: Component Object Model. a standard defined by Microsoft for the communications and control of software components. this standard is independent from programming languages and is put in with OLE 2.0, for example.
ID: COM0005733

Abkürzung CP/M control program for microcomputers
ID: CP/M006065

Abkürzung CPC colour Personal Computer
ID: CPC0006064

Abkürzung CPU: Central Processing Unit, marks the processor of the computer. as central arithmetic - and controller is the processor responsible for all calculations as well as for the data exchange for the storage and to the other components in the computer. co hi
ID: CPU0005734

Abkürzung CRM Customer Relationship Management.
ID: CRM0006106

Abkürzung CSCW Computer Suported Collaborative Working
ID: CSCW006107

Abkürzung CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access mit Collision Detection
ID: CSMA/06108

Abkürzung CSP Certified Service Provider
ID: CSP0006109

Abkürzung CSS: Cascading Style Sheet: a modern supplement to HTML, in order to give the last cut to a home page. an additional language for. htm with which one leaps and possibly is uniform formatting by means of style presentations.
ID: CSS0005734

Abkürzung CTI: computers telephones integration. name for systems, that make the treatment of language and computer data possible with the same digital technology. CTI forms the basis for ACD in Call Centern.
ID: CTI0005734

Abkürzung CTP Community Technology Preview. CTP-Versionen for example for drivers
ID: CTP0008725

Abkürzung CUG: Closed User Group, a closed user group. a not public area is meant by it, for example from Newsgroups etc., where only certain User have access.
ID: CUG0005734

Abkürzung CULV: Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage is a computing platform developed by Intel. Newest CULV processors are also in Core i7 and Core i5 product lines (32 nm)
ID: CULV008777

Abkürzung D1 1) A 3/4" (19mm) broadcast-quality component digital videotape format that records uncompressed frames in the ITU-R BT.601 standard. Using costly tape decks and metal-particle cassettes, D1 uses 1MB of storage for each frame and 2GB of storage per minute. At 30 fps, it requires a 27MB/sec transfer rate, as there is a small amount of compression that takes place.
ID: D100005982

Abkürzung D1-Netz D1 Network: the D1-Netz is a digital mobile radio network, that is run by T-Mobil in Germany and is based on GSM. the D1-Netz and the D2-Netz work in the frequency range of 900 MHz.
The D1-Netz went in operation in 1992.
ID: D10Ne05983

Abkürzung DAX eXchange
ID: DAX0006110

Abkürzung DAX engineeing ngineeing ngineeing ngineeing ngineeing webEDI-Application for ENGDAT and VDA 4951
ID: DAX0e06111

Abkürzung DAXLogistics webEDI, Application for Logisticdata
ID: DAXLo06112

Abkürzung DAXWARE Kommunikationssysteme von HÜNGSBERG (Germany)
ID: DAXWA06113

Abkürzung DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility. Remote application for PC
ID: DCAF006114

Abkürzung DCF Design Rule for Camera file system. guidelines for appliances from the area picture processing (digital camera, printers). these information could contain in the Exif-Header of images/fotos.
ID: DCF0005763

Abkürzung DCOM: Distributed Component Object Model. an expansion of the COM-Standards, with which the communications is defined by objects in a network. DCOM therefore is element in Windows NT.
ID: DCOM003509

Abkürzung DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange, dynamic data exchange. procedures about the program-encroaching data exchange for Windows (from version 3.0). data are exchanged on that occasion between two different applications in that a file of the source application (serv
ID: DDE0005734

Abkürzung DDNS Dynamic DNS = dynamic administration of domain names. users can tie the solid static names of the domain address of means DDNS to a dynamic IP. you require for it from the supplier of the DDNS service a furnished account, a password and your static d
ID: DDNS005734

Abkürzung DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
ID: DECT008879

Abkürzung DELFOR DELivery FORecast (EDIFACT – Nachricht „Lieferabruf“)
ID: DELFO06115

Abkürzung DELINS Delivery Instructions
ID: DELIN06116

Abkürzung DELJIT DELivery Just in Time (EDIFACT – Nachricht “Feinabruf”)
ID: DELJI06117

Abkürzung DENIC is the central registration place in all Domains below the Top level '.de'. The tasks are diverse:
So the DENIC makes available an automatic electronic registration system for the domain administration, runs a network of name servers distributed over the whole world and holds for the german internet Community a whole series of further services ready. The DENIC fills domain with the administration of the Top level '.de' a selective technical task and carries responsibility together with its members for an important area of the internet.
ID: DENIC05929

Abkürzung DES Encryption standard, or Triple DES,
ID: DES0D05734

Abkürzung DESADV DESpatch ADVice (EDIFACT – Nachricht „Lieferschein“)
ID: DESAD06118

Abkürzung DFÜ: Data long-distance transfer (German-Acronym). Every form of data traffic, that is handled over a network, is meant by it. also: file of Windows, with which one can bring access to a network as well as to the internet. one requires a phone number, an use
ID: DF00005734

Abkürzung DGO Group Objects
ID: DGO0006119

Abkürzung DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: simplify the configuration of PCs in the network. DHCP assigns an at present not used IP-Adresse from an address pool automatically to the Clients and can hand over info additionally.
ID: DHCP006519

Abkürzung D-HTML: Dynamic-HTML, a procedure with him/it web page interactive is shaped. D-HTML is no standard of the W3-Consortium but a concept, that is used from Microsoft and from Netscape, of the new possibilities the 4. generation of the browsers.
ID: D0HTM03512

Abkürzung DIMM: dual Inline memory modules: is the at present current modular construction form. almost is 168 polig all Dimms and has a 64 bits wide data bus (category RAM) <tt>~~~~~~~~~~</tt> further definition: widespread RAM modulein form of a small plug-in card with
ID: Abk0r02356

Abkürzung DIN German Institute for Standardization, is a registered association, founded in 1917. Its head office is in Berlin. Since 1975 it has been recognized by the German government as the national standards body and represents German interests at international and European level.
DIN offers a forum in which representatives from the manufacturing industries, consumer organizations, commerce, the trades, service industries, science, technical inspectorates, government, in short anyone with an interest in standardization, may meet in order to discuss and define their specific standardization requirements and to record the results as German Standards.
ID: DIN0005928

Abkürzung D-Kanal canal in the ISDN. Each basis - as well as each Primärmultiplexanschluß owns exactly one canal, over which the linkage is handled. Additionally, election information (for example transmission of the telephone number) can be passed on over the D-Kanal and to restricted extent and until now only with the basis connection, usefulness data are transferred.
ID: D0Kan06120

Abkürzung DLL: Dynamic Link Libraries, contains u.a.. API-Funktionen, English for dynamic reference record; also Laufzeitbibliothek named. file, the set element (routines) of Windows programs contains. the elements of such a library are loaded dynamically, i.e. onl
ID: Abk0r02434

Abkürzung DMA: Direct memory Access", DMA. direct data transfer of drives or external devices in the storage. them allows high data transfer installments and almost always becomes with OATH today - hard disks uses. the transfer is regulated over the DMA controller,
ID: DMA0005734

Abkürzung DMA-Mode: direct data transfer of hard disk and storages. in contrast to the PIO-Mode, she/it doesn't become from the processor but from the DMA - chip steered.
ID: DMA0M03514

Abkürzung DNS Domain name server, is in the network for the realization of the internet addresses as well as computer names, in IP-Nummer responsibly.
further definition: domain name system - the directory of the internet.
ID: DNS0D05734

Abkürzung DOS Disk Operating System
ID: DOS0D05734

Abkürzung DPL: digital Power Line. data transportation from the power line.
ID: DPL0005734

Abkürzung DPMS: display power management Signaling, a norm of the VESA for electricity savings circuits of monitors. DPMS is also element of TCO92.
ID: DPMS003516

Abkürzung DRAM: Dynamic Random Access memory; translate: dynamic storages with random access. a widespread type of Speicher-Chip (RAM), that is used for the storage. a DRAM stores the information as a series of freights in tiny condensers. if the condenser is loade
ID: DRAM003517

Abkürzung DRDOS MS-DOS-kompatibles DOS of the company digital Research.
ID: DRDOS06066

Abkürzung DRI Dynamic Range Increase
ID: DRI0007639

Abkürzung DSL: digital Subscriber Line. procedures for digitized transfer per voice-grade channel, that stands in competition by ISDN, because it allows quite high transaction rates also in copper pipes. this however only on shorter routes (2-5 km), so that many ar
ID: DSL0005734

