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ComputerCPC Basic [ABS] ABS ( numeric expression )
PRINT ABS(-67.98)

FUNCTION: Berechnet den Absolutbetrag des numerischen Ausdrucks. Negative Werte erhalten so ein positives Vorzeichen, während positive Werte unverändert bleiben.
Associated keywords: SGN
ID: ABS0006457

ComputerCPC Basic [AFTER] AFTER integer expression [, integer expression)] G0SUB line number.
AFTER 200,2 GOSUB 320
COMMAND: Nach Verstreichen der angegebenen Zeit wird ein Unterprogramm aufgerufen. Das aufrufende Programm wird in dieser Zeit nicht angehalten. Die Zeit wird in ganzzahligen Einheiten von 0,02 Sekunden angegeben, ein Wert von 50 bedeutet demzufolge eine Wartezeit von einer Sekunde. Durch die Auswahl eines der vier Zeitgeber (0, 1, 2 oder 3) können auch mehrere AFTER-Befehle gleichzeitig aktiv sein.
Associated keywords: EVERY , REMAIN
ID: Basic06458

ComputerCPC Basic [ASC] ASC(string expression)

FUNCTION: Gets the numeric value of the first character of a string as long as ASCII characters are used.
Associated keywords: CHR$
ID: Basic06463

ComputerCPC Basic [ATN] ATN(numeric expression)

FUNCTION: Calculates the arc-tangent (forcing the numeric expression) to a real number ranging from -PI/2 to +PY2) of the value specified.
Associatedkeywords: SIN, COS, TAN, DEG, RAD
ID: Basic06464

ComputerCPC Basic [AUTO] AUTO [line number], [increment]
AUTO 100,50
COMMAND: Generate line numbers automatically. The line number, sets the first line to be generated, in case you want to add to the end of an existing program. The value of the 'increment' between line numbers, and the first line number to be generated, both default to 10 if not specified.
Where an existing program line is in danger of being overwritten, BASIC inserts a star * after the line number generated as a warning.
ID: Basic06465

ComputerCPC Basic [BIN$] BIN$(unsigned integer expression, [integer expression])
PRINT BIN$(64,8)

FUNCTION: Produces a string of binary digits that represents the value of the unsigned integer expression, filling with leading zeros to the number of digits instructed by the second Integer expression.
Associated keywords: H E X S , S T R S
ID: Basic06468

ComputerCPC Basic [BORDER] BORDER colour [,colour]
COMMAND: To change the colour of the border on the screen. If two colours are specified, the border alternates between the two at the rate determined in the S P E E D I N K command, if given. The range of border colours is 0....26.
Associated keywords: S P E E D I N K
ID: Basic06469

ComputerCPC Basic [CALL] CALL (address expression [, list of parameter]
COMMAND: Allows an externally developed sub-routine to be invoked from BASIC. Use with caution, not a function for the inexperienced to experiment with. The above CALL is relatively harmless, since it waits for the next frame flyback, which is particularly useful for tidying up the movement of characters around the screen when producing animation effects.
Associated keywords: U N T
ID: Basic06470

ComputerCPC Basic [CAT] COMMAND: Causes BASIC to start reading the cassette and to display the names of all files found. This does not affect the program currently in memory, and so may
be used to verify a program that has just been saved before altering the program memory. The Command asks you to play the cassette, and on finding a program responds:
FILENAME BlockNumber F l a g O k
Flags indicate the type of recording made:
$ a BASIC program file
% a Protected BASIC file
* an ASCII text file
& a Binary file
Other characters may occur in this column if the file was not produced by BASIC.
Associated keywords: L 0 A D , R U N , S A V E
ID: Basic06471

ComputerCPC Basic [CHAIN] and [CHAIN MERGE] C HA I N (file name [, line number expression]
C H A I N M E RG E file name [, line number expression]
[, D E L E T E <line number range)]
COMMAND: C H A I N loads a program from cassette into the memory; replacing the existing program. C HA I N ME R G E merges a program from cassette into the current program memory. It adds the contents of a file to the current program in
memory. The line number expression, indicates the line number from which execution is to begin once the new program is chain merged. In the absence of line number expression>, BASIC will default to the lowest line number available.
If no file name is stated, then BASIC will attempt to merge the first valid file encountered on tape. If the first character of the filename is a ! , then it is removed from the filename, and suppresses the usual messages generated by the cassette
reading process.
C H A I N M E R G E retains all current variables although User Functions and open files are discarded. ON E R R 0 R G 0 T 0 is turned off, a R E S T 0 R E is implemented
and the DEFINT, DEFREAL & DEFSTR settings are reset, and all active FOR W H I L E and G 0 S U B commands are forgotten. Protected files will not merge.
Associated keywords: L 0 A D , M E R G E
ID: Basic06472

ComputerCPC Basic [CHR$] CHR$ ( (integer expression)

FUNCTION: Converts a numeric value to its character equivalent, (using the AMSTRAD CPC 464 character set in Appendix III)
Associatedkeywords: ASC, LEFTS, RIGHTS, MID$, STR$
ID: Basic06473

ComputerCPC Basic [CINT] CINT (numeric expression)
10 n=578.76543

FUNCTION: Converts the given value to a rounded integer in the range -32768...32767.
Associatedkeywords: CREAL, INT, FIX, ROUND, UNT
ID: Basic06474

ComputerCPC Basic [CLEAR] CLEAR
C0MMAND : Clears all variables and files.
ID: Basic06475

ComputerCPC Basic [CLG] CLG [masked ink]
COMMAND: To clear the graphics screen.
Associated keywords: C L S , 0 R I G I N
ID: Basic06476

C0MMAND: Close the cassette input file. Commands such as NEW and CHAIN MERGE will abandon any open files.
Associated keywords: 0 P E N I N , C LO S E 0 U T
ID: Basic06477

COMMAND: Close the output cassette file.
Associated keywords: 0 P E N 0 U T , C L 0 S E I N
ID: Basic06478

ComputerCPC CPC: eigene Newsgroup: comp.sys.amstrad.8bit für den Schneider/Amstrad CPC. Überwiegend englisch.
ID: CPC0006451

ComputerCPC Floppy defekt? Meistens (99%) ist der Austausch vom Floppy-Riemen die Lösung.
Maße des Riemens: 0,6mm x 2,8mm, Länge 68 bis 72mm.
Erhältlich in jedem Elektronik- oder Plattenspielerladen.
ID: Flopp06456