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T I P P - Einträge PPS _Definition ERP: extended PPS-System: ERP-Systeme exists from complex application software to the support of the resource planning of a whole undertaking.
The systems differ mainly in her/its/their technical alignment (goal industries), the business size and consequently the number of the required User and the technologies putting into action
, Data banks, programming language, supported software platforms, etc. some systems are a 100 percent of Java solution, while more differently with other suppliers a colorful mixture, partially proprietärer programming languages to the usage comes.
Just as differently, the invested, at the base lying database systems, that span is enough, of Microsoft's Access and MSSQL are over Oracle as far as to also proprietären data banks.
Furthermore the trend can be observed that more and more suppliers favor webbasierende products. on this occasion it is about the representation of the system surface in a browser window menu.
The possibility offers this also to business-external people to give restricted access to the own system without having to install there software.
So, these people are included into the own business processes directly as well, what a fundamental tense - and with it Kostenvorteil means.
This base to see over the business borders and to act is the basic idea of ERP II-Systemen. in principle definitely the demand the ERP-Anbieter standing to the disposal.
A large-scale enterprise must be able to portray also his/its concern structures over an ERP-Lösung, tie up subsidiaries directly if necessary, client ability, and a multiplicity of complex, business managements functions requires, see below.
Despite application of Standardsoftware, advice and Parametrisierung (Customizing) cause bigger introductory costs. is at the usage of such a solution in contrast to it, for example
SAP R/3, to choose a compact action model at a small or middle-class business (KMU) in the introductory project and to restrict the Parametrisierung on the essential requests.
Beside complex, strongly integrated and for many industries of parametrisierbaren universal ERP-Systemen, also industry-specific ERP-Systeme are available to a KMU with reduced complexity. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 05.02.2006
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T I P P - Einträge PPS _Definition PPS: the PPS apportions itself into the production planning, that the processes middle - until at short notice vorplant, and the production management, that releases the orders on the basis of this planning and steers.
Both areas interlock, and especially are condensed in small until moderate-sized operations usually also in an area of responsibility.
Parts of the PPS are the production program planning, the material economy, that date - and capacity planning (time economy), the order release and the order supervision. the processes of the PPS are supported in normally by PPS-Systeme.
Among other things, first bases integrated computing systems were developed beginning of the 70er years by IBM with COPICS. traditional PPS-Systeme are based on a successive planning concept.
The tasks of the production planning and - control is dismantled in subproblems, that are solved one after another. however the passages are often flowing between the individual points. sources: Wikipedia
Source: Internet, last update 05.02.2006
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