Abkürzung DSP Digital Signal Processor.
ID: DSP0006121

Abkürzung DSS1-Protokoll Protokoll Protokoll Protokoll Protokoll DSS1 is the name of the signaling protocol between ISDN-Endgerät and the exchange. On the basis of an European standard.
ID: DSS1006122

Abkürzung DSTN: Double Super Twisted Nematic, a representation procedure by LCD-Bildschirmen, that on super Twisted Nematic is founded. the polarization foils near DSTN are twisted very strongly against each other, 240 degrees, and that corrects emerging color di
ID: DSTN003519

Abkürzung DTD Document character Declaration: Dokumententyp-Angabe in HTML-Dateien, information about the accolade language gives, and over it like strict itself the source text at the rules of this language holds. example: <! Doctype HTML PUBLIC" - / / W3C/DTD HRM
ID: DTD0D05734

Abkürzung DVB-S Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite
ID: DVB0S08884

Abkürzung DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial
ID: DVB0T08883

Abkürzung DVB-T2 Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial, 2nd generation.
ID: DVB0T08885

Abkürzung DVD: digital Versatile disk or digital video disk. volumes, similarly the CD, but with a higher storage size, that is gained by a narrower track leadership.
ID: DVD0005734

Abkürzung E/A: Ein-/Ausgabe, also Input/Output, English, abbreviation I/O, named. transfers name for processes, programs and components, into the computer (input) the data as well as for users (edition) represents. E/A-Aufgaben are taken over from external devices
ID: E/A0005734

Abkürzung ECC: Error Correction code. a procedure about the mistake correction with RAM-Speicherbausteinen, that is put in with very efficient PCs.
ID: ECC0005734

Abkürzung ECMA: European computers Manufacturers Association - European union of the computer manufacturers. the ECMA has her/its/their seat in Switzerland. it takes care of uniform standards of information and telecommunication technologies.
ID: ECMA003523

Abkürzung ECP: Enhanced Capatibilities port, Bios-Einstellung for Parallel-Port with the about 1MB/s throughputs.
ID: ECP0005734

Abkürzung EDI: Electronic Data Interchange - electronic data exchange. a commercial data service for the paper-free exchange of information in and between businesses.
ID: EDI0005734

Abkürzung EFF: Electronic drudgery animal Foundation - an almost already legendary US-Organisationthat occupies itself with the social and licit interestthat originates through the fast growing computer and internet communications. the EFF was established in Ju
ID: EFF0005734

Abkürzung EFM Eight-to-Fourteen-Modulation: burner drive parameters
ID: EFM0E05734

Abkürzung EIDE: : Enhanced Integrated Device Equipment. OATHS are an interface standard, that was developed westerns opposite his/its predecessor IDE of the hard disk manufacturer digital and is regarded as answer to the expansion of SCSI. other hard disk manufactur
ID: EIDE003526

Abkürzung EMM Expanded memory managers. see also EMS.
ID: EMM0006067

Abkürzung EMP electromagnetic pulse
ID: EMP0008820

Abkürzung EMS: Expanded memory Specification; English for expansion storage specification. this specification is used to the expansion of the storage under DOS. up to four so-called page frames become on that occasion in the UMA, English: page frames, used by 64 KB
ID: EMS0005734

Abkürzung ENUM derives from t[e]lephone [nu]mber [m]apping and stands for a protocol, with which resources from the telecommunication - and the internet area can be joined. a number for all services:
with the ENUM-Protokoll, the most different communication services are identified name of system (DNS) under utilization of the domain over only one telephone number and with are gone down well.
The system takes care automatically that the terminals are selected, that are useful to the edition of the message.
A detailed fax therefore lands on a Faxgerät, for example, a telephone call can after wish on a solid network appliance, that portable phone or a Voicebox will refer.
The DENIC executes a test mode, in which an operation model should be developed for ENUM in Germany, since autumn 2002.
ID: ENUM005930

Abkürzung EPP Enhanced Parallel port, Bios-Einstellung for the parallel port with the about 1MB/s throughputs.
ID: EPP0005734

Abkürzung ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning. integrated computing system to the business planning. It comprises all aspects and computer methods they to execute about an effective business planning is used. to the knownest ERP-Systeme, SAP. ERP hears be a developme
ID: ERP0005734

Abkürzung ERUNT Emergency Recovery Utility for NT: Tool for the backup of Registry under Windows.
ID: ERUNT06002

Abkürzung ETX: final of text. element of a protocol. It signals the end of a data acquisition or a message.
ID: ETX0005734

Abkürzung EULA End Users License Agreement
ID: EULA007606

Abkürzung EVA: input, processing and edition. marks the basic functions of every electronic data processing.
ID: EVA0005734

Abkürzung Exif Exchangeable image file. the Exif-Header is used mainly with JPEG-Bilder as well as is in the picture integrated, and information like camera manufacturers, reception date, contains lightning attitudes, etc....
The picture processing program ACDSEE (under others) can show the EXIF-Informationen.
ID: Exif005760

Abkürzung F2F: Face to face, in e-mail-news and Chat-Diskussionen - therefore from" face to face". usually an inquiry or invitation hide behind meeting itself/themselves personally.
ID: F2F0005734

Abkürzung FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - questions placed frequently. lists, in which is answered competently and descriptively all frequently put questions to certain topics, are It. the lists constantly are supplemented. they always are current through it.
ID: FAQ0005734

Abkürzung FAST: Federation Against software Theft. the" union against the robbery of software" is an initiative of the software industry. your goal: the Konntrolle and criminal prosecution of users, the pirated copies of software use. one goes become pay every se
ID: FAST003534

Abkürzung FAT: file Allocation Table, also as FAT 16, FAT 32 marks. the concept appears with almost all operating systems and marks the table of contents of hard disks, CD-ROMs and floppy disks so to speak. the FAT is a table, that is used by the operating system,
ID: FAT0005734

Abkürzung FDDI: fiber Distributed Data interface. standard protocol for the fast, long-range transfer of sparse wave managers (fiberglass) as well guarantees high data security, since fiberglass cables cannot be monitored.
ID: FDDI003535

Abkürzung FIRST f orum of of Incident Response and Security teams. an international union of organizations for the security of the data communications.
ID: FIRST03536

Abkürzung FLAC Free Lossless audio codec. OpenSource codec, that compresses audio data files loss-freely.
ID: FLAC005768

Abkürzung FLOPS: Floating Point Operations Per Second. the speed marks, with which particular mathematical processors work in a computer.
ID: FLOPS03537

Abkürzung FTAM File Transfer Access and Management
ID: FTAM006124

Abkürzung FTP transfer Protocol, first was put in in the Arpa-Net (forerunners of the internet). at the 23.06.1971, the final setting was introduced. further info under
ID: FTP0F05734

Abkürzung GALIA Abstract electronic delivery note for CAD/CAM data after the requests of the French automobile industry.
ID: GALIA06125

Abkürzung GEDCOM Genealogical Data Communication:
ID: GEDCO07702

Abkürzung GIF: Graphics Interchange format - a frequently used file format for pictures on WWW-Seiten. the GIF-Forrnat was developed by CompuServe in order to be able to reduce picture data files strongly. this as," compression" marked procedures the most important
ID: GIF0005734

Abkürzung GNN: globally Network navigator - a search engine in the WWW.
ID: GNN0005734

Abkürzung GNN: Good News Net - one Christian oriented American web site.
ID: GNN0005733

Abkürzung GPRS: general Paket radio services, and the next generation of data transfer systems marks. on this occasion one pays only for the Download volume, not for the time required for it.
ID: GPRS003541

Abkürzung GPS: globally Positioning system - a satellite-pegged navigation systemwith the shipairplanes or cars comfortably her/its/their way finds. very popular in luxury cars.
ID: GPS0005734

Abkürzung GSM: globally standard for mobile Communications. a protocol this of digitized information with portable phones is used. in Europe, there is GSM 1800, the used frequency is in 1800, for the E-Netz and GSM 900 for the D-Netz. soon, GSM should be replaced t
ID: GSM0005734

Abkürzung GUI: Graphical User interface - graphic user interface. the mouse-controlled surface introduced the triumphal march of the PCs. for the first time from Apple in the Macintosh computers in the year 1984 realizes, GUI is the standard of almost all software
ID: GUI0005734

Abkürzung HBCI Home Banking computers interface: comfortable and secures data transfer procedures for the on-line Banking. additional the online access to Internetbanking offers you most banks also the possibility, with a payment transaction program, for example,
Starmoney, WiSo, lively, to lead your accounts comfortably and simply online.
ID: HBCI006533

