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Abbreviations RDP Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft proprietary network protocol for remote computer access. It enables the transmission of graphical screen content from a remote computer system and much more
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Tips PC WORLD 10/2022 Content:
* More data protection for Windows users. Shield your own files: Your Windows will no longer reveal anything to Microsoft
* The big security check. Fend off hacker attacks: make your PC and network unassailable
* 50 powerful PC tools for your protection.
* Pro tricks for the context menu.
* This makes your wifi fast. How to get the most out of 5 GHz
* Everything about the popular file manager Total Commander
* Connect all devices in the network. Whether Windows PC, Linux notebook or smartphone:
* Tips for Photomizer 3 Premium from Engelmann
* Buy sustainable notebooks. These models are particularly easy to repair
* Emergency antivirus software.
* Two-factor authentication tips * Android 13: This brings the new OS.
* Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The innovations of the Linux system
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Tips PC WELT 9/2022: Content:
* Windows mega stick with 50 tools to optimize, protect, rescue...
* New system for old PCs. With Chrome OS Flex, old hardware boots quickly and is suitable for surfing, for the office and other things
* 5 tips for safe surfing. With these settings, you can reduce the risks
* Internet rip-off. Nasty tricks of the online scammers on Whatsapp, Ebay & Co.
* Immediate help WiFi. Eliminate stress quickly with routers and repeaters
* WiFi standards. The better WiFi devices with different standards work together, the higher the speed
* Continue working on any device via the cloud. PC, iPhone or Android: You have access to all data and files from anywhere
* The best memory. With these media, you can archive your files securely over the long term
* Hardware check for the PC. Free tool for professional system information, analysis and diagnosis - on DVD * Fake pictures and videos. Manipulated data can be quickly identified as such
* Free streaming with Clementine. This is how free streaming works
* WiFi in the garden. This allows you to easily expand your existing WLAN
* Fritzbox via command line. With these tools, the Fritzbox control works correctly
* 10 years of Raspberry Pi. Since 2012, the mini PC has established a formerly niche device class in the mass market 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS. This is how the transition works
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Win-7 Remote Desktop Protocol not possible with Win 7 Home Premium However, there is a patcher that can activate this function. Everyone has to decide for themselves about legality
System: Win7

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