Abkürzung HD Hard Disk
ID: HD0Ha05734

Abkürzung HFD Hauptanschluß Für Direktruf (Telefon, German)
ID: HFD0006126

Abkürzung HPFS: High performance file system. a file system of the operating system OS/2. It supports long file names 254 signs with maximum and uses the volume more effectively through individual clusters, that don't need to be summarized to sectors.
ID: HPFS003545

Abkürzung HSCSD H igh Speed Circuit Switched Data. this technology makes a higher transaction rate possible in the GSM-Netz since several language canals are focused.
ID: HSCSD03546

Abkürzung HTML: hyper text Markup Language. HTML is a so-called accolade language (Markup Language). it has the task to describe the logical elements of a document. as accolade language, HTML therefore contains commands to marking of typical elements of a document,
ID: HTML003547

Abkürzung HTTP: hypertext transfer Protocol. with it computers each other understands, they must have common rules. above all the protocols of the TCP/IP provide the data exchange for the internet. the HTTP belonging to the TCP/IP-Familie regulates the transfer of
ID: HTTP003548

Abkürzung IAB: Internet Architecture Board. The IAB is chartered both as a committee of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and as an advisory body of the Internet Society (ISOC). Its responsibilities include architectural oversight of IETF activities, Internet Standards Process oversight and appeal, and the appointment of the RFC Editor. The IAB is also responsible for the management of the IETF protocol parameter registries.
ID: IAB0005931

Abkürzung IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority: Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good.
ID: IANA005935

Abkürzung IAP: internet Access providers, an institution or company, that offer accesses to the internet, in normally against a charge. another name is ISP": internet services providers."
ID: IAP0005734

Abkürzung IBM: International business Machines. EDP pioneer company. a world concern, of the external devices and mainframes produces:
ID: IBM0005734

Abkürzung CANN: I nternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. company that was called by the US-Wirtschaftsministerium into the life in 1998 and over the award of the Top-Level-Domain - Endungen decides. additional the award of internet addresses and fro
ID: ICANN03551

Abkürzung IDE: Integrated Development Environment, English for integrated development environment. an user interface is marked with it for computer programmers, in which all required tools like editors, compilers etc. directly attainable is.
ID: IDE0005733

Abkürzung IDE: Integrated Device Equipment. also AT-Bus hard disk named. IDE was introduced by Compaq and westerns digital as interface standard (40polig) in 1984 and should be used for connecting disk drives and hard disks with as low as possible expenditure. the
ID: IDE0005734

Abkürzung IDEA International Data Encryption standard: encoding standard for data
ID: IDEA005734

Abkürzung IDSL: internet digital Subscriber Line. It was developed on the basis of DSL and should enable transaction rates of approximately 1 megabits per second (1 MBit/s) of digital transfer technique for the internet.
ID: IDSL003554

Abkürzung IEC ternational Electrotechnical Commission. The International Electrotechnical Commission is the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electrotechnology. Info
ID: IEC0006063

Abkürzung IEEE: institute Of Electric And Electronic Engineers, institute for electricity and electronics engineers. American standardization institute, that defines norms among others in the network area.
ID: IEEE003555

Abkürzung IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group. More Informations under
ID: IESG005932

Abkürzung IETF: internet Engineering task Force. this" internet developer usage group" is part of the internet of Activities board (IAB), an international community of network experts, who coordinates the researches about the internet. the IAB publishes reports wit
ID: IETF003556

Abkürzung IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification.
ID: IGES006127

Abkürzung IMAP: internet Mail Access Protocol. alternative, to POP3, internet protocol about the transfer of e-mails. for the user, the difference in it, that the Mail remains on the server at first, passes her/it/them until the user from there down-loads and delet
ID: IMAP003557

Abkürzung IMEI: International mobile Equipment Identity. 15-stellige identifiers for Handys
ID: IMEI005734

Abkürzung IMHO: , frequently ironically thought, abbreviations of e-mails or in the Chat" In my humble opinion" -" my modest opinion after."
ID: IMHO003558

Abkürzung INDEO: : : : : Intel video. a solution of the company Intel to the manufacture and playback of digital videos. the data are compressed on that occasion on 10 to 20 percent of the original scope. INDEO consists of Soft and hardware components. the videos are trans
ID: INDEO03559

Abkürzung InterNIC: the club" forgives internet Network piece of information of Centre" the IP-Adressen as headquarters. the IP-Adressen must be unequivocally certain so that the users actually reach the virtual goals. furthermore both organizations as well as priv
ID: Inter03560

Abkürzung INVRPT Inventory RePort (EDIFACT – Nachricht „ Lagerbestandsmeldung „)
INVOICE EDIFACT – Nachricht „Rechnung“
ID: INVRP06128

Abkürzung IP: Internet Protocol, together with the transmission Control Protocol. heart of the internet technology. it almost always is named in the combination TCP/IP. the network protocol of IP administers the transportation of the information units in the n
ID: IP00I05734

Abkürzung IPL: Initial Program Load(ing, initial program loading. IPL occurs in the context of mainframes and marks the loading of the operating system into the storage. these operation systems contain many megabytes at program codes, that adjusted again with each
ID: IPL0005734

Abkürzung IPng: Internet Protocol next generation - a new version of the IP, with which the IP-Adressen from six instead of like until now from four numbers should exist. this creates more addressing technique possibilities for web sites. the new version is necessa
ID: IPng003563

Abkürzung IPP: internet Presence providers, particular internet services offer. you help with technical problems and at the formation by WWW-Seiten. in Germany, IPPs frequently appear as normal service providers.
ID: IPP0005734

Abkürzung IP-Spoofing: Spoofing means" feels dizzy"," fools"," outwits". the IP-Spoofing takes advantage of a security gap in IP-Netzen. FOR EXAMPLE a malicious provider can fake a wrong IP-Adresse through a manipulated connection protocol and can avoid simple acce
ID: IP0Sp03565

Abkürzung IRC: internet Relay Chat - world-wide internet protocol. this" was Relay Chat" internet in the internet the first possibility, itself" live, to entertain. end of the 80er years of the Finn Jarkko Oikarinen develops. after logging on an IRC-Server can choo
ID: IRC0005734

Abkürzung IRL: in actually life -" in the correct life"; in e-mails and Chats, in contrast to the life in the virtual space of the internet.
ID: IRL0005734

Abkürzung IRQ: interrupt Request, English for interruption inquiry. co an IRQ is communicated the processor, that an external appliance would like to execute a certain action. this happens over so-called interrupt directions, that are interrogated in regular distan
ID: IRQ0005734

Abkürzung IRTF: internet Research task Force. belongs to the IAB, the international community of network experts, that coordinates the research about the internet, like the IETF. the IRTF takes care of long-term developments, for example internet 2 and IPng. also s
ID: IRTF003569

Abkürzung ISA: Integrated system Architecture, one from IBM 1981 introduced standardized bus frameworks for the PC. at the beginning, ISA was a 8 bit of system and was widened to the 16 bit of system in 1984, in this form, ISA is called also AT-Bus. the clock frequ
ID: ISA0005734

Abkürzung ISAM: Indexed Sequential Access Method. in German: index-sequential access. this is a method in an extensive access-database to the faster access to a data record.
If cannot be grabbed on this method, a run time mistake is not found ISAM 3170 - Installierbares, caused. in all the rule, the corresponding ODBC-Treiber are missing on the target computer for the data bank.
Nothing else therefore remains for you, than to determine, which drivers are required, is differently this according to type of the data bank and after access mode, and, to after-install these.
Another possibility still would be that you have yourself vertippt with the assignment of the Connect-Eigenschaft plain and simple. then, also this error message can appear conceivably.
ID: ISAM006045

Abkürzung ISDN: Integrated services digital Network - a principle is to the transfer of language and data. works in contrast to conventional telephone connexions with digital instead of with analog signals. higher transmission speed, more inferior sturgeon suscepti
ID: ISDN003571

Abkürzung ISO: ISO-Number, International standards Organization, the film speed of a film as well as the CCD elements gives camera digitally to one, at. this international standardization organization of technology is the counterpart to the broadly known German D
ID: Abk0r02150

Abkürzung ISP: internet services providers. among these companies or institutions are marked that the subnetworks of the internet drive. the internet consists of the networks of the individual providers and each provider therefore must provide for a smooth exchange
ID: ISP0005734

Abkürzung IT: information Technology, and collective concept for all, - which has to do with information technology - of the data management in businesses over internet technologies until the mobile communications about Handys or Pager.
ID: IT00I05734

Abkürzung ITDN Integriertes Text- und Datennetz (German)
ID: ITDN006129

Abkürzung ITU-T: : : : : International Telecommunications union, section Telecommunication. the internationally discussing committee on the telegraph, and Fernsprechdienst is a subsidiary of the UN and gives standardize respects for the technical qualities of communication
ID: ITU0T03574

Abkürzung JDBC Java Database Connectivity
ID: JDBC007538

Abkürzung JIT Just In Time
ID: JIT0006132

Abkürzung JSP: Java servers page. name for a technology, by means of derer Java-Servlets in HTML-Webseiten can be bound. by this Servlets, the content or the layout of the Web side are determined before she/it is conveyed to the browser. JSP, as the name already sa
ID: JSP0005734

Abkürzung KI: artificial intelligence - software, that copies aspect of human thinking, as well as imitates. is developed for different applications. examples: soccer game-finishes robots (further info under, cars, that independently the way of the
ID: KI00K05734

Abkürzung KiB is the abbreviation for KibiByte, an unit of measurement of digital piece of information and newer more exact name for Kbyte. introduction was highly kilo for 10 the prefix there in year 2000 3, =1.
000, stands, the IEC-Norm defines Kibi the prefix, for 2 high 10 (=1.024). * 1 KiB/KibiByte = 1024 bytes * 1024 KiB/KibiByte = 1 MiB/MebiByte * 1 KB/KByte/KiloByte = 1000 bytes
ID: KiB0006062

Abkürzung LA Location Area, abidance area. the Location Area is the place, at which the mobile station is exactly.
This area, that forms the logical summary of several neighboring radio cells, is checked by the VLR-Datenbank in GSM-Systemen and can include one or also several radio zones.
The size of the Location Area is dependent on the traffic density and the capacity of the visitor register. the size should be in a way that the participant data constantly don't need to be updated with local movements of the mobile station.
Big LA can be up to 4000 qkm big
ID: LA00005990

Abkürzung LAN: Local Area Networks - restricted networks are locally, for example in companies. you connect the Arbeitsplatz-PCs with servers. LANs often are switched into the Wide Area Network (WAN) over a router or a gateway, for example into the internet.
ID: LAN0005734

Abkürzung LCD: liquid Crystal display - marks a flat picture monitor. in contrast to the conventional screens, that work with cathode-ray pipes, LCDs consist of liquid crystals, that are accommodated between two disks or foils. sub normal prerequisites lets through
ID: LCD0005734

Abkürzung LDAP: Lightweight directory Access Protocol. protocol and procedures about the simplified search in stewards / tables.
ID: LDAP003579

Abkürzung LIM-Standard: Lotus-Intel-Microsoft-Standard. from these three companies, norm for the EMS storage defined.
ID: LIM0S03580

Abkürzung Linux c omposition from Linus Torvalds (the developer) and UNIX. Linux is a popular variation of UNIX, that is run-capable on virtually all the PC. particularly at Linux is, that the complete program code is freely accessible. computer programmers can imp
ID: Linux03581

Abkürzung LISP List Processing, programing language
ID: LISP006739

Abkürzung LME Layer Management Entity
ID: LME0006133

Abkürzung LSASS Local Security Authority Subsystem, lsass.exe
ID: LSASS06300

Abkürzung MacOS M acintosh Operating system. the operating system of Apple was the first with a commercially successful graphic user interface. the Apple-System achieved what Windows 95 as well as 98 only make possible since short, already end of the 80er years: de
ID: MacOS03582

Abkürzung MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser.
ID: MBSA008639

Abkürzung MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components
ID: MDAC006399

Abkürzung MHz: megahertz. unit of 1.000.000 hertzes (frequency)
ID: MHz0005734

Abkürzung MIB Management Information Base
ID: MIB0006134

Abkürzung MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface..These data files have the Ending MID, info about pitch contain, lasts, dynamics. this standard for digital sound production puts the interface norm solidly, MIDI port, to the one and regulates the transfer of th...
ID: Die0E00597

Abkürzung MIME: Multipurpose internet Mail Extensions. an expansion, with which can be blamed also binary data files at text-been based e-mails, pictures, sounds, programs, etc. MINE is Protocol (HTTP) solid element of the hypertext transfer and becomes as well as
ID: MIME003584

Abkürzung MIPS Millionen Instruktionen Pro Sekunde
ID: MIPS006135

Abkürzung Misc. miscellaneous, the English concept for" sundries". many Newsgroups carry this labeling. the contributions of such a discussion group are not unambiguous for an existing Themengruppe to assign.
ID: Misc003585

Abkürzung Mll: name, under which was developed of the 6x86-MX-Prozessor by Cyrix and IBM. however, these companies produce the processor no more, because the rights were sold.
ID: Mll0005734

Abkürzung MMC: Microsoft Management Console, computer administration program against Win2000, border application for configuration programs of all the type.
ID: MMC0002601

Abkürzung MMS: multimedia Message services - the transfer of multimedia contents like for example pictures, animations or melodies of mobile telephones enables. MMS is a development of the Short Message sets (SMS) and works practically like the classical enamel. th
ID: MMS0005734

Abkürzung MMX: multimedia Extension. a technology from Intel to the acceleration of multimedia applications (image processing, MPEG-Video) in Pentium-Prozessoren. the MMX-Technolgie is used also by other processor manufacturers in the meantime.
ID: MMX0005734

Abkürzung MOD: Magneto-optischer volumes, a volume for a MO drive. Oder abbreviation for" MO-Drive", see MO-Laufwerk.
ID: MOD0005734

Abkürzung MP3 MPEG1-Layer3, music format of the Frauenhofer-Institut, off sound information this for the human ear hardly perceptibly is. the amount of data reduces to one tenth through it.
ID: MP30g05734

Abkürzung MP3 Pro is an expansion of MP3. exists additionally from a second frequency range. alto decoders ignores the second bond.
ID: MP30P03461

Abkürzung MP4 Audio data format of globally Music Outlet. doesn't confuse better than MP3 encoded with MPEG4. MP4, however what the amount of data increases again is the Player integrated in each file.
ID: MP40A05734

Abkürzung MPA Multi-Protokoll-Adapter
ID: MPA0006136

Abkürzung MPEG: motion Picture Expert Groupcommittee of the international standardization authority ISO/IEC
ID: Liste00858

Abkürzung MPEG4 Audio. With this audio format wants the Frauenhofer - institute his/its competence at the audio compression on every type of audio signal widens. the increase canal compression should offer a flexible bit rate of 2 to 64 KBits/s according to standard.
ID: MPEG403463

Abkürzung MS DOS: MS DOS is compatible PC the original operating system for the IBM. the abbreviation stand of MS for Microsoft and DOS for disk's Operating system. at beginning of the PC era, only few PCs owned a hard disk.
ID: MS0DO03590

Abkürzung MSDE: Microsoft Database Engine: Lite version of the SQL-Server-Engine, that is included in Office 2000. based on SQL-Server 7
ID: MSDE002797

Abkürzung MSN: Microsoft Network, the on-line service of the company Microsoft. could not assert itself in Germany - because he/it was to dearly. in the Federal republic, there is a comfortable portal under
ID: MSN0005734

Abkürzung MSO: rosoft Office
ID: MSO0006048

Abkürzung MSRN mobile station Roaming Number. abidance number. the MSRN-Nummer is the abidance number of the mobile radio participant. this number serves the Rufweiterleitung and him/it routes of the connection to the residence of the mobile station.
The MSRN-Nummer is used to the addressing of the mobile radio exchange, for the access on the visitor table and to diverting the conversations. the MSRN-Nummer is not used for choosing
ID: MSRN005991

Abkürzung MTAPI Machine Translation Application Programme Interface
ID: MTAPI05727

Abkürzung MTU: maximum transfer Unit, translates so much like" maximum transfer unit". statement, how big the biggest data packet can be with a network connection
ID: MTU0005734

Abkürzung MUD: Multi-User-Dungeon -, from English" dungeon", to German prisons (dungeon). one understands a text-been based role-playing by them in the internet, that several people with - or plays against each other (" Multi-User". in the meantime, MUDs are played
ID: MUD0005734

Abkürzung MUG: multi User Game - on-line games mark, in which two or more people take part.
ID: MUG0005734

Abkürzung NAT ork address Translation (NAT) converting of network addresses. this function allows all your computers to go in your LAN with only one IP address into the internet. you don't need to assign several network accesses of your service supplier consequ
ID: NAT0N05734

Abkürzung NC: ork computers, a computer system, that orders (Java -) programs only with demand of a central server. a NC doesn't require any own hard disk since also all data are set aside on the server. he/it NC were regarded as future alternative to the conve
ID: NC00N05734

Abkürzung NCSA: national Center of for Supercomputing Applications. installation at the University of Illinois, that developed the WWW-Browser Mosaic,:
ID: NCSA003596

Abkürzung NDS: etware as well as Novell directory services. a far widespread operating system for LAN - networks. It was produced by Novell and was supported DOS, Windows and OS/2. cooperates furthermore of ND with all current transfer protocols.
ID: NDS0005734

Abkürzung NIC: Network interface Connector: Netzwerkkarte
ID: NIC0005733

Abkürzung NIC: Network piece of information Center. here the award of IP-Adressen and domain names is coordinated. moreover the primary name servers stand here. most upper authority for the internet is the InterNIC run by the company Network Solutions. the award of
ID: NIC0005734

Abkürzung NSDU Network Service Data Unit
ID: NSDU006138

Abkürzung NTFS: New Technology file system. a file system of Windows NT, that resembles HPFS. among other things the new version 5, that belongs to Windows 2000, allows simplified handling of data files and stewards, as well as from drives. also to each user can be
ID: NTFS003599

Abkürzung OCR: Optical Character Recognition. texts, that are available only in printed form, approximately in a book, a magazine or on a fax, becomes scanned and then read" from an OCR program". goods programs recognize texts to over 99 percent.
ID: OCR0005734

Abkürzung ODBC: Open Database Connectivity. a standardized procedure, that allows to access any data banks from an user program (Client) out without keeping an eye on it, on which computers (in networks) and in which tables the data really are. the file formats don
ID: ODBC003601

Abkürzung ODETTE Organisation for Data Exchange by TeleTransmission in Europe
ID: ODETT06139

Abkürzung ODP: n directory Project: the goal of the Open directory of Projectes is the producing of the most extensive internet table with help of a big community of voluntary editors. the Open directory is for itself one in which experts can collect her/its/the
ID: ODP0005734

Abkürzung OEM: original Equipment Manufacturer - what means, that a business produces products of another company under the proper behalf, with whose authorization of course. OEM-Geräte then are baugleich to the originals, carries another name, however. there is OE
ID: OEM0005734

Abkürzung OFTP Odette File Transfer Protokoll.
ID: OFTP006140

Abkürzung OLAP Online Analytical Processing, a method of the navigation marks within data after drawing selection criterions certain before like for example time period, saved or customer group with the possibility to the interpretation.
This instrument is used in the border of the Neukundengewinnung with cost usefulness analyses, for example. such diagrams or interpretations are called also OLAP-Würfel (more dimensional diagrams).
OLAP is a Retrieval-Methode in order to do multi-dimensional information continuances visibly. the increase dimensionality is reduced on that occasion to a two-dimensional matrix with many times indexed axes.
The axis identification can be changed on that occasion at will online in order to be able to compare other information. finally is a compression as well as expansion possible along hierarchical identification characteristics per mouse click.
OLAP-Produkte were marketed 1995 by Oracle and Informix. Microsoft followed suit with the SQL server in 7.0.
ID: OLAP006056

Abkürzung OLE: Object Linking of and Embedding, what so much means like objects connects and embeds. this procedure was developed by Microsoft for Windows applications in order to mix documents in simple way. through OLE, a file or a document can receive informatio
ID: OLE0005734

Abkürzung ORDERS EDIFACT. Message „Order“
ID: ORDER06141

Abkürzung OS Operating system. a program (operating system), what one needs in order to use a computer. It offers basic functions for user programs.
ID: OS00006068

Abkürzung OS/2: Operating system 2 (operating system 2) - was developed by IBM and Microsoft originally common. however as Microsoft 1990 Windows 3.1 introduced, it only came become offer to a break in the two one(s) and OS/2 from IBM. the operating system had domi
ID: OS/2003604

Abkürzung OSI Open System Interconnect
ID: OSI0006142

Abkürzung OWA Outlook Web Access allows any client with a compatible browser to access Exchange Server folders
ID: OWA0006137

Abkürzung PAD Packed Assembler Disassembler
ID: PAD0006143

Abkürzung PC Personal computers: home computers
ID: PC0Pe05734

Abkürzung PCI-Bus: Peripheral Component Interconnect bus - a 32 is or 64 bits wide bus system. It was introduced to bus end of 1991 of Intel with together 100 other companies, above all from the VESA, as development of the Local. It is strictly standardized and the
ID: PCI0B03605

Abkürzung PCL: Printer Command Language. printer language that of Hewlett Packard for laser printers was developed and with this Druckertyp frequently was used. PCL is a side description language and resembles calculated the essentially more efficient PostScript. P
ID: PCL0005734

Abkürzung PCMCIA: personnel computers memory of Card International Association - marks an international standard for plug-in cards, that is put into particular slots of a computer or laptops.
New name: PC-Card
ID: PCMCI03607

Abkürzung PDA: Personal Digital Assistant. A handheld computer that serves as an organizer for personal information. It generally includes at least a name and address database, to-do list and note taker. PDAs may be combined with cellphones and other wireless technologies, providing a mobile office for people on the go.
ID: PDA0006531

Abkürzung PDF: Portable Document format - a file format to the exchange of formatted documents. It was developed from the company Adobe. PDF-Dateien can be generated from any documents. for this one requires the program Adobe Acrobat, price: approximately 190 marks
ID: PDF0005734

Abkürzung PDM Production Data Management
ID: PDM0006144

Abkürzung PGP: Pretty Good Privacy - a free program, with which e-mail texts can be encoded. you only then are legible for the ones ones, that own a matching key to the deciphering. meanwhile, there are also expansions, with which one encode his/its entire hard dis
ID: PGP0005734

Abkürzung PHP: personnel Home page tools - a platform-independent Web application language is and gained importance strongly recently, before all things because it is Freeware. the syntax is ajar at the programming language C copied from few exceptions what the tra
ID: PHP0005734

Abkürzung PICS Platform for internet Content Selection. Metadaten and Labels to the offspring and youth protection:
ID: PICS005884

Abkürzung PIM The Personal Information Manager is a software, the identifying information like contacts, tasks, dates, notes of all the type, and in the extended understanding also documents like letters, faxes and e-mails administers.
PIM-Software can as well as is conceived for individual users also as for the operation in networks (LAN or WAN).
With network solutions, the user administration plays an important role since each user would like to administer his/its own data and all users don't look at all data or should process.
Furthermore, PIM-Software plays an important role on hand hero computers. known PIM-Produkte:
* Chandler (Open Source project) * CUEcards (Freeware-Outliner) * EssentialPIM (Clients for Windows, Pocket PC and U3) software standard, * Keep in Mind personnel (Freeware) * Kontact (with KO)
rganizer, KAdressbook and further components; see KDE under Linux, * Lotus Organizer * Microsoft outlook * Novell evolution * revolvers Mail (Freeware-Variante) * Sunbird * WinPIM * WinOrganizer
ID: PIM0006319

Abkürzung PIM Platform Independent Model is independently respecting a lot of identified platforms. there is the possibility through it, according to requests, the PIM, automatically through corresponding translators, to transform into a PSM. sources: http:
/ /
ID: PIM0006320

Abkürzung PIM- : Personal Information Manager.
ID: PIM0005905

Abkürzung PIN: personnel Identification Number as well as" personal identification number". finds among other things his/its usage with the Homebanking: the secret number is generated by a particular program, cannot be changed personally and is inputed at place of
ID: PIN0005734

Abkürzung Ping: Packet Internet Grouper. Name for a support program, that calculates the transfer duration of data packets between two computers. a data packet arrived, the program shows the required transfer time in milli seconds (m).
ID: Ping003612

Abkürzung PIO: Programmed Input/Output - type of the data transfer of the bus, that is steered by the processor. opposite: DMA.
ID: PIO0005734

Abkürzung PIO-Mode: PIO-Datenübertragung between hard disk and storages. the PIO-Mode is used hard disks, with what the processor steers the complete data transfer, with IDE - and OATHS -. this goes to loads of his/its performance what the speed of the entire syste
ID: PIO0M03614

Abkürzung POP: Point of Presence. name for the dial-up of an internet of provider.
ID: POP0005734

Abkürzung POP3: The third version of the"Post Office Protocol": thanks POP3 can call electronic mail about an internet connection (TCP/IP) of a particular pop 3 server a computer. the Mail is between-stored in a type Briefkasten, until the user, that must identify
ID: POP3003616

Abkürzung PPGA: Plastic Pin Grid Array. design of a processor (for example for sockets 370), with which a plastic casing is used, from whose underside the pens are led out.
ID: PPGA003617

Abkürzung PPP: Point of to Point Protocol - is important to the communication between two computers. first a simple protocol like PPP, the connection of a computer manages to another before a data transfer is executed. PPP is used in particular in order to join a c
ID: PPP0005734

Abkürzung PPS Produktion Planung Steuerung
ID: PPS0006145

Abkürzung PS/2: personnel system 2. family of PCs, that 1987 will market by IBM together with the operating system OS/2 and that should replace the previous PC. the PS/2-Rechner had a new bus system at their disposal, the micro canal with 32 bits of width. you shou
ID: PS/2003619

Abkürzung PSM Platform Specific Model. in contrast to the PIM, the PSM contains platform-dependent information and should be generated by corresponding Wrapper from the PIM automatically. sources:
ID: PSM0006321

Abkürzung RAM Random Access memory: describable SpeicherRAM, translates so much like storage with any access. marks the storage of a PC, that consists of chip components. every program installed on a computer including the operating system requires a least storage
ID: RAM0R05734

Abkürzung RAM Adapted rate mode. In rate adaptive mode of DSLAM adjusts the speed of the line.
ID: RAM0008849

Abkürzung RAPIDES ISDN in France
ID: RAPID06146

Abkürzung RAS: Row Address Strobe, category RAM, splits this signal the memory unit with, that at the address bus a column address is to be done.
ID: Abk0r02357

Abkürzung RDBMS Relationale data bank management systems
ID: RDBMS07539

Abkürzung RDP Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft proprietary network protocol for remote computer access. It enables the transmission of graphical screen content from a remote computer system and much more
ID: RDP0008922

Abkürzung RFC: Requests for Comments (RFC) document series is a set of technical and organizational notes about the Internet (originally the ARPANET), beginning in 1969. Memos in the RFC series discuss many aspects of computer networking, including protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts, as well as meeting notes, opinions, and sometimes humor.
ID: RFC0005933

Abkürzung RFD: Request of for Discussion - invitation to members of Newsgroups and Mailing-Listen, to discuss a placed topic.
ID: RFD0005734

Abkürzung RGB: red" green blue. a color systemwith which emerges from a ratio of these three basic colors until 167 million colors. if same parts of redgreen and blue are addedwhite emerges. RGB is used in monitors and scannersduring CMY (" Cyan"
ID: RGB0005734

Abkürzung Rimm: Rambus Inline memory modules (category RAM): marks the design they for Rambus-Speichermodule as well as an in - also as exit hasand 184 contacts.
ID: Abk0r02358

Abkürzung RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computer
ID: RISC008840

Abkürzung RJ11: type of US-Telefonsteckern with four contacts. he/it has the same function as the German TAE - plugs, is considerably smaller, however. in Germany, he/it is used, for example, to the of voice-grade channels in terminals (telephone, modem).
ID: RJ11003621

Abkürzung RJ45: also as RJ-45 and western plugs marks. a bigger variation of the RJ-11 with eight contacts; is used for network cables in particular as more plug-in.
ID: RJ45003622

Abkürzung RJE Remote Job Entry
ID: RJE0006147

Abkürzung RL: Real Life. Much online lives in two worlds, that virtual, named Virtual Reality (VR) and the real one(s), actually Life. since this circumstance costs much energy, you type words unwillingly, that one can also abbreviate, from.
ID: RL00R05734

Abkürzung ROM: ONLY MEMORY: Read Only memory - German": non-erasable storages". READ ONLY MEMORY is in the comparison to the RAM, however, a type of storage, whose content only read in the normal operation, cannot be described. the data of a read only memory remain
ID: ROM0005734

Abkürzung ROT13 r otation 13 - a simple principle to the encoding of information. every letter is replaced with the one one, of the 13 positions further in the alphabet stands. examples: a becomes n, from b becomes o, from n again a.
ID: ROT1303626

Abkürzung RSL: Rambus System Layer (category RAM): describes like the layout and has the electrical feature of a Rambus-Speichersystems to look.
ID: Abk0r02359

Abkürzung RTF: Rich Text format, (extended text format). RTF is a particular file format for the exchange of formatted texts between different word processors. advantage: universe important formattings like writing size, right, or left align,....
ID: RTF0005734

Abkürzung RTM Release to Manufacturing
ID: RTM0007758

Abkürzung RTML: Read The manual, what is called exorbitant": read the handbook". RTML is the polite invitation to read through the handbook before one bothers others with questions in a forum or per e-mail unnecessarily.
ID: RTML003628

Abkürzung RTOS Real Time Operating system: real time operating system
ID: RTOS005734

Abkürzung S/MIME: Secure MIME - a procedure for the encoding and to the electronic signing is from e-mails. the newer versions of the Netscape navigator and of the internet of Explorer enables the application of S/MIME.
ID: S/MIM03636

Abkürzung SAP: services Advertising Protocol, what so much translates is called as service proclamation protocol. It marks a network protocol, over which servers make her/its/their performances for the network accessible.
ID: SAP0005734

Abkürzung SAP: software, applications, products, a more significantly German software manufacturer with approximately 13000 employees. the company produces above all commercial programs for Groß and minicomputers.
ID: SAP0005733

Abkürzung SATA: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is mainly developed for the exchange of data between the processor and hard drive connectivity. Serial ATA was developed in 2000 by Intel from the older ATA standard.
ID: SATA008775

Abkürzung SCSI: Small computers system interface, spoken Skasi. SCSI an is matching units efficient, and bus system for them/her/it in, and edition of data with high transaction rates. It is suitable particularly for the work with several external devices and it is
ID: SCSI003631

Abkürzung SDK Software Development Kit
ID: SDK0007164

Abkürzung SDMI: Secure Digital Music initiativecommittee existing from over 200 companies and organizations from the electronics and music industry. info = ><i><br>Note: 9 / 10</i>
ID: Filem00839

Abkürzung SDRAM S ynchronous Dynamic Random Access memory, memory units this in a solid time step (synchronized) is spoken to. the accesses can be adjusted especially well to the used chip sentence and can be proceeded in very short cycles. you furthermore therefor
ID: SDRAM03632

Abkürzung SDSL: Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, an internet access technology. the classic copper double vein, that already exists in all conventional phone connections, is ennobled on that occasion to a data line of up to 2,3 MBit/sec into the internet. in the
ID: SDSL003633

Abkürzung SEDAS standard regulation more uniformly data exchange systems, data exchange formats for the tillage nature in the consumer-goods industry,
ID: SEDAS06148

Abkürzung SEO Search Engine Optimization: SEO refers to measures that serve that websites in the organic search engine ranking in the unpaid search results (Natural Listings) appear on higher places. source Wiki
ID: SEO0008864

Abkürzung SFID Start File IDentification
ID: SFID006149

Abkürzung SFNA Send File Negative Answer
ID: SFNA006150

Abkürzung SFPA Send File Positive Answer
ID: SFPA006151

Abkürzung SGML standard Generalized Markup Language. a text description language, with which Web-Pages can be produced so, that she/it on like all computer platforms looks.
ID: SGML003634

Abkürzung S-HTTP: Secure HTTP, a sure data standard. S-HTTP is the expansion the" hyper text transfer Protocol" to the data encoding and authentication between Web servers and browsers.
ID: S0HTT03635

Abkürzung SIMM: single Inline memory modules. name for a design of the RAMthat is put on the motherboard of the PC. easily SIMM modules are to be recognized through her/its/their pin assignmenta series of contact surfaces on the cardthere are 30-polige and 72
ID: Abk0r02360

Abkürzung SMAE System Management Application Entity
ID: SMAE006152

Abkürzung Smart Self Monitoringanalysis of and Reporting Technologywarning system for modern hard diskssee necessitates the usage of a Smart-Programms (FOR EXAMPLE Santools Smart disk monitor) separated entry under hard disk'<tt>~~~~~~~~~~</tt> SMART: a technology
ID: Smart02495

Abkürzung SMB Server Message Block, also known as Common Internet File System (CIFS) in an original version, is a network protocol for file, print and other server services in computer networks. ... Current Windows versions use SMB directly on TCP port 445 and resolve names via DNS and in small networks via LLMNR.
ID: SMB0008895

Abkürzung SMS: Short Message services, therefore allows short communications 160 signs until maximum in GSM, radio telephone networks, over Handy. SMS-Mitteilungen can be received parallel to a telephone call. the input of a news update takes place in a particular
ID: SMS0005734

Abkürzung SMTP: simple Mail transfer serves Protocol. SMTP to sending Mails between different Internet-Mail-Servern. transporting of there about the news to the user then are other protocols necessary (POP3).
ID: SMTP003638

Abkürzung SoC system-on-a-chip (SoC): microchip with all the necessary electronic circuits and parts for a given system, such as a smartphone or wearable computer, on a single integrated circuit (IC).
ID: SoC0008917

Abkürzung SPD: Serial Presence Detect (category RAM): name for one component of the Dimm, in which important parameters are saved for the SDRAMs. the Bios can call these information.
ID: Abk0r02361

Abkürzung SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation is a non-profit corporation formed to establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks that can be applied to the newest generation of high-performance computers. SPEC develops benchmark suites and also reviews and publishes submitted results from our member organizations and other benchmark licensees.
ID: SPEC007632

Abkürzung SQL: Structured Query Language: standard query language. this can be used directly or indirectly in (almost) all data banksSQL-ServerOracleAccess...). a programming languagethat serves the data bank query. it was developed on mainframes in the 70
ID: SQL0005734

Abkürzung SQLE SQL servers 2005 Everywhere. free variation of SQL server for mobile terminals like PDAs or Notebooks. see also NT02 of FEB2007 (Downloadadresse)
ID: SQLE007729

Abkürzung SRAM Static RAM (category RAM): fast Speichertyp with 6 transistors per storage cellcostly constructiondoesn't require any Refreshwas put in earlier than L2-Cache on motherboards.
ID: Abk0r02362

Abkürzung SRAM: Static Random Access memory. a storage chip with fast access, because he/it constantly doesn't have to be freshened up like the DRAM. the SRAM also is more expensive than the DRAM, however, and frequently is used cache for him/it.
ID: SRAM003639

Abkürzung SSDE: SQL-Server desktop Engine: similarly like MSDE, element of Office XP, based on SQL-Server 7
ID: SSDE002798

Abkürzung SSI Service-Segment-Interpreter (EDI)
ID: SSI0006153

Abkürzung SSI: Server Side Includes the possibility with the home page recurrent text data files to call into others. FOR EXAMPLE the menu lines, a copyright reference, footers, document headers, ETC..... possibly the sides must get them/her/it been stored
ID: SSI0005734

Abkürzung SSID Start Session IDentification (EDI)
ID: SSID006154

Abkürzung SSID: services set Identifier: services to forgiving of network names in the WLAN
ID: SSID005734

Abkürzung SSL: Secure Socket Layer. a protocol developed by Netscape about the sure transfer of sensitive data like credit cards or account numbers over the internet through an encoding procedure. co becomes the data a publicly accessible key encoded and can then b
ID: SSL0005734

Abkürzung SSMA SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access is a tool for migrating databases from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SSMA for Access converts Access database objects to SQL Server database objects, loads those objects into SQL Server, and then migrates data from Access to SQL Server. SSMA for Access supports Access 97 - Access 2003 databases.
ID: SSMA006556

Abkürzung SSPI Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) is an API used by Microsoft Windows systems to perform a variety of security-related operations such as authentication
ID: SSPI008822

Abkürzung STEP-CDS (Construction Drawing Subset). STEP-CDS is part of the international norm STEP ISO10303, standard for the exchange of product models data. Step-Files can FOR EXAMPLE with CATIA-V5 is read. see also file extention *. STP
ID: STEP005827

Abkürzung SVCD Super-Video-CD: development of VCD. co this format fits on a CD 60 minutes of film
ID: SVCD005734

Abkürzung SVG: Scalable vector Graphics, SVG-Grafiken,
ID: SVG0005734

Abkürzung TAE: telephone connection unit, a system from pin jacks and plugs, with which so-called terminals (telephone) modem, fax etc, at the telephone network is connected. four out of six contacts become used in each case. according to type of the terminal, the
ID: TAE0005734

Abkürzung Tag: additional the actual text contains Web sides specific HTML-Befehle. you gets along all in so-called day. these are marked by pointed clamps in the source text of the HTML-Dokuments (< command >, < / command >. also further programming languages can
ID: Tag0005734

Abkürzung TAN: transaction number - it serves with the Online-Banking of the safeguarding of money businesses. every remittance or other action, like ordering new checks, are equipped with a TAN, that namely only one single time, for these a transaction, valid is.
ID: TAN0005734

Abkürzung TAPI Telefon Application Program Interface
ID: TAPI006155

Abkürzung TAX.25 ISDN-Terminal Adapter für X25-Anschluß
ID: TAX0206156

Abkürzung TCO: Tjänstemännens Central organization - rear this name hides a Swedish employee union for itself. the TCO is responsible for a series of norms that became generally accepted at monitors. so the display refreshing installment must be with at least 85 MH
ID: TCO0005734

Abkürzung TCP/IP: transmission Control Protocol / internet Protocol - the TCP/IP-Protokoll is the connection of the two decisive protocols in the internet. TCP dismantles data files in package, that is sent to the trip to the receiver computer by the IP individuall
ID: TCP/I03645

Abkürzung T-DSL Telekom-Germany name for ADSL
ID: T0DSL03646

Abkürzung TFT: Thin film Transistor, the basic block of active liquid crystal screens (see LCD). for each pixel, a tiny transistor infuriated in foil exists, as well as with colored pictures four transistors, from what is a reserve. he/it i
ID: TFT0005734

Abkürzung TKIP: Temporal Key Integrity Protocol is a security protocol used in the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard.
ID: TKIP008781

Abkürzung TSTN: Triple Super Twisted Nematic. a LCD with triply warped liquid crystal layer and therefore especially high contrast. see also Twisted Nematic.
ID: TSTN003648

Abkürzung UCE: Unsolicited Commercial Mail - an unsolicited Werbe-e-Mail.
ID: UCE0005734

Abkürzung UDF: universal disk format. from the OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association) defined format for the data accumulation on CD-RW and DVD. It allows the storage of data without particular Recorder-Software, through what one can use the RW as well as DV
ID: UDF0005734

Abkürzung UDMA: ultra Direct memory Access. name for the especially accelerated DMA vogue. the data transfer installment marks a followed number, for example of UDMA/33 for 33 MB/s. or UDMA/66 for 66 MB/s, with newer UDMA-Versionen.
ID: UDMA003651

Abkürzung ULV Ultra Low Voltage
ID: ULV0008778

Abkürzung UMA: Unified memory Architecture; a hardware architecture of processor and controllers, that makes particular video memory redundant in the principle, because the graphics operations are executed in the normal storage by the processor largely. the costs a
ID: UMA0005733

Abkürzung UMA: Upper memory Area; over memory area, that also high memory area often is called. the area of the PC storage is meant by it under DOS, that above from 640 KB begins and 384 KB big is. in the UMA, areas, that are associated for the graphic output (VGA-
ID: UMA0005734

Abkürzung UMB: Upper memory block. memory block in the UMA.
ID: UMB0005734

Abkürzung UMS: Unified Messaging services. service of different internet suppliers, that all types of leistungsgestützer communications (language telephone call) of SMS fax, e-mail, to the disposal puts. news then is changed accordingly and is diverted: ABOUT
ID: UMS0005734

Abkürzung UMTS: universal mobile Telecommunication system. this mobile radio system shall the present GSM soon - standard replaces. co a data transfer installment of two megabits per second (MBit/s) possibly then is multimedia applications like video conferences pe
ID: UMTS003656

Abkürzung UNC Uniform Naming Convention, one, standardized, Definition to the universal Naming into one network. example: //server1/verzeichnis/dokument.htm
ID: UNC0U05734

Abkürzung UPnP Universal Plug of and Play: put in your network the communications between different appliances and services ago. finding of the services and the configuration of the appliances take place automatically on that occasion. UPnP-fähige appliances commun
ID: UPnP005734

Abkürzung UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply
ID: UPS0008872

Abkürzung URL: uniform Resource Locator - the address line for every any internet offer. the URL consists from: the used transfer protocol http: / /, is responsible for the transportation of HTML-Dokumenten, the Subleveldoma
ID: URL0005734

Abkürzung USB: universal Serial bus. the USB is a matching unit at the PC, that helps scanner, drives, with the connection of external devices like modem, printers, CD burners. advantages of the USB connection: pin jack and more plug-in is same with all the USB-Ger
ID: USB0005734

Abkürzung USV: unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung (germany), see Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS, english)
ID: USV0008873

Abkürzung UTP: Unshielded Twisted Pair. name for Twisted-Pair-Kupferkabel without outer shielding.
ID: UTP0005734

Abkürzung VAN Value Added Network
ID: VAN0006157

Abkürzung VAR: Value Added Reseller, literally exorbitant value additional retailers. marketing concept for a (computer -) salesperson, who increases the value additionally of the product through own services.
ID: VAR0005734

Abkürzung VAR: variable - in programming languages of use abbreviation for variable.
ID: VAR0005733

Abkürzung VCD Video-CD: in this format leaves compress films for itself on a CD writes
ID: VCD0V05734

Abkürzung VC-SDRAM: Virtual Channel SDRAM. a variation of the SDRAM, that was developed from the company NEC. through a special Ansteuerung, the VC-SDRAM allows an accelerated memory access.
ID: VC0SD03662

Abkürzung VDA 4905 Lieferabruf
VDA 4906 Rechnung
VDA 4908 Gutschrift
VDA 4913 Lieferschein
VDA 4914/2 VDA-Empfehlung 4914/2 für " Odette Specifications for File Transfer "
VDA 4915 Feinabruf
ID: VDA0406158

Abkürzung VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (germany)
ID: VDA0006091

Abkürzung VDAFS File format for Cad-Data
ID: VDAFS06159

Abkürzung VDSL Very High Data Rate DSL
ID: VDSL007635

Abkürzung VESA: video Electronic standard Association, a committee of companies, that defined graphics standards at first. later then also a widespread variation of the Local bus (see Bussystem), as well as energy savings norms (for example DPMS). you find out more
ID: VESA003663

Abkürzung VGA: video Graphics array, what translates so much like video graphics surroundings is called. VGA is a far spread graphics standard. he/it sees a dissolution of 640 x 480 points and the simultaneous representation of at least 16 colors before.
ID: VGA0005734

Abkürzung VLSI: Very Large Scale integration, English for" very highly integrates". name for chips as well until 100000 switch functions.
ID: VLSI003665

Abkürzung VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, and Digital Phone) is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP-based network. The voice data flows over a general-purpose packet-switched network, instead of traditional dedicated, circuit-switched voice transmission lines.
ID: VoIP006092

Abkürzung VPN Virtual private Network - over an existing internet connection becomes directly the WWW in the internet to another PC getunnelt.
A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network, that uses a public network (for example the internet) to the transportation of private data. participants of a VPN can exchange data like in an internal LAN.
The individual participants even must be to this not directly interconnected. the connection over the public network is typically encoded....
ID: VPN0006515

Abkürzung VRAM: video Random Access memory. a particular type of memory units (RAM), that is intended for graphics cards. the chips allow an acceleration of many graphics operations, because she/it separate in, and exits possess, that a simultaneous one in, and edi
ID: VRAM003666

Abkürzung VRML: Virtual Reality Modeling Language. through this programming language, three-dimensional, anklickbare objects and spaces for WWW-Seiten can be shaped. in VRML of programmed internet sides offers the possibility to go in on the monitor in a" visible w
ID: VRML003667

Abkürzung W3: quick form, to mark the World Wide Web. in the English, the pronunciation of the abbreviation WWW lasts longer than the complete concept World Wide Web. To do therefore as shortly as possible, the three Ws turned into W3.
ID: W300K05734

Abkürzung W3C: World Wide Web Consortium; established 1994 from the inventor of the World Wide WebTim Berners-Lee. this interest system of different with the internet of narrowly interconnected companies and public facilities fixes for the W3 standard (among othe
ID: W3C0005734

Abkürzung WAN: Wide Area Network - the" wide network" in contrast to the LAN, that" of Local Area Network". one always speaks of WAN when a network, that encompasses world-wide distances conceivably, is used for the data transfer. a WAN usually frequently consists
ID: WAN0005734

Abkürzung WAP: Wireless Application Protocol. internet sides can prepare specifically been called per Handy with it. however extensive graphics and pictures are not possible here. prerequisite for the access on these particular offers is a WAP-fähiges Handy. for th
ID: WAP0005734

Abkürzung WAV: Sound format of Microsoft, without compression. in the internet far widespread format for audio data files, that each Windows-PC can read. real Instrumentenklänge, according to named Samples, are called with this format from a storage and are simulat
ID: WAV0005734

Abkürzung WebEDI Webinterface zur Abwicklung von EDI (DFÜ)
ID: WebED06160

Abkürzung WECA: Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance: see WI-FI
ID: WECA008780

Abkürzung WELL: Whole Earth Electronic link - one of the first and until Virtual Communities knownest today in the network. digital home of many scientists and network gurus, cyber punk and science fiction authors like Howard Rheingold or Bruce Sterling. info under
ID: WELL003672

Abkürzung WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacyencoding procedure for WLAN. WEP offers a solution in order to guarantee a security in wireless networksthat corresponds approximately to the cable-tied networks. here three areas are to be covered: interception security
ID: WEP0005734

Abkürzung WI-FI: Wireless Fidelity? In 1999 several visionary leaders came together to form a global non-profit organization with the goal of driving adoption of a single worldwide standard for high-speed wireless local area networking. We are that organization.
ID: WI0FI08779

Abkürzung WLAN Wireless Local Area Network, radio network as well as cable-loose network. these base 802.11b on the standard IEEE mostly and create a throughput of 11MBits/s theoretically between a basis station (Access Point) and a computer more situated in the ne
ID: WLAN005734

Abkürzung WMA: New sound format of Microsoft, two third of MP3 should correspond. contains a copy protection and has played itself only on one PC consequently.
ID: WMA0005734

Abkürzung WML: Wireless Markup Language. a variation of HTML, that is loaned specifically on the usage of Wap-Handys, with which one can surf in the internet.
ID: WML0005734

Abkürzung WORM: Write Once Read Many (Time). also" CO-WO" named. name for an once describable MO volume. see MO drive.
ID: WORM003674

Abkürzung WPA: Wireless Protected Access, encoding technology in the WLAN.
ID: WPA0005734

Abkürzung WWW: World Wide Web. World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a global, read-write information space. Text documents, images, multimedia and many other items of information, referred to as resources, are identified by short, unique, global identifiers called Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) so that each can be found, accessed and cross referenced in the simplest possible way. The term is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the Internet itself, but the Web is actually something that is available via the Internet, just like e-mail and many other Internet services.
ID: WWW0005734

Abkürzung WYSIWYG What You See is What You Get: something you in the design sees, something is you gotten. what you see is marked" FOR EXAMPLE object-oriented HTML-Editoren so., you" get this. documents or data, that are shown on the screen exactly so, are marke
ID: WYSIW03455

Abkürzung X.400 Message Handling System
ID: X040006161

Abkürzung XGA: Extended Graphics array, English for" extended graphics standard". XGA intends a maximum dissolution of 1024 x 786 points with 86 bits of color depth or 16 bits at a dissolution of 640 x 480 points. the standard, that was developed by IBM in 1990, ha
ID: XGA0005734

Abkürzung XID Identifikationssatz (EDI)
ID: XID0006162

Abkürzung XML: Extensible Markup Language. this programming language, a simplified version the standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), the future of the World Wide Web shall mitgestalten. the data management in the network and the data exchange between differe
ID: XML0005734

Abkürzung XMS: Extended memory Specification. standard, that was defined by Lotus, Intel, Microsoft and BRANCH. he/it regulates the utilization of the main memory area for the PC above the only 1024 KByte. this so-called expansion storage can be gone down well with
ID: XMS0005734

Abkürzung XPS XML Paper Specification. alternative to PDF since MS-Office 2007
ID: XPS0008714

Abkürzung YABA: Yet Another Bloody Acronym, what so much meant as" already again a damn acronym". in the world of the computers and the internet, it gives extremely much acronym like WWW, AOL, RTF. Whenever some program is being named, someone invariably suggests that it be given a name that is acronymic. The response from those with a trace of originality is to remark ironically that the proposed name would then be "YABA-compatible". Also used in response to questions like "What is WYSIWYG?"
ID: YABA003679